6 Best Flat Pedals For Road Bike Cycling

Flat pedals, or platform pedals, are the most common form of pedals. It is what most bike companies employ for their bikes.

That is understandable, for bike pedals are very comfortable, simple, and uncomplicated. They are economical too, and most companies save a lot of money and earn much by maximizing pedals.

But not all flat pedals are the same. Each employs a different kind; there is one for a mountain bike, cruiser bike, and road bike.

This article will discuss the best flat pedal for a road bike.

Why Looking at Pedals is Important.

At the risk of belaboring the obvious, pedals are essential but one of the more neglected aspects of a bike. We often see excellent reviews of bikes among experts and pedestrian riders, only for them to swipe at pedals.


They complain about it being plain-looking, inelegant, and sometimes fragile, easy to break or damage. Even elite biking companies are not spared criticism when it comes to pedals.

Pedals are not bike accessories. Unlike a bike rack or fender, you cannot do without pedals.

Sometimes we may wonder why many bike companies do not put a premium that much on pedals, considering you cannot make the bike run without pedals.

So if a pedal easily breaks or gets damaged, you cannot simply use the bike, period. You need to find a replacement for it.

And considering that many bike companies neglect their pedals, there is a booming industry for pedals because there is always demand for it.

If it ever happens that you will need a flat pedal for your road bike, you need then to consider some things. That ensures that your flat pedals are durable and will not break down or let you down at critical moments.

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Things to Look For in a Flat Pedal

Among the things you need to look for when looking at flat pedals of a road bike or buying one are these:

Pedal Material

All pedals are of two types: they are either plastic or metal. Each has its pros and cons; depending on them; one may choose a plastic or a metal road bike pedal.

Pedals made of plastic are rust-resistant; they are very light too. If you are a fan of everything light when it comes to bikes, you may like having flat pedals of plastic for your road bike.

Being plastic, they are not susceptible to rust.

The downside of the flat plastic pedals is that most of them are not durable, and they do not last. They easily get broken and damaged.

In short, they are not for heavy duty. If you are a rider who pedals hard and aggressively, then you need to stock up on your plastic flat pedals.

On the other hand, flat metal pedals are far more durable than plastic. They do not easily get broken or damaged.

They are heavy-duty, and you can pedal aggressively daily if you want, without worrying about your pedals.

However, the problem with metal flat pedals is that they are heavy compared to plastic ones. They are also prone to rust, so you need to be wary of them.

If you want, you can have metal, rust-resistant pedals.

The Weight

We already talk about the difference between plastic and metal pedals. But if you have a genuinely light road bike, you need road bike pedals, which are considerably lightweight too.

Having a lightweight road bike and heavy flat pedals does not make sense.


The ideal thickness for pedals is 0.6” or below. Flat pedals thicker than this may result in some problems when biking, but every pedal may suit a rider’s needs.

The Size

As a rule, you use pedals appropriate for the bike and the terrain. Those who are riding on rougher terrains may need to have more oversized pedals.

The Size

The reason is that more oversized pedals can give you enough stability to deal with more uneven terrains and rugged trails.

But since this is a road bike, chances are there is not much need for you to engage in rougher terrain or extreme road condition. Since you are riding on smooth surfaces and paved roads, there is also a minimal chance of pedal strikes.

For road bikes, the size of road pedals that you need is the one that is just right for your feet. But things can get complicated if you have huge feet.

Mind the Pins

Pedal pins are as crucial as anything. It is the one that keeps your shoe on the pedal.

A mismatch between the cycling shoe and pedal pins can impact your overall riding experience.

So in choosing flat pedals, you must also be wary of the pedal pins. Do you use metal pins or the ones with plastic ridges?

Or none at all, which is available too. It ultimately depends on the type of rider you are and the weather conditions you usually ride.

Flat pedals with high friction pedal pins are best for those riding primarily during summer. They work even as your cycling shoes react to the weather condition.

Those with plastic molded ridge pins are better if you take the road during the rainy season. They can make your footwear stay on the pedal.

Pedal Reflection

Now this one will only matter if you bike at night or when it is dark. Some flat pedals have reflectors, and others do not.

If you go on bike riding at night, having a pedal reflection might help immensely.

Best Flat Pedal For Road Bike: Some of the Best in the Market

Many flat pedals are available in many department stores and online stores. Most biking companies also offer flat pedals for biking enthusiasts.

Here are some of the best flat pedals for your road bike.

1. Shimano PD-EF205

Shimano bike parts are known for their reliability, and Shimano pedals are no exception.

Shimano PD-EF205

This flat pedal, reliable and durable, is also easy to disassemble, clean, and re-grease. This one relies on the cup and cone assembly, unlike others with a sealed bearing.

The surface texture of nylon provides an excellent grip on your shoe. No need to worry when pedaling hard and aggressively while road biking.

The axle is also sturdy and solid and can ensure that this one will surely last longer than other flat pedals.

But this pedal is not among the inexpensive ones on the market.

2. Crank Brothers Stamp 3 Platform Pedals

This flat metal pedal has the stamp of durability and reliability. The manufacturer is so sure that it offers a five-year warranty for this product.

Crank Brothers Stamp 3 Platform Pedals

Durability aside, it performs excellently well. It has lots of pins to keep your shoe on the pedal and is available in many sizes; no need to worry that much about finding the right fit.

This one is thinner than most pedals, but as a flat metal pedal, considerably lighter too. It is a shade below 14 ounces, the standard weight for most metal flat pedals.

But like Shimano, it is also relatively expensive.

3. Fyxation Mesa Platform Pedals

Pedal strikes are nearly impossible with this skinny flat pedal. It is of plastic, but this one is among the exceptions, for this flat pedal is very durable.

Fyxation Mesa Platform Pedals

It has an axle of chromoly, meaning you can rely on it when pedaling hard along smooth surfaces.

It has plastic pins that guarantee good friction between the pedal and your shoe. And at 11 ounces combined, you can surely glide effortlessly along paved roads using this pedal.

4. One Up Component’s Flat Pedals

If you want one that is genuinely heavy-duty and can take on all those hard, aggressive pedaling, these flat pedals from One Up Components may be the one for you.

One Up Component’s Flat Pedals

These razor-thin pedals are nylon and have Chromoly steel for an axle, making them very durable. Since it is skinny, there are very slim chances of a pedal strike, even if you use it as a mountain bike pedal.

Very thin, light, and rigid, these flat pedals are among the better ones from One up Components, especially if it fits your size. The problem with these flat pedals is that they come only in one size.

5. DMR V12

This flat pedal is of aluminum alloy. That alone makes it very durable.


But more, it also comes with a Chromoly axle and features a sealed bearing. It has adjustable screws, 10 in all, for pins, so you can choose how much friction you want from your pedal.

The downside is that cleaning and maintaining this flat pedal might be time-consuming. A hit on your pants or legs is possible in case of a mistimed pedal.

But talking of durability and performance, you cannot ask for more from this flat pedal.

And it comes at fifty dollars, relatively cheaper than some of the flat pedals we have here.

6. Look Cycle Tail Grip Pedals

The Look brand is a pioneer for clipless pedals, and these composite pedals from look may be one of the best. If you do not want pins for some reason, this Cycle Tail Grip Pedals may be the one for you.

Look Cycle Tail Grip Pedals

It has a chromoly axle, with the rest pedals made chiefly of composite material and rubber.

The overall design and texture of these flat pedals are rider friendly. There is no risk of injury on the shin or legs and no chance of scratching on your pants.

Nevertheless, it still provides the exact grip, traction, and friction, as any other pedal with pins can provide.

The best thing is that you can unbolt the pedal, remove the pad, and buy replacements if you want, in case it becomes damaged or worn off. The only issue you may have is that the replacement pads are pretty pricey.

So, What is the Best Flat Pedal for a Road Bike?

Those we reviewed are among the best in the market. Suffice it to say, all flat pedals reviewed here have pros and cons.

But overall, they perform excellently well; they are durable and long-lasting.

Those brands made their mark in the market and bike industry. As such, the question of which is the better material and more durable may not matter that much.

For those unbranded ones, however, looking at the materials of pedals may spell the difference between having a durable one or not.

Ultimately, the question of having the best flat pedal for road bikes boils to the combination of durability, efficiency, and comfort. Each rider can have one that suits him, provided it meets those three criteria.

If a rider wants, he can have even those designed for mountain bikes or other models. The best thing to bear in mind, aside from those pedals having durability and efficiency and being comfortable, is that they can give you the ultimate road cycling experience.

That is all that matters to every rider.

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