Electra Bike Review: What Makes Them Special?

Frequently, breakthroughs in bike technology are due to necessity and want. Either there is a demand for such technology, which is not yet available, or there are visionaries who think they must improve on certain things, applications, and techniques.

The result is a better bike and a better riding experience.

Such may be the case with Elektra bikes. Many describe them as consummate comfort bikes, the ones that can give anyone the ultimate pleasurable riding experience.

In this Electra bike review, we will discuss what makes them unique, whether they are of good quality or offer nothing except comfort. We will also make a rundown of the best Electra bikes in the market.

Electra Bikes: An Overview

Jeano Erforth and Benni Baenzinger established Electra Bicycle company in 1993, focusing on technology innovation and manufacturing bikes that are either passe’, unavailable, or rare in the market. The idea is to bring back those bikes, if not their glory days, at least their serviceability and availability for the public.

Electra mainly focused on the beach cruiser, making new editions and models and making them available. They want a bike that can easily take on city roads, one that is all-purpose, can take on items and is ideal for errands.

A beach cruiser seems to be perfect.

It paid off, people took notice, and soon people began to notice how important it is to have an available bike when going to stores and buying some stuff. In 2002, they expanded the bike line; they produced bikes reminiscent of California hot rod culture.

At the same time, Electra developed a revolutionary design called “flat foot technology .” It uses crank forward geometry that allows for further optimization of pedaling by having proper leg extension.

The result is more comfort and ease in riding. The geometry also allows you to solidly plant your feet on the ground, removing new riders’ fear of falling off the bike.

Those innovations go a long way in popularizing cruiser bikes and bike riding as a whole.

In 2014, Trek acquired Electra Bikes, and since then, it has expanded its bike line to include e-bikes. Electra continued its tradition of innovation and making bike riding more comfortable as it introduced further innovations in its bike line.

What Is So Electrifying About Electra?

There are many reasons why many riders are enamored and fascinated with Electra. Among these reasons are:

Innovation and Technology

The flat foot technology is a prime example of how Electra uses and applies technology for the greater comfort of the rider. This technology has been patented for Electra and is now widely used by many producers of cruiser bikes.

Electra, however, maintains that despite others using their technology, it is still them, the original, which is the best in applying the technology for their cruiser bikes.

Very Comfortable

Electra’s use of technology, and innovations in geometry, style, and design, are all for the rider’s comfort. Comfort is king at Electra, and they do not mind not having the best or the elite when it comes to speed, performance, and the like.

What matters is that the bikers are at ease with Electra bikes.

Several factors undergird the comfortability of Electra bikes. First is using lighter frames for their bikes, such as aluminum frames.

Second is the general geometry and design, having handlebars that put the rider in an upright position, for instance.

The third is the gear, which is always easy to use. You do not need to put much effort into switching gears or braking.

They are all comfortable to handle and operate.

The proper use of innovation and technology is another factor that makes Electra bikes very comfortable.

Flat foot technology is one, so as step-over features that make Electra bikes easy to mount and ride.

Relatively Inexpensive

Compared to their mother company Trek, Electra bikes are inexpensive, almost by half. That is crucial for bikes under Trek, and they probably benefit from Trek innovations and everything the Trek name entails.

The Trek’s name’s quality and efficiency also rub off on Electra. Not that Electra is never of good quality; they are.

But to have those bikes at a low price knowing that they are a subsidiary of Trek, makes Electra bikes appealing.

And if we add to the fact that it is also low-maintenance, it becomes better. It means you need not spend that much on it after you buy it, unlike other bikes that cost cheap but need an upgrade now and then.

You will not have those issues with Electra bikes.

Is There Any Drawback to Electra Bikes?

Some things are going against the Electra bikes. Among these are:

Decent Performance At Best

If you want a bike blazing with speed on paved roads or one that can take on challenging terrain or trails, that is not the Electra bike.

At most, what it can give you are decent performance on the road. That is, getting you from point A to point B.

Comfort is the selling point of Electra. Concerning it, you cannot ask for anything more.

But it does not offer much besides it and bringing you where you want to be anywhere in the city.

Some Low-End Specs

Electra invests in innovation and technology to give the rider the needed comfort. That is having light frames, proper design, suitable components like having the right handlebars, etc.

But to other parts, they employ, at most, serviceable components, never top or high-quality ones. That is understandable, considering they need to keep the price affordable while still making it comfortable for anyone.

Narrow Bike Range

Others have bikes of all types; others cater to a few specific audiences. Electra has a narrow range of bikes, though they cater to anyone.

Currently, their bike line includes comfort bikes, cruiser bikes, urban bikes, electric bikes, and kids’ bikes.

If you are looking for an authentic mountain, road bike, or even a hybrid bike, Electra does not have them. There are also Electra bike models which are no longer available.

The most prominent of these might be the Electra Townie 7D Rose Gold.

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The Best Elektra Bikes in the Market

Among the best Elektra bikes you can find or order online are:

1. Electra Townie Original 7D

Electra Townie is the bike series associated primarily with the company, and we can say that this beach cruiser is the best.

Electra Townie Original 7D

It offers all the positives we mentioned concerning Electra bikes. This one is very comfortable, with its geometry that puts the rider in an upright position.

It employs flat foot technology, making it the ideal comfort bike for people of all ages.

Its features, the grips, the shifts, and the brakes are rider-friendly. Most reviewers described the gears as very light.

You can quickly shift gears when traversing paved roads.

The frame is 6061 aluminum alloy and has Shimano Tourney for the drivetrain. Also sports Megarange cassette for optimum performance.

The only drawback of this bike is that it is for comfort, almost to a fault: The bicycle puts you in an upright position you will find it hard to stand when biking.

2. Electra Townie Path Go

Simply put, this one is an Electra Townie with a motor. It has the features of a Standard Electra comfort bike plus an electric motor from Bosch.

Electra Townie Path Go

The power batteries of 500W can go up more than 60miles, and with pedal assistance, has a speed of up to 20mph.

This electronic bike sports a Shimano Deore, 10-speed, and is also equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, making for excellent stopping power. Its wheels are also larger compared to others, at size 27.5′.

It comes with an elegant, silver color design that gives the classic Electra beach cruiser a modern feel.

3. Electra Loft

You cannot go wrong with this commuter bike if you love simplicity with beauty. A simple bicycle means low maintenance and less work.

Electra Loft

It will surely appeal to those who want to bike leisurely, from point A to point B, without much hassle and fanfare.

Electra Loft has a very light aluminum frame with a saddle for a smooth ride and excellent comfort. It sports a Shimano drivetrain, 7-speed, ring mount locks, and dual water bottle bosses.

4. Electra Sprocket 1

If your kids are still learning to ride, why not buy them this one? Unlike other Electra bikes, this one sports a futuristic look but still has that flat foot technology that can make your kid comfortable riding it without worry or fear.

Electra Sprocket 1

Electra Sprocket 1 has aluminum alloy frames with a steel fork, hubs, and rims. The handlebar is wide enough for a comfortable grip and an alloy stem to provide balance and stability.

The tires are also punctured-resistant. Dealing with a flat tire is the last thing your kid would want.

This one is built both for comfort and durability. The specs are enough to keep your kid riding all day long.

5. Electra Cruiser 3i

 If you want to just cruise but cruise very comfortably and in style, the Electra Cruiser 3i will suit you.

Electra Cruiser 3i

One of the latest in this Electra bike line, this one sport is also simple, employing top-quality parts where it matters to ensure a smooth cruising and riding experience.

It has that classic aluminum frame employing flat foot technology and has a simple Shimano Nexxus, 3-speed, with optical gear display. The seat post, stem, and rims are of alloy, with 36 holes and spokes of stainless steel, 14g.

This bike line is where everything begins for Electra. Trendy but timeless, what it promises to everyone is nothing but a comfortable cruise on city roads.

As if you are traversing the streets of Southern California.

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Are Their Bikes of Good Quality? Concluding Our Electra Bike Review

The bicycles may sport innovation and be comfortable, but are they of good quality? Question about quality usually revolves around durability, and we can say that on balance, Electra bikes are of good quality.

Electra employs the technology where it matters: in frames, design, and geometry that can give maximum comfort to the rider. Other parts are alloy and steel, the most durable materials for any bike part.

Electra ensured that the frames were light enough to employ other parts of supreme durability without sacrificing comfort. Thus, you have here a mixture of light and steel components.

But since they use excellent design and geometry, those components never negated the comfort.

So what you have in Electra bikes are special bikes, a mixture of ingenuity, innovation, and technology. That mixture allows Electra to employ parts that truly matter for comfort.

There may be some issues with pedals and the like. But as our Electra bike review has shown, there is a need to make Electra bikes affordable to many.

There is no need to push those parts to their limit, especially if you are biking comfortably and leisurely.

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