Are Bianchi Bikes Good? Top Bianchi Bikes Review

A company will not last more than a century if it is not good, especially if it is a bike company, considering that there have been many innovations and technological advancements in the past century.

A bike company must be excellent to last more than a hundred years.

But such is the case with Bianchi, which has been around since 1885.

The company has a certain aura and mystique, but legends and myths aside, are Bianchi bikes good, and is it worth having one?

A Short History of Bianchi

Edoardo Bianchi established the bike company in Milan, Italy, in 1885. It first made the headlines at the turn of the century, in 1899, when Edoardo Bianchelli himself ruled the Grand Prix De Paris.

History of Bianchi Bikes

The difficulties of the Great War led to Bianchi inventing the full suspension bike, but it was with Bianchi Celeste that the company would be forever associated.

It is this light turquoise color that would be the hallmark of Bianchi. But Bianchi is more than its color and continues to innovate throughout the decades.

Bianchi became a household brand in the cycling world. The names of cyclists who rode a Bianchi are veritable Who’s Who of cycling history, from Fausto Coppi to Marco Pantani and Simon Yates.

It is a bike company with impeccable credentials.

Bianchi continues employing advanced technology and innovative design to produce top-quality bikes for athletes and biking enthusiasts.

But the question still begs an answer, are Bianchi bikes good?

What Makes Bianchi Bikes Stand Out?

Some factors make Bianchi the bike of choice by pros, experts, amateurs, and pedestrians alike. Among these are:

Excellent Innovation and Technology

Bianchi employs superior technology to enhance the biking experience of a rider further. A great example of this is Countervail Technology.

Countervail Technology is a mechanism that allows the bike to dampen vibrations significantly.

According to Bianchi, the technology allows the bike to reduce road vibration by almost four-fifths. That is significant and can make the biking experience more comfortable for the rider.

Countervail Tech is only one among the many innovations and technology employed by Bianchi throughout the years.

Consistency in Size

With innovations in biking technology, there is the tendency and propensity of many biking companies to adapt and change their sizing.

That can lead to confusion among marketers and buyers alike.

Bianchi, however, maintains their bike sizing and has consistently used the same bike chart throughout the years.

The result is predictability for the consumers: they know what to expect from Bianchi, talking about bike size.

Great Bike Customization

Being pioneers in the biking industry and great innovators, they know how to adapt to the tune of the times.

With the advent of online selling, Bianchi skillfully uses what the net offers. They market and customize their bikes well for the sake of the consumers.

They use technology to give you a picture of your ideal bike, making suggestions and customizing them to suit your taste.

That is a step further than the usual online order where they offer you specs and then base and customize your orders according to those specs.

Impressive Quality

Despite being pioneers, Bianchi never hesitated to use parts of far better quality than they would usually offer.

They employ components from the best manufacturers around the globe, such as SRAM and Shimano, reputable companies producing drivetrains for bicycles.

Bianchi uses top-of-the-line components and powerful motors for their e-bikes, for instance.

Whatever part or component it might be, you are sure that they only employ those that are durable, long-lasting, and of top quality. They use features that can maximize your performance on the road.

Great Reputation

The history and track record of Bianchi speaks volumes. They are one of the more famous bike brands, and they ensure that they guard their reputation well and do not tolerate transgression.

You are almost sure that any Bianchi brand going around is authentic, for they take legal action always against those who infringe on their rights as a company.

They never tolerate counterfeiting, forgery, and piracy, whether of their bikes or technology.

They will never allow counterfeiters to cash in on their good name. The consequence, of course, is great confidence in the brand and complete trust in its quality, performance, and warranty.

Drawbacks of the Bianchi Bikes

Some bikers and customers have misgivings regarding Bianchi. Among these are:

The Weight

Some noticed that the frames and wheels are heavier, at least in comparison to those produced by other companies, equal to their stature.

There is also a significant difference between the high-end Bianchi bicycles and the mid-range and lower-end ones. Other riders would prefer a lighter bike.

The Price

There is a significant difference between Bianchi’s high-end bikes and the mid-range ones.

The high-end ones may cost more than two thousand dollars, and the mid-range, or should we say, low-end ones, costs below a thousand dollars.

That is almost more than a thousand-dollar difference. And with the price difference, of course, is a difference in quality. Not that the low-end ones are of low quality, far from it.

It is that there is a significant dip in performance for bikes that is high-end to those that are mid-range and low-end.

Reviewing the Best Bianchi Bikes in the Market

Here are some of the best bikes Bianchi offers to us riders.

1. Bianchi Methanol CV FS

This mountain bike of colors black and celeste might be Bianchi’s quintessential mountain bike. The improved geometry perfectly matches the carbon fiber frame and the Countervailing Tech.

Bianchi Methanol CV FS

Those features result in a far more comfortable ride on different terrains. With the drivetrain, shifts, rear derailleur, and brake set all by Shimano, you can optimize your riding experience in any terrain.

Carbon fiber frames are light but very durable, and it also matches the durability of the DT Swiss wheelset. The tires are from the famed Kenda, a Booster Pro sized 26″ x2.2″.

The thickness of each tire, the wheels, hubs, and spokes are more than enough to handle the grind of either trail or cross-country riding.

The suspension leaves nothing to be desired. Bianchi Methanol CV FS employs Rockshox in the rear shock and suspension fork.

And with suspension travel of 100mm, it is ideal for experts and entry-level riders alike. The saddle is of alloy, but the seat post is of carbon.

Overall, the specs make for a comfortable ride and excellent performance on terrain, trails, or road surfaces. The best thing, however, is that you never sacrifice durability.

2. Specialissima

The word means “most special” in English, and that term truly encapsulates this Bianchi bicycle.

A race bike designed for professionals, it boasts a very light frame made of carbon fiber, weighing only 750 grams. A bike frame like that could never have been better for a racing bike.


A version of Specialissima, the Ultegra DI2 8100, has excellent and reliable Shimano Ultegra components in its drive train. It is the same thing with the hydraulic disc brakes.

The fork is made of carbon, while the wheels are by Fulcrum. The stem and handlebar are by Reparto Corse, while the saddle is by Fizik Antares, one of the best saddle manufacturers in Europe.

The great thing about Specialissima is that the components match and blend very well to give the rider the ultimate comfort and performance.

The Fulcrum wheels, for instance, are specifically designed to fit the Shimano Ultegra.

With excellent, impressive specs and the bike being more than a sum of those parts, you might have, in Specialissima, a perfect racing bike.

3. Arcadex

The gravel bike from Bianchi sports a carbon frame and fork and drivetrain components made by Shimano, specifically Shimano GRX RX810.

The disc brakes and hubs are by Shimano, too, while the seat post and handlebar are by Reparto Corse, made of aluminum alloy.


The headset and stem are by the reliable FSA, the wheels are by Alexrims, and the tires are by WTB Riddler.

Despite the Arcadex being genuinely expensive, there is nothing truly spectacular about it regarding applied technology or specs.

The Shimano GRX approximates the performance of an Ultegra but is not as impressive.

However, this is one of the more comfortable bikes around, not only for Bianchi but also in comparison with other gravel bikes.

You can take on different terrains with more than enough confidence due to Arcadex’s lightness and impressive shock-absorbing components.

The only issue with Arcade is that it may be more expensive than the specs warrants.

4. Magma

Bianchi might be known for many high-end bikes. Magma, however, belongs to the more affordable ones.

Its performance on the road may not be comparable to other illustrious Bianchi bikes, but they are far better quality and more comfortable than others.


The frame is of aluminum alloy, while the drivetrain, front and rear derailleur, and brake set are all by Shimano. The seat post is aluminum, while the stem is forged alloy made by Tec.

The wheels are by Alexrims, while each tire is a Kenda Honey Badger XC.

With most parts mainly of aluminum alloy instead of carbon fiber, Magma may be one of the heavier Bianchi bikes.

It may be even heavier than those of other brands. But the performance is nothing short of decent, if not truly impressive.

The hardtail geometry is appropriate for a mountain bike, especially for beginners who will have their first experience handling different trails and terrains.

It is also perfect for recreational riders who bike for fun and leisure, not for competition.

The bike has two versions, the Deore, which has a 1×12 drivetrain, and the Alivio, which sports a 2×9. Both, however, are more than serviceable on any terrain.

Conclusion: Are Bianchi Bikes Good?

To say that Bianchi’s bikes are good is an understatement. They are excellent and far superior to most bikes, especially those produced for the mass market.

If you want a bicycle of the highest caliber and quality, they are the ones you must look at to have an impressive performance on the road.

You get your money’s worth, sometimes more, especially for those genuinely high-end, expensive ones. They will never disappoint, whether mountain, racing, gravel, or even electric bikes.

No matter the model or the type of bike, you can be sure that Bianchi lives up to its name.

There might be some issues concerning those inexpensive ones. Since Bianchi is an expensive brand, you might be paying more for the name than quality talking about mid-range and lower-end bikes.

Overall, however, there are no quality issues concerning Bianchi bikes of all types. The only major drawback is that some bikes have heavier frames, wheelsets, and tires than others.

But that is understandable considering that you have bikes for particular terrain and must be durable. Matched that with still being of good quality while making those bikes affordable, we can understand why such is the case.

Bianchi bikes are of excellent quality, and those bikes live up to their name.

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