Can We Consider Northrock XC00 An Elite Fat Bike?

Fat bikes have become the favorite of many riders as of late. With their versatility and ability to handle all types of terrain, whether flat, rugged, mud, sand, or snow, its fans consider the fat bike their best companion.

And among fat bikes, Northrock xc00 might be the outstanding favorite, but why? What does it offer to the rider that makes it one of the favorites? What does it bring to the table, and how does it compare with other fat bikes on the market?

Let us take a closer look at Northrock xc00 and see how good it is.

The Northrock XC00

Northrock XC00 belongs to the Northrock family of bikes, currently manufactured by Giant Bicycles, one of the leading bike companies in the world. Northrock sells, aside from fat bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, comfort bikes, and even kids’ bikes.

Northrock XC00

You can find Northrock bicycles in the famous retailer Costco, whose stores are all over North America. Most bikes by Northrock, too, are available for sale online.

Northrock XC00 is one of the more celebrated fat bikes by the company. With parts provided by the most distinguished companies, it promises to deliver, to any rider, that complete, off-road biking experience.

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The Specs of Northrock XC00

The components of Northrock XC00 are nothing short of impressive. Excellent frame and durable parts, great suspension, and great tires.


The frame is a hand-built 6061 all-aluminum, with design and geometry appropriate for a fat bike. The frame is a tapered head tube with fender and rack mounts, equipped with water bosses, and has a replaceable derailleur hanger.

Wheels and Tires

Wheels and tires are the determining features of a fat bike and the one that truly separates it from most other bikes.

The rims are 32-holes, lightweight, and of alloy. The rear and front hubs are 32-hole alloys with quick-release, sealed bearings. The spokes are of stainless steel. The tires are by Kenda, fat mountain, measuring 26”x4.0”.


The drivetrain is by Shimano, the shifter is Shimano Altus 7-speed, the front and rear derailleur is also Shimano, and the cog set is of Shimano (14-28T). The crank is alloy forged, 36T, and the chain is KMC Z51.  

Other Components

The handlebar and stem are by Northrock, the seat by Velo, and the grips are by Velo, too, ergonomic. 

For the brake set, Northrock XC00 employs Tektro. The brake levers are Tektro alloy, while the brakes consist of Tektro mechanical dual disc.

The Northrock xc00 has a 7-speed shifter and employs a dual suspension mechanism.

What Do the Specs Tell us?

Northrock xc00 is lightweight with its all-aluminum alloy frame. Aluminum frames are sturdy but very light and can withstand all the shocks and stress caused by challenging trails and uneven terrain off-road.

The dual suspension mechanism of Northrock allows for better absorption of shock and stress. That will enable you to be firmly in control and go through quickly despite the challenge of the rugged trails.

Northrock XC00
Fat bikes are ideal in these kinds of terrain

The drivetrain might be one of the more impressive components of this fat bike. The Shimano drivetrain is known for its excellence and performance. Any bike that has it performs well regardless of terrain or road condition.

The 7-speed the Northrock has is ideal for this fat bike, best for tricky terrains and off-road. The rugged trails and challenging terrain necessitates fewer option gears. This speed is enough for Northrock XC00 to handle everything on the road.

The handlebar, stem, and ergonomic grips allow for a more comfortable ride, which is essential when one deals with off-road, challenging tracks and tricky terrain. The Northrack components of this fat bike perfectly match, blend, and complement the dual suspension and drivetrain.

We need not forget the wheels and tires, the primary determinant of any fat bike. Northrack XC00 has very reliable, durable rims and tires, which can withstand the punishing ride in rugged trails.

The tries, in particular, are of Kenda, one of the best tires in the biking industry. Its thickness is enough for the trail, which is about 4 inches. The quality of the tires allows one to deal with road conditions and take on any tracks or roads.

The Pros and Cons of Northrack XC00

There are several reasons why Northrock might be the fat bike for you. Among these are:

Impressive Specs for Off-Road

The components of Northrock XC00, from the frame and drivetrain to the wheels and tires, are impressive enough. The providers of those parts are known for their excellence and top quality. Northrock XC00 is built by the best in the biking industry.

Greater Control and Maneuver

But more than the excellent specs, the parts and components are appropriate and tailor-made for the off-road. Specs matter, but they must also match the road conditions. The suspension, the chains, the material for wheels, and the size and quality of the tires, make Northrock XC00 an almost perfect fat bike for off-road.

Northrock XC00

The design, geometry, suspension, and quality of all components give the rider enough maneuver and control, especially when taking off-road and challenging terrains. The handlebar, stem, and grips are comfortable enough to give the rider leeway and make easy shifts and turns.

Very Comfortable

The Velo components of Northrock give much comfort to the rider; the nice contours and design allow the rider to ride aggressively. The result is more output, enhanced riding performance, and a thrilling biking and riding experience.

The Price

With excellent specs, comfort, and performance for the rider, the Northrock XC00 is relatively inexpensive, almost a bargain. That is good news for those riders who want a quality real fat tire bike but do not want to spend that much.

The price is generally around $400-$550. But with stock running out at Costco and other retail stores and supplies in the net drying up, demand might push the price higher.

Some things might work against you when riding Northrock XC00. Among these are: 

Not Fast Enough

Fat bikes are not known for speed, but the Northrock xc00 seems slower, at least when compared with other fat bikes. The nature, design of the bike, and tires increase the tendency to increase contact on the ground more than necessary.

More contact means a decrease in speed. It means riding at a slower pace. Nortrock xc00 may not be ideal for those who want a fat bike yet will wish for a faster one too.

The Gear

The gear is also why Nortrock does not have much of a speed. We mentioned that the 7-speed is ideal, for reasons we already mentioned. However, some may want more gear. Having more gears may not be perfect, but some want as many options as possible.

And with Northrock XC00, talking about gears, you do not have as many options as others.

Who are the Ideal Riders for Northrock XC00

Many people, though, would enjoy this real fat tire bike. Among these people are:

Those Who Want to Take on Rugged Trails.

Though it may lack some speed, riders can enjoy it, especially those whose idea of adventure is not having speed but conquering obstacles. This real fat tire bike can take on any terrain and obstacles off-road. Its build and specs can take on any challenge; chances are, you can conquer as much uneven terrain and trails as possible.

Northrock XC00

And with the excellent suspension and design, the bumpy rides you can have on any road are always fun. Riding Northrock xc00, adventure riders and daredevils will take those bumps relatively smoothly.

Entry Level Riders 

Those who want to take trail riding as the entry point for their passion for bike sports would do well having this bike. Comfortable to ride and wonderfully designed, it is excellent for all road and weather conditions.

More so for those who are really into challenging those rugged trails and terrain, more than the sprint. Those beginners who never mind sacrificing a bit of speed for the more difficult task of overcoming those road obstacles will undoubtedly enjoy this fat bike.

The Real DareDevils

Professional trail riders and mountain bikers prefer a more high-end fat bike or ordinary trail bike suitable for their skill. When joining trail biking and mountain biking competitions, they will need a different bike.

But with Northrock XC00, they can still have fun and excitement. They can enjoy this fat bike if they only want to put themselves into shape or toy around with rugged trails and rough terrains.

More so if they want to enjoy with their fellows who might be entry-level riders, their children for instance. This fat bike is enough if the professionals only want to enjoy riding.

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Conclusion: Is Northrock XC00 Worth Buying?

Without a doubt, this fat bike is worth buying. With everything it brings, trail and off-road riding fans will enjoy all the obstacles, rugged trails, and different terrains.

It has the specs that many are looking for on their fat bikes. It has excellent performance. A rider can feel comfortable even in the most challenging road and weather conditions.

Northrock XC00

It has the built, the look, and the design of a perfect fat bike. It will be a good companion in riding off the beaten path.

Speed and the gear may be an issue, but Northrock XC00 is a real fat tire bike. It does not need to pack so much speed, though some wish it has some too. It may not have much speed, but it has excellent performance.

And at a genuinely affordable price, you can have a high-quality fat bike without spending much. No wonder, then, that this fat bike is one of the most sought after in most retail stores and on the net.

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