About Me

Hi, my name is Thomas Kersten, I am a passionate biker, and I have been riding for more than ten years and share my biking tips and tricks with the world. I’ve tested more than 300 bikes.

I’m a bike enthusiast who loves to test-ride every bicycle out there. I also love to share my thoughts on the latest and greatest bikes.

As a college student, I was persuaded by my friend to go cycling with him. On the first day, we cycled along the Interstate. Then the second day, we went up a hill we never expected to find.

Thomas Kersten

I quickly discovered I would never be able to cycle back down it, so my friends and I had to walk it down. But halfway up, another friend had come up on his scooter.

So the third day, we cycled again and got up the hill just fine. At that moment, I just grew my love for mountain biking and after that, stopping me was impossible.

This is an excellent example of how people develop a love for something. It can start with just one thing, like mountain biking for me, and then it can branch out to other related things.

Now cycling, in general, has turned into my passion. I can talk about cycling all day long.

I believe everyone should do cycling, no matter how and why.

You’ll be living a healthy and active lifestyle when you get on your bike. You’ll spend quality time with your family, exploring different parts of the city and making new friends. Plus, you’ll be doing the environment a favor too!

It can be an excellent way to stay in shape – no gym is needed. Cycling brings many health benefits, such as muscle strengthening, better breathing, improved cardiovascular endurance, and lower blood pressure.

Feel the fresh breeze on your face as you cycle through the countryside on your way to work or visit family. And enjoy that scenic view!

There’s nothing more precious than spending time with your loved ones while enjoying the outdoors. You won’t worry about traffic jams or delays because cycling is one of the fastest ways to travel – even during rush hour!

To achieve that vision, I run this website where I do my best to make your biking experience nothing short of amazing. To serve that purpose, I offer regular tutorials, solutions to problems, and product recommendations.

I hope you will enjoy your time here.