Best Bikes For 10 Year Olds – The Ulitmate Buying Guide

When buying a bike, we consider many things: the specs, quality, material, comfort, and need. We may not be choosy, but we think some requirements are vital for us to buy that one.

Many people think choosing a kid’s bike is not as meticulous as choosing an adult one. Right? Wrong.

Choosing a bike for your children, especially a kid’s bike, is as thorough as it may be. There are many things to consider, especially bikes for 10-year-olds.

We will discuss some things about bikes for 10 year olds and why being meticulous and picky about them is crucial.

We will discuss the things we must consider when choosing one, and finally, we will talk about some of the better bikes for children of ten years old available in the market.

The Evolution of Children’s Bike

Ironic as it may seem, the bike was first conceptualized as a vehicle for children and was invented precisely for this reason.

Karl Drais, a German, was credited for the first verifiable claim of its invention, and he was thinking of vehicles to propel kids at a certain distance.

A Children Bike Standing in the Garden

But the idea of marketing bikes for children on a large scale would come a century later, in the 1920s.

Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward were the pioneers, but Schwinn and Huffy capitalized on the idea and marketed bikes for children after the Second World War.

The idea quickly gained traction after Huffy mass-marketed children’s bikes after the war, and since then, many bike companies have manufactured every conceivable bike for children.

Some with images of popular cartoon characters, while others have the features of adult bikes but with added safety features.

Today, the demand for kid’s bikes continues to grow with the emphasis on physical fitness. There are a lot of manufacturers and a lot of options for most parents.

The question of how to choose a bike for kids becomes more imperative.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Bike for Ten-Year-Olds

Every kid is different, and you need to pay attention to certain things to ensure that you have the best bike for your child.

Picking the Right Bike Size

It is where some parents make mistakes. When measuring the right bike size for your child, look at the wheel size, not the frame size. Most bikes for kids have a wheel size ranging from 12 inches to 24″.

But that is just the beginning; looking at a bike size chart should help you. All bike shops use a standard bike size chart.

It would be best if you looked at them while shopping for a bike in the stores or online. It will give you an idea of the needed size for your child.

But this is just a guide; comfort is still a must, especially for kids learning how to bike.

The standard is that your kid should be above the top tube (above, with the crotch not resting) of the bike with the feet still flat on the floor. Seat height is also critical.

The handlebar must be of comfortable distance; that is, they should not fully extend their arms when holding it. Just a little elbow bend will do, enough to give your child the comfort needed.

Regarding position, your kid should assume a more relaxed, upright position compared to us, who are riding an adult bike. That makes them more comfortable, and it will be safer for them.

Look at the Hand Brake

The hand brake must be soft enough to handle and easy for your child to operate. Hand brakes are of utmost importance, so make sure they also work perfectly well.

The Accessories

Some bikes have accessories, like horns, bells, wheel lights, and others. But the essential accessories, of course, are the helmet, knee, and elbow pads.

More so if your kid loves mountain biking and is not afraid to take on dirt trails.

Suppose your children are beginning to ride a bike, whether frog bikes, a mountain bike, a BMX bike, or the like; having them is imperative. It saves you a trip from a clinic or hospital.

The SkillSet

Even at ten years old, your child could be adept at handling a bike with more features, while others would not want to let go of horns, bells, and streamers.

Picking the right bike for them, in this case, would ultimately depend on what they need and what they want.

Why is it Essential to be Meticulous in Choosing a Bike?

There far numerous reasons why we must choose a particular bike over the other for our children, but the two most important are:


We need to ensure that our children are safe when riding a bike. It is the primary consideration that trumps all others. And a bike is safer if it is in tune with the children’s skillset, fits the size, and has that comfortable overall feel.

Those considerations are as essential with children as with adults.

Enjoyment and Fun

The child has difficulties riding a bike if it is inappropriate for him. Whether it is because of the size, the child’s skillset, or some malfunction like difficulties operating the hand brakes, your child will not have fun riding that bike.

The kid will not have an overall fulfilling biking experience, which defeats the very purpose of bike riding. We all want to have fun riding bikes, whether children or adults.

There is no reason why we will not have fun and thrill, all because the bike does not fit.

The Best Bikes For 10 Year Olds

Here are some of the best bikes available in the market for children around ten years old.

1. MX Junior

This BMX bike from Redline Bicycles will suit kids who want to ride and race with friends along the parks and safe neighborhood roads and pathways.

It has excellent geometry and design, and bike parts are primarily of aluminum alloy and steel.

MX Junior

The brake levers are by Tektro, which sports one of the softest and easiest brake levers. Children should never have problems using the brakes and riding the bike.

The only drawback is for parents, for it costs just below $400, maybe a bit pricey for a kid’s bike.

2. Cannondale Trail 20 Kid’s Bike

If your kid plans to be a daredevil on the dirt trails someday, better pick this mountain bike from Cannondale.

It can take miniature rough roads and safe pump tracks, ideal for hitting the dirt, enough to train your 10-year-old to more uneven roads ahead, literally.

Cannondale Trail 20 Kid's Bike

It sports impressive specs, a Shimano Tourney Drivetrain, a Promax hand brake, and an FSA headset.

Other hardware like the bike frame, seat post, stem, and hubs are of alloy, durable enough for the purpose.

 The style is more of the trail than enduro or cross country. Cannondale Trail will be good for your kid if there are any humps and small bumps along the neighborhood or some unbeaten paths nearby.

The drawback again might be the price, at least for parents.

3. Decathlon Riverside, 100 24 Inch

This hybrid bike from Decathlon has six speeds and excellent geometry, making for a more upright, relaxed position. If your child wants to cruise in your neighborhood, this one would be more fitting.

Decathlon Riverside

This bike has simple features, with only a single chainring, an easy-to-use hand brake, and a comfortable handlebar.

The ergonomic features of the bike are among the better ones, and the bike is versatile enough to handle some terrain and smooth flat roads with ease.

This 24-inch hybrid bike might be ideal if your child wants to bike on flat and smooth terrains. It is also suitable for some parents, for it costs only less than three hundred dollars.

4. Guardian Ethos

The name probably says it all. You have a bike with more safety features here and have the kid rider’s safety in mind.

Guardian Ethos

The safety features, however, never in any way impede the fun and excitement.

The stopover height is exact; the shifters are easy to use and comfortable, and the handlebar and seat are very comfortable.

With this bike, your child can pedal their way smoothly from home to his friend’s house, in the parks, or anywhere nearby.

If your child is skilled enough, the features of this bike are more than enough to handle paved, smooth roads and neighborhood terrain.

The only drawback might be the price, which is more than four hundred dollars. But you do not mind paying extra for safety, for sure.

5. Prevelo Alpha Four

But if your kid loves mountain biking, and you have enough confidence that he can take the trails for his age, give him the best adventure bike around.

Prevelo Alpha Four

Prevelo Alpha Four sports the best features for an adventure mountain bike, with its optimized crank, 9-speed Microshift drive train, excellent geometry, design, and ergonomic features.

It has soft, silky shifters, suitable even for those with soft hands and nimble fingers. The geometry and other features are genuinely for kids, customized for them.

Examples are having a small cage derailleur and a kid-friendly geometry, which makes the kid biker assume a more comfortable riding position.

The frame and the suspension fork are made of aluminum and are very light but durable and sturdy. The aluminum frame is enough to give any young rider stability off-road.

Prevelo Alpha Four, however, is one of the more expensive ones, with prices ranging between $500-$600. Prevelo itself priced it at $549.

Conclusion: Suitability, Comfort, and Safety are a Must

It is vital to remember what we have discussed, no matter what types of bikes you choose for your child. Those things will go a long way in giving your children the best riding experience. It can also go a long way in keeping your child safe from injuries and other untoward incidents.

The bike must suit your child: it must be appropriate for the kid rider’s age, skill set, and body. That ensures that the kid will not encounter difficulties in riding a bike.

The bike must be comfortable. A bicycle may be eye candy or looks attractive, but you must ensure that your child will be comfortable riding that bike. The ultimate test would be comfortability.

It is also crucial to consider the bike’s ergonomic features and accessories. All of them are important in keeping your child safe and comfortable.

Having those features at optimum best is one way to ensure safety, comfort, and a great riding experience.

Those things will impact your child’s safety. A bike that does not fit and does not feel comfortable is a sure invitation to trouble. That is true of all bicycles and all riders of all ages, kids included.

In the future, your child can choose whatever bike he wants or suits. But as of now, as responsible parents, we must keep the children safe without sacrificing fun, thrill, and excitement.

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