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Kersten UK are leaders in the supply and rental of professional sweeping, facilities, open space and grounds maintenance equipment, including sales and hire of sweepers, snow ploughs and spreaders. Tel Reading 0118 9869 253

Dedicated pedestrian snow blowers

Snow blowers from Kersten - call us for a great deal before it snows!

SnowBoss SN722W dedicated snow blower
SnowBoss SN1328W dedicated snow blower

Single or Two-stage?

* Snow blowers can be single-stage or two-stage, sometimes known as twin-stage or double-stage. Single-stage machines use one rotor (turbine) to gather the snow and eject it up a chute. Working widths are limited to the diameter of this rotor The two-stage machine uses a twin rotor system. The first is an auger with special ice teeth which helps to break up the snow in to manageable chunks and transports it to the centre of the machine where a second rotor (turbine) then ejects the snow up the chute. The chute can be directional. All our machines are twin-stage.

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