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Meyer Liquid Applicators

100, 200,300 and 400 gallon units for pick-ups and UTVs

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Meyer LPV Utility Low profile Utility spreader

The Meyer Liquid Applicator can
be used for a variety of purposes.
Not just anti-ice treatments.

Meyer LPV Utility Low profile Utility spreader

Designed with flatbeds
and UTVs in mind.

Meyerฎ Anti-Icers, with unique space saving design, are perfect for pre-treating areas that need to remain open during winter snow storms. When applied prior to the storm, the brine mixture will not allow snow or ice to bond to the pavement or road. Meyer anti-icers help contractors or local authorities become more efficient when the storm arrives by using less material and manpower to clear the area. And Meyer's space saving design allows users to carry other equipment.

Meyer LPV Utility Low profile Utility spreader

The large, lockable filler has a
fine mesh filter.

Space saving tank design

The unique tank design fits between the wheel wells of the vehicle and cab allowing you to carry other material or equipment. The hopper is secured with an easy-to-remove tension bar.
Wireless Controls
Control all functions, including engine starting and stopping, from inside or outside of the cab.
Can Easily Fit In Utility Vehicles
100 gallon unit easily fits in most utility vehicles.
Quick Removal Spray Bar with Adjustable Spray Nozzles
Hitch mounted spray bar can easily be removed and features five hand adjustable spray nozzles for precise material placement.
Adjustable Spray Gun/ Manual Hose Reel
Features multiple spray nozzles, with extra-long 150 ft. hose, for anti-icing foot traffic areas such as paths and steps.


  • Five adjustable spray nozzles – 3 different patterns
  • Variable speed pump
  • Jet tank agitation
  • Four season use
  • Electric hose reel with stainless steel guides (optional)
  • Hitch mounted spray bar
  • Wireless controls
  • Lockable lid

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