What Size Tricycle for Adults? (Adult Tricycle Size Chart!)

You may have seen adult size tricycles and wondered if it’s the right vehicle for you. You ask people around you but can’t get the necessary information.

You search online to check where you can buy an adult trike, but you soon discover that there are so many models and features.

You now find it more confusing. But, unfortunately, you’re not alone in your dilemma because many adults are like you.

Fortunately, you can get your needed information from this article. So kindly read to learn if the best adult tricycles fit your requirements.

What Is an Adult Trike?

An adult tricycle, adult trike, or adaptive tricycle is a three-wheeled self-propelled cycle for people with coordination or balance issues.

However, these individuals can pedal and brake upright using three large wheels.

Types of Adult Tricycles

1. Upright Trike

An upright tricycle has similar properties to a standard bike, and it looks like a child’s bicycle but is only more significant in size.

A cyclist rides and gets off the upright adult trike with a step-through frame and sits in a good position.

The adult trike has a large basket for you to carry things; therefore, you can use it for errands.


  • Quick to mount and dismount
  • Tip-resistant and very stable
  • Seated in an upright position
  • Bike rack for carrying items


  • Not as quick to pedal
  • More suitable for errands than for sport or exercise

2. Semi-Recumbent Tricycle

A semi-recumbent bike is for people who can’t pedal a traditional bicycle or are taller. The upright tricycle is easier for steering and pedaling because the seat is farther back.

Semi-Recumbent Tricycle

Many cyclists like the semi-recumbent trike are user-friendly and comfortable. However, adult tricycles cause back pain, and heavy people can ride them.


  • Tip-resistant and stable
  • Combine features of recumbent and upright models
  • Seat location makes steering and pedaling easier
  • Less back strain
  • Excellent choice for taller or bigger riders


  • Not the best choice for shorter riders and sport cycling

3. Recumbent Trike

You can sit low to the ground, and a recumbent trike evenly distributes your weight over a larger area.

A recumbent tricycle also supports the spin in a neutral reclined position, making it an excellent option for riders with back pain.

Handlebar styles are aplenty, and recumbent tricycles have levers on one side of the saddle. They are suitable for sports biking and are low to the ground.


  • Stable anti-tip design
  • Perfect for sport cycling
  • Easiest to pedal and steer
  • Decreases back pain by supporting the spine in a neutral position


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Not suitable for errands

Several Types of Handlebars

Standard Handlebars

A standard handlebar requires incredible control and upper body strength to operate. However, its curved nature offers a natural grip; therefore, it’s inexpensive to install.

Remember that a standard handlebar has limited hand positioning and is not for people with limited mobility or upper body strength.

Loop Handlebars

Arm positioning and grip are more versatile with loop-style handlebars. Cyclists place their upper forearms and palms flat against the loop.

You may also put your hands at the loop’s bottom for a better and more relaxed grip. You enjoy a ride full of comfort and pressure relief.

A versatile loop handlebar is also of heavier build, and it’s versatile. This handlebar is most suitable for you if you have shaky hands or shaky arms.

Customizability and adjustability are a loop handlebar’s features. As a rider, you have several mounting alternatives for accessories, such as batteries and lights.

Moreover, you can adjust the brakes and grips anywhere on the handlebar to maximize performance.

Underseat Steering

Underseat steering is perfect for bikers who have limited mobility on the upper body part or have shoulder or arm injuries.

This handlebar lets you put your hands on the bars without power or tension. Thus, you enjoy a comfortable ride.

Hand Pedals

Some adult trikes may have hand pedals for improved coordination and strength. They also have an adjustable seat that can go forward, backward, up, or down.

Trikes for Specific Uses

Trunk Support

Adjustable straps and lateral supports offer the trunk support that you may need. You can slide it on and off the trike.

If you have poor balance, a trike of trunk support is your best bet.


An electric bike can replace pedal power because it runs on batteries and is perfect for transportation.

Most trikes can shift from manual to electric; therefore, you can change to electric if you’re tired of pedaling.

Double Riders for Disabilities

This type of adult trike can accommodate two riders. In addition, it’s suitable for a person with a disability who can’t ride alone.

A hauler trike is for transporting people and goods; thus, it isn’t for fun or sport. Instead, it has a cargo area at the back with a higher weight capacity.

Size Chart for Adult Trikes

Adult trikes have sizes based on the wheel size. In addition, some tricycles have extended handlebars and are more adjustable than the other bikes.

Rider HeightWheel Size (Inches)

Features to Look for When Buying an Adult Trike


Adult trikes have gears; therefore, you can travel quickly on specific terrains. In addition, a single-speed trike has a bag, making it beginner-friendly and consistent.

The best tricycle is suitable if it’s your first time learning to ride a bike. Moreover, it’s perfect if you prefer to ride on smoother and flatter grounds.

A multi-speed tricycle is perfect for more rigorous and competitive cycling, allowing riders to tailor-fit their overall performance and speed.

Going off-road, you can quickly pedal by changing your gear settings. As a result, you get a controlled ride and build endurance.


An adult tricycle is perfect for smooth paved surfaces, but an upright model doesn’t perform well on hard corners.

On the other hand, a recumbent trike makes better turns and has a lower center of gravity.


You can buy a fully-assembled adult tricycle. However, some models require assembly.

Wheel Size

The wheel size differs. You can buy a small foldable model with 16-inch wheels. However, standard bariatric models are available with 20-inch, 24-inch, and 26-inch wheels.

Generally, if your height is from 4’8” to 5’5”, you can buy a 24-inch trike. On the other hand, you should buy an adult tricycle with 26-inch wheels if your height falls between 5’4” to 6’2”.

Back Support

If you experience lower back pain, you should get a trike with a saddle with back support, making your biking experience healthier and more effortless.

A bike seat should have a backrest. A semi-recumbent bike has a higher-backed saddle, while a recumbent bike has a full-height saddle for reduced back pain.

Step-Through Design

An adult trike with a step-through frame makes getting in and off easier because you don’t have to lift your leg high.

Storage Basket

You may notice some trikes with a front or rear basket. A hauling trike can even carry heavy loads or tow a wagon.


An adult tricycle is customizable. You may put storage bags, canopies, a large rear basket, horns, safety flags, rearview mirrors, cell phone holders, lights, and trike covers.

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