Choosing The Best Ebike For Tall Rider: Reviewing Some Of The Best

Comfort and suitability are a must for any rider. If a bike size is not suitable, it might result in some problems. Riders must avoid it as much as possible, if only to have an enjoyable biking experience.

Tall riders always find having the bike that suits them quite challenging, if not genuinely problematic. A regular bicycle does not fit them. Not all bike companies have one for them, and not all bike models have their sizes.

Things might be different with e-bikes, one of the newest types of bikes to come out in the past decade or two. Some do not have a ready model for tall riders, but some do.

This electric bike review will suggest what could be the best e-bike for tall riders in the market. But first, let us discuss why size matters concerning bikes in general.

Why is Bike Size Important?

Best Ebike For Tall Rider

It is crucial to have the right bike size for anyone because it might affect the overall performance of a taller rider. There are also other things that we might consider which make having the right bike size genuinely imperative.

The Need To Avoid Injuries

Bikes are like apparel or equipment you use in sports and competitions. If it does not fit you, it might cause some trouble or damage. Having a bike size unsuitable for your height is like wearing a shoe that does not fit your feet.

It can result in far serious trouble, like injuries. It is not uncommon for people and athletes to have injuries using defective equipment or apparel. A bike size that does not fit is similar to having faulty equipment or clothing.

The Need To Feel Comfortable

When we engage in any sporting activity, we need to avoid discomfort as much as possible. We cannot give our all in performing that activity and may not have a fun and enjoyable experience doing it.

Biking is one sport where comfort is a must, simply because it affects a rider’s overall performance. Even an uncomfortable seat and pedal might affect the rider. What else if the bike does not fit you?

The Question Of Performance

Consequently, it impacts your biking experience. If you are uncomfortable, you may ride slowly or very cautiously. You always mind every movement. Such things cannot give you fun.

One who truly enjoys an activity, whether sports or any other, loses himself in that activity. A person always minding or conscious of what he is doing because of discomfort is undoubtedly not enjoying it. That is even more so in biking.

Ebike For Tall Riders; What You Need To Consider

Tall and heavy riders must be pretty picky regarding the bike. Among the things they need to look at are:

 The Size and the Fit

It must fit you as naturally as possible. If you go to a bike shop, you must ride and measure the bike to see if it suits you naturally. Compare the bike height and your inseam, and measure your leg extension. If the bike has an adjustable seat, try to adjust the seat height.

Try to ride the bike and see if you have issues concerning your leg extension. Try to feel it, and see if you are comfortable.

If you are ordering a bike online, see the specs, the measurement, and if it fits your height and is appropriate for your weight. It would be best if you could contact the seller or bike company and ask if they have the size that fits you or if they can customize one for you.

The Specs of the Bicycle

Tall people are no ordinary riders because they also pack more weight due to their body mass. Since they are probably heavier, the specs they need might differ from most of us.

They need bikes with durable parts, those that can handle their weight. They must look at the wheels and tires. It does not matter whether it is a road bike, mountain bike, or e-bike. Heavy riders need bikes that have durable wheels and tires.

The handlebar’s length and height might also impact the rider’s comfort. If a rider wants to be more comfortable, he might choose one which can put him in a more upright position to relax his back.

Even the seat is vital. One can adjust the seat height if the seat is adjustable; in this case, the tall rider can suit it to his liking.

But aside from seat height, the cushion and size of the seat itself may matter. The rider must be comfortable with it. If ordered online, the rider must ensure that the bike seat has a nice cushion.

Could E-Bikes Be Ideal For Taller Riders?

Ebike is no ordinary bike: it has additional features like a motor and LCD. Some are designed differently, like having an internal cable route. That is to maximize the speed and overall biking experience of the rider.

The design and geometry appeal to most cyclists and tall riders. Thicker tires, specific structures of handlebars, and adjustable seat height are features that tall riders may need and are common in many e-bikes.

One great advantage of e-bikes is there are bikes for tall and heavy riders. Some bike companies, in fact, manufacture e-bikes for taller people. It is part of their marketing strategy to cater more to taller people. They know that few famous bike companies sell bikes to taller riders.

Due to tall riders being also heavier, sometimes they do not get the desired speed when biking. With motors, e-bikes can give them what they want, with or without pedal assistance. They can go up to 60 mph riding an e-bike, which is quite a speed.

In short, some features we find in e-bikes perfectly suit what a tall rider needs. Whereas you need to customize a different type of bike to fit a tall rider perfectly, such actions may not be necessary if the tall rider decides to buy an e-bike instead.

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Best Ebike For Tall Rider

Here are some of the bikes you can consider if you belong to those who are tall:

1. Evryjourney 500w

If you want a very comfortable e-bike, you cannot go wrong having Evryjourney 500w. This pride of Sixthreezero has an ergonomic seat and easy-to-grip handlebars, with a bike design that allows tall riders to assume a more upright position.

Best Ebike For Tall Rider

It boasts a 500-watt motor, a 500-watt motor battery, and a speed of up to 20 mph, with pedal assistance.

It has excellent stopping power, with front and rear disc brakes, and can take anyone with a height of 6’4 and weight of up to 300 lbs.

2. Nakto 26′ 500w Ebike

Few have heard of Nakto, but don’t let their obscurity fool you. They shipped directly from the makers to the buyer, making them relatively cheaper than other famed brands sporting the same specs.

Best Ebike For Tall Rider

Consider this one: it has a carbon frame and forks, Shimano gears of 6-speed, a smart technology that shows you your speed, and other options. It has a powerful motor (500w) that allows you to go full throttle with pedal assistance and a battery resistant to overcharging, overheating, and short circuits.

It has rear disc brakes that are highly efficient and with excellent stopping power and very durable, wear-resistant 26″ x4″ tires.

Impressive specs, you may say. But the best thing is that it can handle you, even if you are 6’8 tall.

3. Motan M560 P 7 Fat Tire

This bike can take you on different terrain, rough surfaces, and challenging trails, even if you weigh around 350 lbs. It sports a powerful motor (750w) and has an LCD that shows your speed and several other options.

Best Ebike For Tall Rider

If you think that is impressive enough, you have to look at its Shimano drivetrain, a 7-speed one. Its tires are 26’x4.0 thick and 30 TPI.

It can run up to 60mph with pedal assistance and has that imposing, formidable appearance and design.

Think of your ideal mountain bike, built like a powerhouse machine, capable of conquering all terrain and rugged trails. That is Motan M560 P7 Fat Tire for you.

4. eDirtySixer

From the company specializing in making bikes for tall riders, eDirtySixer probably has one of the most imposing appearances, if not the most. It has 36′ wheels and claims to be the biggest bike today.

Best Ebike For Tall Rider

But it sports an aluminum alloy frame with rims of carbon fiber. It might still be lighter than others, despite its colossal size.

Its motor is a 250w Shimano STEPS e8000 and can run up to 20 mph with pedal assistance. Its cables are internal; no need to worry that much about wear and tear.

This one has yet to hit the market, but the price is prohibitive, about $8,000. The inspiration for it comes directly from the owner of DirtySixer, himself standing about 6’6.


SDURO comes from a famous e-bike company, and this one truly lives up to its reputation. The power of SDURO comes from a 500w Yamaha and has a speed of up to 20mph. The gears and brakes are from Shimano.

Best Ebike For Tall Rider

SDURO sports an aluminum alloy frame; each tire is of Schwalbe Super Moto, a 27.5″ x2.4″. It can accommodate tall riders with a height of around 6’6.

6. Ride1Up LMT’D

This bike can give you speed; even heavy riders will blaze riding in this one. With a 750w motor and Shimano 8-speed gear, it can pack a speed of up to 50 mph. Never mind if you weigh around 270 lbs and have a height of up to six feet and four inches.

Best Ebike For Tall Rider

It also has an LCD, 27.5″ x2.4″ tires, and hydraulic disc brakes with excellent stopping power. It has a maximum seat height of up to 40 inches.

The bikes here are among those rated highly by experts in the market. Most of them are not your traditional bike brands. Instead, you have those who made their niche in manufacturing electric bikes.

Choosing the perfect e-bike for tall riders depends more on performance rather than fame or renown. To use biking jargon: it is a different terrain.

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Best Ebike For Tall Rider

E-bikes have features which tall and heavy riders can enjoy.

E-bikes are particular types of bikes with added features and other accessories. The best thing with e-bikes is that there are many in the market; taller riders have many options. Manufacturers of e-bikes have models specifically for taller people; they are not modifications of any bike models.

Because of those features, the price of e-bikes is usually higher than a regular bike. And the price may differ significantly depending on the brand you are buying. Some are truly expensive, like eDirtySixer, while others have a lower price. Evryjourney, for instance, is only $2,000.

The e-bikes featured in this electric bike review are all of the best quality and rated highly by most experts. But as with all other bikes, the best e-bike for tall riders is the one that suits them.

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