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Kersten UK are leaders in the supply and rental of professional sweeping, facilities, open space and grounds maintenance equipment, including sales and hire of sweepers, snow ploughs and spreaders. Tel Reading 0118 9869 253

What our customers say about our machines...
Thames Water site test the Kersten WeedBrush.
The WeedBrush exposing the concrete at the Banbury

The WeedBrush exposing
the concrete at the Banbury
Reservoir site in Walthamstow.

The Banbury Reservoir by the River Lee at Walthamstow

The UBS cutting
through the weeds.

The Banbury Reservoir by the River Lee at Walthamstow was the scene of a lengthy demonstration of the Kersten UBS14 power unit with the WKB 50 WeedBrush attachment.

Working with the local contractor at the Thames Water site, the powerful UBS coupled with the 50cm weedbrush attachment cut through the weeds and moss that had infested the concrete. The Greaves Pumping Station on the reservoir was the focus of the demonstration at the 46 hectare site.

The Banbury Reservoir by the

The Banbury Reservoir
by the
River Lee at Walthamstow

The UBS can be fitted with extra wide or double sets of wheels to cope with inclines and the speed and pressure can be finely adjusted to match the terrain encountered.

"This is the best machine combination that we have used", confirmed the contractor, "and it coped well with the inclines. Plus, we swapped the attachment and used the sweeper to collect all the debris that we had extracted from the concrete of the reservoir."

Tyne Valley Garden Centre eliminate weeds...
John Craven with the K820Pro and WeedBrush removing the moss<br />from the walkways at the garden centre.

John Craven with the K820Pro and WeedBrush removing
the moss from the walkways at the garden centre.

Immediate improvement. Block paving looking great after the WeedBrush.

Immediate improvement. Block paving looking great
after the WeedBrush.

Nestled in a picturesque corner of Northumberland, inbetween Stocksfield and Prudhoe, Tyne Valley Garden Centre is a haven for the garden enthusiast.

It all began humbly as a barrow at the side of the road selling fresh tomatoes to travellers through Mickley Square. The business has been family owned by the Cravens since the 1970's and has since expanded into a thoroughly up-to-date Garden Centre.

Like all garden centres, moss in the paving is a chronic problem and John Craven has been battling to keep his many block paving paths clear and safe for the many customers.

"We could be spending up to 20 hours a week removing moss and dirt from the pedestrian areas," explained John, "and it seemed nothing we did made much difference."

Following a demonstration by Trevor Thorp, Kersten's engineer in the North of England, of the effectiveness of the WKB-H-K WeedBrush, John saw the immediate improvement.

"I was so impressed, I needed the machine there and then," John continued, "and simply bought Trevor's demonstrator."

The demonstrator was a K820 Pro power unit with both 82cm sweeper with collector box and WeedBrush.

Ascott Under Wychwood Parish Council's "Project Snowstorm"
Ascott Under Wychwood volunteers

A volunteer clearing the snow in Ascott Under Wychwood
with a Kersten SP 85.

Dave Shepherdson receiving the K820 with snow plough attachment, from Lucy Hay of the PTA, at Butlers Court Combined School in Beaconsfield.

Following the Kersten SP 85 are two Meyer HotShot 100
pedestrian spreaders.

" I was soon to discover that keeping roads and pavements clear of snow and ice was not simply a case of throwing some salt or grit down." says Laurence Mellor of Ascott Under Wychwood Parish Council in Oxfordshire, who went on to buy a range of Kersten equipment to cope with the recent snows.
Ascott Under Wychwood volunteers

Ascott Under Wychwood volunteers
tackle the snows in January 2013

Project Snowstorm was part of an initiative to respond to Oxfordshire County Council's recently established a 'Big Society Fund' to help parishes take over duties abandoned by larger councils.
Ascott Under Wychwood Parish Council galvanised the locals to deal with the problems when the snow came, armed with two Meyer HotShot pedestrian spreaders and a Kersten SP 85 snow plough.
Visit the Oxfordshire website for the whole story.

Butlers Court Combined School choose Kersten
Dave Shepherdson receiving the K820 with snow plough attachment, from Lucy Hay of the PTA, at Butlers Court Combined School in Beaconsfield.

Photo shows Dave Shepherdson and Lucy Hay at
Butlers Court Combined School in Beaconsfield.

Lucy Hay co chair of the PTA with Catherine Wright (not pictured) of Butlers Court Combined School in Beaconsfield, presented a well deserved gift of a snow plough to their hardworking school caretaker, Dave Shepherdson.
It takes him days to clear the paths and playgrounds after the snow has come, in order to make our school site safe for the children and parents.” said Lucy.
This back breaking job has now been alleviated with the help of the Kersten K820 with the snow plough attachment.
Now Butlers Court is ready for winter 2012-13 and many more to come!

Powys County Council choose 10 DrivePro snow ploughs
The major benefit of these new vehicles is that we are able to provide a service to people who we <br />
haven't been able to help before.

"The major benefit of these new vehicles is that we are
able to provide a service to people who we haven't been able
to help before."

Powys County Council has modified the Ford Ranger vehicles in-house in an attempt to ensure roads, lanes and communities can be reached in some of the harder to reach areas of the area while larger gritters target main routes.
Darren Martin, Fleet Manager for Powys County Council, said: "The major benefit of these new vehicles is that we are able to provide a service to people who we haven't been able to help before.
"We are hoping now that we can keep access to schools, old people's homes and emergency services buildings clear of snow, even in the must rural of places."
The Meyer DrivePro snow-clearing equipment was fitted in-house by Powys County Council's Vehicle Maintenance staff on existing vehicles, and are a great addition alongside the traditional large gritter lorries in ensuring the majority of the population have a suitable service for wintery conditions.

Crawley Council choose Meyer DrivePro snow ploughs
Crawley Council choose Meyer DrivePro snow ploughs

Photo shows Graham Rowe, Streetscene Manager,
with Councillor Bob Lanzer, Leader of Crawley
Borough Council

Crawley Borough Council has bought two Meyer DrivePro snow plough blades and two grit spreaders to help in its fight against heavy snowfall. The heavy duty equipment, which cost 13,000, will be fitted to the council's Ford Ranger light trucks during periods of heavy snowfall to help maintain access around the town. The ploughing and gritting attachments can be fitted in a very short space of time to the four-wheel drive trucks. They will be able to help maintain access to council facilities and many of the hilly residential streets which are not on West Sussex County Council's main snow clearing routes.
Councillor Bob Lanzer, Leader of the Council, said: "Our staff worked extremely hard over the winter when snow twice seriously affected movement across the town. This equipment will help us to be much more effective should we experience similar conditions in the future."

“Our machine has been invaluable, particularly for clearing snow on the steep drive. The secret for removing moss and grime from the block pavers is to shovel on fine sharp sand and spread either with brush or weed brush on bad areas. Wait for continuous rain and brush again - comes up like new!” This feedback is typical of satisfied Kersten customer countrywide.

BMW choose Meyer DrivePro snow ploughs
One of the Land Rover Defenders with the DrivePro snow plough fitted
Kersten have supplied and fitted two Meyer DrivePro snow ploughs with EZ-Mount receiver hitch systems onto two Land Rover Defenders at the famous BMW UK manufacturing plant at Cowley in Oxford.
These machines are going to be used to help keep the factory operational in times of severe weather.
The Meyer DrivePro is an easy-to-use, fully functional steel snowplow operated from the comfort of your vehicle. Unlike other residential snowplows, the DrivePro goes up, down, right or left with the push of a button. The DrivePro attaches or detaches in well under a minute with the pull of one handle; and once attached, you don't need to leave the vehicle to angle the plow.
DrivePro's use Meyer's EZ-Mount Plus mounting systems.
We have also supplied salt/gritting machines and pedestrian snow ploughs for use on pavement areas

Council choose Kersten snow ploughs in Winter preparations
Get Reading article from Friday 26th November 2010
Richard Willis with the Kersten SP85 snow plough purchased by a forward thinking Reading Borough Council
Reading, in Berkshire is braced for a winter whiteout with new
The Kersten SP85 snow plough like those purchased by a forward thinking Reading Borough Council
pavement snow ploughs and stocks of grit doubled this year and has purchased two hand-held ploughs from Mortimer firm Kersten UK, says Julie Spencer's report from Get Reading of 26th November 2010.

With the Met Office predicting snow and plunging temperatures across the country this weekend, the council said it has learned the lessons of last winter and is set for severe weather.

Keeping pavements clear
The borough council has spent 5,000 on hand-held ploughs to keep pavements clear in the town centre and near key bus stops, installed five new grit bins and has doubled its grit supply to 1,200 tonnes.

Lessons learned
Richard Willis, lead councillor for transport and planning at Reading Borough Council, said: "We have looked in detail at the lessons learned from last year's bad weather and are putting measures in place to ensure that we are better prepared this winter."

Oldham Council sing the praises
Keep your premises in top condition with regular care. If you have car parks, drives, paths, yards or any paving they will need to be kept free of weeds and rubbish. Look great when customers call with either a one-off sweep or regular maintenance from SWEEPRITE of Reading. Here a UBS is in action with a weedbrush, edging a path.

The WeedBrush in action path edging

Before treatmentAfter treatment
Kersten 1200Pro two wheeled tractor with 900cm brush and gulley attachment
Kersten 1200Pro two wheeled tractor
Chris Faulkner, MD of Kersten UK writes: Recently, Ian Monaghan of Oldham City Council Street Scene hired a UBS16 with 50cm heavy duty WeedBrush for two months. I asked him at the initial contact why he had chosen Kersten? “To comply with European directives” Ian explained, “we needed to find a way to remove weed and moss growth from Oldham's paved and tarmaced areas. And to do this without too much chemical use.
“This is a problem that can be very labour and time intensive and we are always looking to give ratepayers best value. So Kersten's extensive range of machines easily fulfilled our needs” When the machines were returned I spoke with Ian to see how it all went and to get some feedback.
“Well Chris, the machines produced excellent results. The men quickly familiarised themselves with the UBS16's controls and its speed, enabling quick results on Oldham's streets. Your support was excellent as well,” Ian continued, “mind you, I'm sure engines don't often need replacing mid job!”

Martin Roberts of CIT Group writes: “I just wanted to thank you for bringing over the Kersten machine at the weekend and for your advice on how to get the best results from it on my Astroturf tennis court.
“I have previously used a tennis court maintenance firm to spray and brush the moss off the court on an annual basis, but I was getting increasingly concerned that this treatment was having ever more limited effect before the moss returned. The court remained wet for prolonged periods of time which meant that it was slippery, played too fast and the ball tended to skid off the surface.
“I have to say that one day's use of the Kersten 1200 has had a profound effect on the court and it already looks in great shape. It will take another deep clean to rid the court of the build up of detritus which has accumulated in the carpet pile, but I am delighted that we are well on the way to restoring the court to tip top condition. “I would be very grateful to have a batch of the moss killer from you so that I can spray the remaining moss before getting you and the machine back in a month or so. Kind regards, Martin Roberts” The CIT Group, London.

This is what the Head Gardener at Turville Grange, Henley-on-Thames, had to say:
"We hired the Kersten K2000 sweeper... to clean our Astroturf tennis courts and were so pleased with it we will be hiring it twice a year from now on. It took less than quarter of the time than previously when we were using a strimmer and powerbrush. It was cleaner, easier, and there was no brushing or blowing afterwards - it left the surface clean, clearing up 12 months moss and algae in two passes without taking up the sand. Brilliant!"

'Swift and cost effective' Kersten machines win the day.
Kersten UBS16 hydraulic two wheel tractor with the 50cm WeedBrush attachment

Kersten UBS16 hydraulic two wheel tractor
with the 50cm WeedBrush attachment
Click to watch a film of the work here

Based in the Welsh Valleys close to the end of the M4 Motorway, FFL Services offer a complete range of grounds maintenance services to local authorities. Nigel Davis runs the company from an extensive premises on an industrial estate in Ystradgynlais which borders four different council areas. In addition to his normal grass cutting, forestry, and amenity works, Nigel was asked to price path edging/siding works on the miles of county footpaths. The job has to be performed in a swift, cost effective manner causing a minimum of disturbance to pedestrians. The paths vary in size, construction and condition, with some of the worst having overgrown by 600mm each side and depths of material deposits of up to 200mm.
Having had experience of edging and siding using hand tools such as shovels, hoes, spades, half moon edgers and small powered edge cutters, Nigel knew that this task had to be mechanised as much as possible to achieve a pricing structure that was cost effective for the customers, viable for his business and a job that his team would be happy carry out over a long period. After trying a few options he settled on the Kersten UBS16 hydraulic two wheel tractor with the 50cm WeedBrush attachment. Nigel then went on to experiment with the various brush options that were available for this model and settled on the system that best worked for him. Nigel initially hired the machine from Kersten (UK) Ltd and then went on to purchase the machine as it proved itself fit for purpose and as his customers gave him more work.
Nigel said "it does what it says on the tin". The operator has fined tuned his system and can achieve up to 3500 metres of edges per day. The brush configuration cleanly removes the turf and soil beyond the path edging and reduces it all to fine soil leaving a row of material that may be easily blown with a powered blower back on to the verge, distributing it evenly so that it washes in to the turf and out of site.
There are no arisings left to be picked up, transported away and disposed of, which eliminates a significant cost. The wire brush configuration and adjustments ensure minimal disturbance to the tarmac surfaces or concrete kerb edges. The operator uses the machine at about half engine revs, keeping his straight line by using the powered steering levers. "The 16 hp twin cylinder engine has loads of power for this job". He is now getting up to three weeks work out of one set of brushes. The vibration levels and operator comfort are such that he can use the machine for a full eight hours per day.
Nigel can use this operation to provide revenue from his team during the winter months. He comments "It's only the deep frost that stops us, there is no shortage of siding to do!"
Watch a film of the work here

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