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Kersten UK are leaders in the supply and rental of professional sweeping, facilities, open space and grounds maintenance equipment, including sales and hire of sweepers, snow ploughs and spreaders. Tel Reading 0118 9869 253

Kersten KM37 small tractor front mounted sweepers

Compact and small tractor front mounted attachments 15hp to 25hp

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A Kubota with a snow brush.

KM 12537 without collector.

Grillo sweeper with an FKM 1250 at the 2012 Saltex

Grillo sweeper with an KM 12537
at the 2012 Saltex
exhibition at Windsor.

Kersten manufacture a popular range of front mounted sweepers for ride-on mowers, up-front mowers and compact tractors 15-25hp.
A John Deere is fitted with a Kersten FKM 1500 sweeper

A John Deere X748 is fitted
with a Kersten KM12537 sweeper
using the attachment system.
It also
has the optional gulley brush.

The sweeping width is reduced by approx. 100mm when the sweeper attachment is angled.
The front linkage system must be already fitted to the tractor. The power units either require a front PTO system or may be operated by the power units own hydraulic system.
They can be supplied with a number of dedicated quick hitches (See ABR below) to suit most leading models or a cat.1 universal "A" frame.

PTO drive or hydraulic drive

A Shibaura with sweeper shifting snow

An Iseki SF230 with
sweeper and
gulley brush with collector..

The sweepers may be PTO drive or hydraulic drive and all have optional hydraulic collectors, gulley brushes and angling to the left and right. Orders may be colour coded to the tractor if required at no extra cost, as the pictures show.

Need something larger. click here for our KM45 range of sweepers.

FKM 1250 125cm Front Mounted Sweeper 125cm working width with 37cm  nylon brush, Manual angling adjustment, Power take off drive Manual height adjustment. With brackets to suit tractor/mower linkage. Tractor requires a front PTO. Specify application when ordering. KM 12537 M-ABR 37
KM 12537 H-ABR 37
Front Mounted Sweeper
Front Mounted Sweeper
PTO drive
Hydraulic drive
Working width 125cm
Brush diameter 37cm poly Combi brush,
Manual angling left and right.
Manual height adjustment by two adjustable caster wheels,. This versatile sweeper is suitable for hard surfaces, soft surfaces and artificial sports surfaces.
Tractor requires a front PTO or hydraulic service with suitable valves with a free flow return min 10lt/min. Specify application when ordering.
Requires suitable KABR37 brackets to mount to a front mower or tractor front linkage system.
See below.
1205 200 125cm Front Brush Guard GUSPL 12537 Brush Guard Front Brush Guard 125cm
1250 350 125cm Collector Box and Brackets with hydraulic opening device. Requires a hydraulic service. (Steel box with caster wheels.) SSB 12537 B Collector Box and Brackets Collector Box 125cm for KM 12537 Sweeper.
Adjustable for height above the ground to compensate for brush wear. Consists of steel box with one central caster wheel and one hydraulic cylinder. Requires one double acting hydraulic service to operate.
1205 450 40 cm Gulley Brush - Heavy duty belt drive FKM1250 ASM 4037 KM Gulley Brush 40 cm Gulley Brush – Heavy duty belt drive FKM1250
  KABR 37 US Mounting bracket For John Deere X700 series and 1026R
  KABR 37 KD Mounting bracket For front linkage and Cat 0
  KABR 37 DP Mounting bracket For three point linkage Cat I and II
  KABR 37 FM Mounting bracket For two pint linkage and special systems

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