Fat Guy Bicycle: What Are The Best Bikes For Heavy Riders

It is hard to look or shop for a bike if you are a person of a certain weight. Most bikes are for ordinary people, meaning those of average size, weight, or height.

A tall rider with much body mass must be diligent and choosy in picking the right bike.

But there is such a thing as a fat guy bicycle. Yes, those bikes are customized for people who pack a lot of weight.

Those bikes can still accord the thrill, fun, and excitement others have on an average bicycle. The best thing is, there are fat guy bicycles of nearly all types and models.

This article is a buying guide for people who need the right bike for their weight. But let us deal first with some things you may need to consider if you are one of those big guys.

Fat Guy bicycle: What Big Guys Need to Consider

Unlike other people shopping for a bike, heavy riders must consider many factors in buying the appropriate bicycle. Among these are:


Why will you want to buy and ride a bike? What is your purpose?

Do you want to engage in recreational riding or want a bike for commuting? Do you want to engage in competitive riding?

Do you want to stay fit and healthy?

You have to decide on those things to be able to pick what bike, or bike model fits you. Every bike has a purpose, so you must first know which one suits your purpose.

Related to the purpose is the terrain where you will use the bike. If you engage in recreational riding, you can have a broader range of options.

You can have a city bike or commuter bike, a hybrid bike, a mountain bike, or a road bike.

But if you will bike on many terrains, smooth roads, climbs, descent, rough terrain, and uneven rough surfaces, you need a bike that suits them.

Bike Material and Components

Almost all bikes have steel, aluminum, and carbon frames. They are sturdy and durable, but some can handle only a certain weight.

Steel frames are the strongest, the most durable, and the ones that can take a certain weight.

Again, based on the purpose, you need to look closely at the frame to see if it would be enough to handle your weight. More so if you need to carry other items on your bike.

Most bikes, though, do have specifications concerning maximum load limit. But aside from the load limit, you must also ride a supremely durable one.

The bike’s durability concerns the frame and all the other components. For instance, look at the wheels and tires.

Some wheels are stronger and more durable than others, mainly due to the materials used for manufacturing them.

As a rule, wider tires can handle more weight and can give you more stability on balance. That is important, especially if you ride on some terrain, single tracks, uneven road surfaces, and rugged trails.

You better pay attention to them. Having fat tires or knobby tires may be of help.

How much flexibility do you want? Do you want a full suspension, a hardtail, or a rigid one?

You may want a particular suspension depending on what you want for your bike and your weight. You need then to look at those components.

The Feel and Comfort

The bike may suit your weight and be durable enough to handle a certain weight. But you need to feel comfortable in it.

It is difficult riding a very inconvenient bike. And more than anything else, the need for a comfortable ride, if not extreme comfortability, is why you are diligent in choosing the right bike.

Try to take a grip on the handlebar. See if it is the correct width for you and if you feel comfortable.

Is the bike suspension too light or too rigid for you? Try to examine closely, and ask the mechanic or expert for help to make certain adjustments.

Try to feel the saddle; is the saddle comfortable? Is the saddle broad enough, or is it narrow and puts pressure on your hips?

And the seat post? Are they sturdy enough or not?

These issues will impact your biking experience. Better settle them if you are in the bike shop.

If ordering online, look at the specs and see if the features and specs fit your physique.

Why Do You Need to Consider Those Things?

Those things mentioned can impact your riding experience. If a bike fits you, you can experience great riding anywhere.

You can maximize what the bike offers: Speed, comfort, thrill, and excitement. You can have fun riding.

But aside from that, you want a durable and long-lasting bike. You do not want just any other bicycle.

You want one that can be your companion for a long while and one which is worth the money.

A bike that fits you and your weight save you from a lot of trouble. You can avoid injuries caused by having an inappropriate bike size or weight.

Discomfort and poor riding performance could sometimes lead to untoward incidents.

A bike that fits you reduces the chances of that occurring.

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Fat Guy Bicycle: The Best Bikes For Heavy Riders

Here are the best bikes for a heavy guy which you can consider having:

1. Merax FT323 Mountain Bike

This one may be appropriate for heavy riders who want a lighter bike with excellent parts. Merax FT323 Mountain Bike has an aluminum frame, weighing only 40 lbs, and has a Shimano groupset for the drivetrain.

Merax FT323 Mountain Bike

Its tires are by Kenda; each tire is 26″ x1.95′. One may consider that the tires are pretty thin for a mountain bike that needs to carry considerable weight.

But these are Kenda tires, one of the more efficient and durable tires, especially on trails and terrain, so you need not worry.

The aluminum frame and the tires make this a very light bike for heavy riders, but don’t let that fool you. This bike can handle a big guy weighing as much as 400 lbs.

For those to whom this bike will fit, it makes for an efficient, excellent all-terrain ride, with all those features and nice suspension.

2. Cannondale Trail 7

But if you want something even better, try Cannondale Trail 7. This one is excellent in rugged trails and terrain without losing efficiency on smooth surfaces.

Cannondale Trail 7

This one from Cannondale will be a perfect match for heavy riders engaged in trail riding.

Its aluminum alloy frame is matched only by an SR Suntour suspension fork and impressive hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano Shimano MT200, to be precise. The 2×8 drivetrain is enough to give riders many options when dealing with any specific terrain.

With a light but durable bike frame and excellent suspension, this Shimano-powered trail bike guarantees speed and stability in any terrain. The aluminum frame and suspension fork provide enough balance and agility for the heavy rider.

This one is ideal for those weighing around 330 lbs.

3. Mongoose Hitch Men’s All Terrain Fat Tire Bicycle

Mongoose is famous for BMX bikes, but they have also produced quality fat tire bikes. This one is well-suited for the heavy guys, those who are more than 500 lbs.

Mongoose Hitch

With fat tires, a durable frame, and rigid suspension, it can take you on any terrain you want.

With the steel red colored frame, and 26″ x4″ tires, this one looks imposing, a fair match for the big guy willing to ride it. Combine that with a 7-speed shifter and rear derailleur made by Shimano, and it can take on any terrain.

Also, the mechanical disc brakes are more than enough to handle the total weight.

It is among the versatile ones from Mongoose and well suited for heavy riders. It is pretty heavy, though, with all the fat tires, alloy rims, and steel frame.

4. DJ Fat Bike 750W

The looks and appearance of this electric bike already say that it is truly for those heavily built too. With thick tires and excellent geometry, it has superior components to match that impressive, imposing look.

DJ Fat Bike 750W

It weighs 57 lbs and has power that could extend up to 1000w. It sports Samsung battery cells, Shimano derailleur, gears, and pedal assist up to five levels.

Imposing as it may be, the preload suspension fork and adjustable seat can make the big guy comfortable in any terrain.

But what makes it formidable are the thick, puncture-resistant tires, four inches wide.

The overall build of DJ Fat Bike 750W suggests a non-nonsense bike that is willing to take any road or weather conditions, easy or extreme ones; it does not matter. The stainless aluminum frame, excellent power drivetrain, nice suspension, and Tektro disc brakes can give you the needed stability on the trail.

The only thing going against this bike is that it is genuinely heavy. People of average weight may have a hard time against it.

If one bicycle perfectly matches heavier riders, this must be it.

5. Schwinn Phocus

Who says you cannot pack speed? There are road bikes available that you can ride, light but durable enough to give you the thrill and excitement of racing along smooth, flat roads.

Schwinn Phocus

Probably the ultimate road bike for the heavy guys, Schwinn Phocus can give you speed on smooth flat roads. Weighing 31 lbs, this one is a 16-speed, Shimano-powered road bike sporting an aluminum frame and 28′ wheels.

It is light but durable with a very lightweight frame matched by very durable wheels made of alloy. This one is the perfect combination of speed and strength.

This one is ideal for flat roads and can be serviceable for those traversing the urban jungle. You can engage in some fun races with your friends.

It is fast with its light frame and impressive drivetrain.

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Fat Guy Bicycle: Final Thoughts

Every rider must have a bike that fits. It affects road performance and can impact the rider’s ability to have that ultimate riding experience.

No one wants to ride a bicycle that is not comfortable. It may result in some untoward incidents, like injuries or accidents.

But heavy riders have the more challenging task of looking for a bike that suits them. Fortunately, there are a lot of companies offering bikes that fit those who are genuinely heavy.

Having those bikes will allow the big guys to enjoy bike riding with minimal or no risk.

The bikes we reviewed are some of the best available for heavier riders. Each type of bike has its pros and cons.

Some bikes are genuinely heavy, and some can only handle a specific weight.

But if a bike rider is diligent enough to look into specs, parts, and components, the rider will find the fat guy bicycle that perfectly suits him. Never mind if he is an average rider or a heavy one.

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