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Kersten UK are leaders in the supply and rental of professional sweeping, facilities, open space and grounds maintenance equipment, including sales and hire of sweepers, snow ploughs and spreaders. Tel Reading 0118 9869 253

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Maintaining synthetic sports surfaces with Kersten sweepers Artificial sports surfaces, whether they are used for athletics, bowls, bowling greens, cricket, cricket nets, football, 5-a-side, 7-a-side, hockey, netball, rugby, or tennis they all suffer from the same problems as hard surfaces, with the build-up of organic debris and detritus which cause moss, algae and weeds due to the reduction of drainage in the surface. If these surfaces are not swept regularly, the materials breakdown, block the drainage and promote moss and algae. A Kersten sweeper will provide a superb solution for preventing and restoring these artificial or synthetic surfaces. The Kersten sweeper can be either pedestrian or tractor mounted attachment fitted with a rear three point linkage or by a front linkage. Kersten provide front linkages for Kubota, John Deere, New Holland or Stiga.

Moss and weed removal - Easy maintenance from Kersten Mechanical weed removal offers an environmentally friendly method of weed, moss and algae removal. Kersten's special pedstrian sweeper brushes, tractor mounted sweepers, front and rear mounted sweepers not only remove the offending weeds and moss, but also remove the cause; organic detritus that harbours the moisture that allows the growth. Kersten's various pedstrian or front or rear mounted sweeper brushes can be used with a variety of power units, either pedestrian or tractor mounted. Kersten's various pedstrian or front or rear mounted sweeper brushes can be used on a variety of hard surfaces such as concrete, tarmac and block paving in car parks, playgrounds, yards, assembly areas, paths and roads. Even deep set cobbled surfaces in paths and carparks pose no problem for the Kersten sweeping system.

Sweeping hard surfaces with Kersten sweepers Whether it's a pedestrian sweeper, ride-on sweeping machine, indoor or outdoor or sweeping attachments for heavy plant, Kersten's various pedstrian or front or rear mounted sweeper brushes have the answer. From sweeping muddy driveways, concrete or asphalt footpaths or sweeping block paved presentation grounds and car parks, tennis courts and parking bays the principles are the same.

Kersten tractor mounted sweeping machines and other equipment With its specially developed FKDR system, Kersten enables a wide range of attachments to be used for ride-on mowers. Compact and larger tractors, forklifts and plant are catered for too.

Grass cutting with Kersten cutting machines and mowers From the first cut in Spring to the final cut in Autumn, regular tasks to major projects, Kersten give you choice. Keep your lawns and grass areas in top condition with Kersten's mowers and grass cutters such as their pedestrian mowers, CylinderCutter, RoughCutter, VertiCutter, SafetyCutter and PortalCutter and Kersten's tractor mounted whole crop mowers.

Landscaping - Kersten expertise at your fingertips Prepare for Spring with Kersten expertise at your fingertips. Kersten understand the varied requirements of the landscape business. Project specifications and soil conditions change from one job to another and Kersten have equipment to cope, such as the Kersten UBS Hydro two wheel tractors Kersten with UBS Attachments that provide for weeding, harrowing, mowing, raking and the Kersten HF Rotary Cultivators Professional rotary cultivator.

Snow management from Kesten - Winter maintenance from a Kersten: a company that understands Kersten offer a full range of winter maintenance machines suitable for the K-series and UBS series of power units, ride-on mowers, compact tractors and many other prime movers. Kersten's Snow plough is an effective tool for quick snow removal, the Snow sweeper with special brushes that speed the process, the now blower with either single or twin stage method and the Grit spreader that is ideal for grit, salt, sand and other free running granular materials.

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