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Kersten UK are leaders in the supply and rental of professional sweeping, facilities, open space and grounds maintenance equipment, including sales and hire of sweepers, snow ploughs and spreaders. Tel Reading 0118 9869 253

Meyer CrossFire

Quality in-body Salt and Grit Spreaders

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Kersten in action films
Meyer CrossFire on our special dedicated traailer Insert Hopper

Meyer CrossFire sitting comfortably
on our
dedicated trailer.

Meyer CrossFire on a Ford Ranger Insert Hopper

Meyer CrossFire sitting comfortably in a Ford Ranger.

Meyer CrossFire Insert Hopper

Meyer CrossFire auger system.

Meyer CrossFire on our special dedicated traailer Insert Hopper

Meyer CrossFire stores easily.

A Material Delivery System Designed to Save You Time and Money

The Crossfire's electric-driven material delivery system is like nothing you've ever seen. It is designed to efficiently and consistently deliver the proper amount of ice-melt material when and where you need it.

The All-New Insert Hopper with Integrated Pre-Wetting and a 5-Year Warranty

  • Hopper screen eliminates large chunks of material from entering the hopper.
  • The material routing system uses a patent-pending tapered inverted V design that evenly routes the material to the auger drive, from the back of the hopper forward.
  • A heavy-duty vibrator helps break up chunks and promotes an even distribution of material going into the auger drive..
  • A full-length auger smoothly and consistently empties the entire hopper, from the back forward. The auger consists of one solid part and requires less maintenance.
  • The auger is driven by a heavy-duty ˝ HP motor and gear box that can be quickly removed for cleaning and maintenance.
  • The independently controlled spinner manages material output to help reduce consumption and lets you precisely spread the material where you need it.
  • Our plough and spreader mounts have been awarded TÜV certification

No-Tools, Easy Maintenance Spinner Assembly

  • Tongue and groove design allows for "no tools" removal
  • Stainless Steel cover keeps salt out of concealed spinner motor compartment
  • Independent controlled 1/8 hp motor for precise material placement
  • Angled chute provides improved material distribution
  • Low-friction poly bearings require no maintenance
  • Adjustable integrated spinner guard also controls where material is placed
  • Integrated handles for easy spinner assembly removal

Step-Up to Crossfire DLX With Built-in Pre-wetting.

In addition to the features found on the standard Crossfire, the DLX model includes an integrated pre-wet system in the side of the hopper. Why Pre Wet? Pre-wetting ice-melt material helps speed up the melting process and reduces how far the granules bounce when they hit the pavement. This means you'll apply activated material more precisely, while reducing the amount of ice-melt being applied. The end result is a safer surface using less material and less application time. The Crossfire pre-wet system is fully plumbed with high quality hoses and spray system. The sight indicator on the back of the spreader lets you know how much pre-wet is available at a glance. The extra-large 200-gallon capacity tank reduces the need for constant refilling.

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