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Manual snow plough attachments for ride-on mowers

Options for most ride-on mowers.

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The K-Line 1500. The range of attachments includes 
snow ploughs to spreaders.
A manually opereated blade on your ride-on mower
makes perfect sense.
With a choice of 1m, 1.2m and 1.4m width with a depth of half a metre, these manual snow ploughs provide a useful addition to the capabilities of your ride-on mower.

We have attachments to fit all popular makes of mower from Cub Cadet, EFCO, Hayter, Honda, Husqvarna, John Deere, Kubota, MTD, Snapper, Stiga, Viking and many more...

These easy to fit manual ploughs offer great value. If you want hydraulic operation on lift and lower or angling then look at the outstanding options we also offer here: FKDR linkage.

Below is a list of those available.

The K-Line 1500. The range of attachments includes 
snow ploughs to spreaders.
Make your mower work year round
Make and model Reference Make and model Reference
Alko T 102 Powerline BEL50089 MTD 13AH773C600 700 series BEL50102
Alko T 92 Powerline BEL50086 MTD 13BT493E686 400 Series BEL50096
Alko 102 series BEL50088 MTD Cub Cadet BEL50105
Alko 92 series BEL50085 MTD Lawnflite 600 series BEL50061
Castel CG12.5/90G BEL50024 MTD Lawnflite 700 - 900 series BEL50063
Castel TC13,5/92B BEL50025 MTD Silvertrack BEL50110
Castel XG135HD BEL50026 MTD Vision 500 series BEL50104
Castel XT 175/190 BEL50043 Murray 7000 BEL50097
Castel 102cm pre 1995 BEL50120 Oleomac 105 J Series BEL50007
Castel XG 92cm BEL50117 Oleomac 93 BEL50035
Countax A-Series BEL50159 Partner P series BEL50040
Countax C-Series BEL50091 Sabo 102 17HF BEL50045
Countax D-Series BEL50092 Sabo 92 13HF BEL50030
Craftsman LT series BEL50041 Simplicity Baron BEL50108
Cub Cadet 700 series BEL50064 Simplicity Conquest BEL50107
Cub Cadet RBH 1200 BEL50121 Simplicity Regent BEL50057
Efco 102c BEL50055 Snapper ELT24RD BEL50059
Efco 93C BEL50023 Snapper LT 200 RD BEL50119
Efco EF 105 J EF 106 J Series BEL50002 Snapper RD 2140 BEL50118
Efco EF 124 J BEL50056 Stiga Estate President 36" BEL50121
Efco EF91plus BEL50037 Stiga Overland 4x4 BEL50106
Efco Kommand 92 BEL50036 Stiga SC9214 BEL50028
Hayter Heritage RS102 BEL50090 Stiga SC9216H BEL50029
Hayter Heritage RS92 BEL50087 Toro DH140 BEL50113
Honda 2113 BEL50027 Viking Cyclon MT545 BEL50032
Honda 2213 - 2216 - 2218 - 2220 BEL50044 Viking Cyclon MT580 BEL50031
Honda HF2315HM BEL50084 Viking Cyclon MT585 BEL50033
Honda HF2315SB BEL50083 Viking Cyclon MT745 BEL50046
Honda HF2417HM BEL50069 Viking Cyclon MT780 BEL50047
Honda HF2417HT BEL50070 Viking Cyclon MT785 BEL50048
Honda HF2620HM BEL50071 Viking Cyclon MT790 BEL50049
Honda HF2620HT BEL50072 Viking Cyclon MT795 BEL50050
Husqvarna CTH - series BEL50038 Viking MT5097 BEL50073
Husqvarna LT - series BEL50039 Viking MT5097C BEL50074
John Deere X130R BEL50111 Viking MT5097Z BEL50075
John Deere X540 BEL50066 Viking MT6112 BEL50076
JohnDeere X300 - series BEL50065 Viking MT6112C BEL50077
Jonsered LT BEL50039 Viking MT6112ZL BEL50078
Kubota G21 BEL50082 Viking MT6127ZL BEL50079
Kubota GR1600 BEL50080 Viking MT880 BEL50109
Kubota GR2100 BEL50081 Westwood 18/50 BEL50100
Lawnboss 5015 BEL50112 Westwood 20/50 BEL50101
Mountfield 1436,1636, 3600 BEL50155 Westwood S1300 - S1600 BEL50098
Mountfield 2248H, 2448H 4x4 BEL50157 Westwood T1300 - T1600 BEL50099
Mountfield 4000TH, 1840H, 2240H BEL50156 Wisconsin 2939 BEL50116

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