GT Bikes Review: Is It Still Worth It?

GT Bicycle is one of the more reputable biking companies in the world, specializing in BMX, road, and mountain bikes. A GT BMX bike is a favorite of many BMX riders.

While their other types of bikes, gravel bikes, for instance, are also among those rated favorably by many.

But how good is a GT bike? Do they compare with other known, famous, and more reputable brand bikes in the U.S. and worldwide?

This GT bikes review will look into that question. We will also have a rundown of the best GT bikes available today.

GT Bikes: A Bit of History

The brand name “GT” comes from the initials of Gary Turner, one of the founders. Together with Richard Long, the two ardent cycling enthusiasts established GT in 1979, paving the way for revolutionizing the bike industry.

GT Bikes

They spearheaded innovative changes and designs in bicycle motocross, popularly known as BMX. In later years though, they also expanded their operations and included manufacturing other types of bikes.

Two decades after its founding, there was a considerable drop in demand for BMX. Bain Capital took control of the company in 1995, and ownership would change several times again.

Questor Partners bought it from Bain Capital; then, Dorel Industries acquired it from Pacific Cycle in 2004.

 Today, Pon Holdings, a Dutch conglomerate specializing in manufacturing automotive parts and vehicles, own the GT Bicycle.

GT Bikes: Why are Many Fascinated by It?

The aura and mystique surrounding BMX is part of the reason why many are fond of GT bikes. They popularize the use of BMX, especially among youngsters and teenagers, who see BMX, not as a bike that will bring you from point A to point B.

They consider it a plaything, a companion for intimately exploring terrains and trails.

GT eventually capitalized on the fame and recall and started manufacturing other types of bikes. However, the waning interest in the BMX proved fatal for GT Bicycles.

Despite that, however, they continue to manufacture bikes, and subsequent owners capitalized on the company’s good name.

But are GT Bikes That Good?

Reputation aside, how do GT bikes compare to others? As innovators who revolutionize BMX, some things make a GT bicycle stand out.

Revolutionary Geometry

GT Bicycle is famous for its BMX designs, quickly becoming fan favorites. The designs gained traction, making their impact on the bicycle world long-lasting.

In addition, they pioneered the triple triangle, an innovative mountain bike frame design that allows for more rigidity and stability. The geometry softens the impact of the rough terrain on the riders by dispersing vibrations throughout the bike.

This kind of design and geometry is now the staple of most GT bikes. A GT mountain bike, road bike, or BMX indeed has attractive, innovative designs that benefit the rider.

Very Excellent Frames

The experience with BMX probably taught the innovators at GT Bicycle the need to have durable but light frames. Hence, they developed and primarily employed light, durable frames on their bikes.

Those bike frames are best for maneuvering on different terrain but at the same time give the rider enough flexibility and stability when on challenging terrain and rugged trails.

Many Options You Can Choose

GT Bicycle has an array of BMX, mountain, and road bikes; name it, you have it. They have bikes for everyone, young and old.

But aside from types of bikes, there are many options too to choose from them. They have a vast collection of BMX bikes which BMX enthusiasts of all kinds will surely enjoy.

There are varieties of road bikes and mountain bikes from which any rider can choose. You cannot run out of options when shopping at GT Bicycle.


GT Bicycles offers five-year warranties on some of their bikes and a lifetime warranty on others. In a way, these tell us about the high quality of many GT bikes.

Though a five-year warranty may not be as good as those offered by others, especially the elite and top dogs, it is still better than others.

GT Bikes Review: The Best Bikes of GT

So what are the best GT bikes available in the market? We will pick one type of bike that epitomizes what GT Bicycles stands for: Innovation design, durability, toughness, and fun.

1. The Best GT BMX: Performer21

We must start with BMX, the type of bike that made GT a household name. Performer21 is one of the best-known bikes of GT.


An iconic bike not only for GT but on the bicycle world as a whole, Performer21 is almost synonymous with BMX itself.

Its frame is made of hi-tensile steel tubes, while most parts are by GT. Brakes are mostly aluminum with soft contact pads, while the seat post, front and rear hub, and spokes are of alloy, stainless, and steel.

Though it is still the classic BMX, the parts, specs, and materials are no longer that of your Dad’s. They are far more durable but still as enjoyable.

2. The Best GT Mountain Bike: Avalanche Comp

This mountain bike features GT’s famed Triple Triangle Design. Light but durable, it sports a 1×10 speed, making it more simplified shifting.

Avalanche Comp

The lightweight aluminum frame makes up for this simple approach, giving the rider enough speed when taking the climb and other trails.

Available in all sizes, the rear derailleur, shifters, and cog set are all by Microshift, the front and rear hub by Formula, and the brake set provided by Tektro. All other parts are by GT.

This mountain bike does not have that much gear but is fast due to its design and light frame. For fast riders, the gear shift may not matter that much; this one is for those who want speed.

The 100 mm suspension promises a smooth, comfortable ride even when encountering uneven roads or changing terrain.

Overall, this GT mountain bike would rather err on caution. Though it may not be as high-end as other bikes, it promises to be more durable and long-lasting.

That is without sacrificing speed, mobility, and comfort.

3. The Best GT Road Bike: Great Carbon Pro

A GT road bike is either a gravel bike or a fitness road bike. The Great Carbon Pro is a fitness road bike, best for biking on rough surfaces and uneven roads.

Great Carbon Pro

The best feature of this road bike is its carbon frame and excellent suspension, making it enjoyable but stable.

Voted as the 2020 Gravel Bike of the year, this road bike also sports that famed Triple Triangle design.

The floating seat allows for more compliance, resulting in firmer control even when driving on gravel.

The specs are impressive and excellent. The drivetrain components are all of Shimano, the front and rear hub are Stan’s NoTubes Neo, while rims and each tire are tubeless ready, spokes made of stainless steel. 

This road bike employs hydraulic disc brakes, also by Shimano. The fork is carbon fiber and has a suspension travel of 160mm.

No wonder experts chose this road bike as the 2020 Best Gravel Bike. The specs leave nothing to be desired.

All are known for quality and performance, durable. And can give the bike that excellent performance on the road.

This road bike has one of the better suspensions of its kind. This bike makes for a comfortable ride on gravel and any rough surfaces.

Outside of BMX, Grade Carbon Pro might be the best bike GT Bicycles has produced in the last couple of years.

4. The Best GT Dirt Jumper Bike: Bomba Rigid

Our GT bikes review will not be complete if we do not have one of their specialty: dirt jump bikes. GT Bicycles is known for its “La Bomba” series.

Bomba Rigid

“Bomba” is a Spanish word, but if you know what it means in English, you might have an idea of what this dirt bike can bring to the table. These dirt jump bikes can take on challenging pump tracks, harsh terrains, and rugged trails.

But GT Bicycles itself describes this dirt jump bike as the ultimate one. Not surprising, for this bike has specs that the pros would genuinely love.

It is light, but the sturdy frame is perfect. It has solid, durable wheels and tires and high-quality, durable components.

GT provides the crank, stem, handlebar, and fork. However, the disc brake on the front and back are by Promax, and the tires are by Kenda. The rims are made of alloy, while the spokes are stainless steel.

This bike undoubtedly is built for that tough challenge of taking the most difficult pump tracks and almost any terrain imaginable. Riders in this sport will surely love this bike because of its toughness.

It is durable enough, and with specs, as we mentioned, the bike can deliver excellent performance, especially in the hands of capable riders. 

The bikes we reviewed here are among the best GT Bicycles offers. They may not be the high-end or the best performing.

But they encapsulate what we talked about concerning GT Bicycles.

Is It Worth It? Concluding Our GT Bikes Review

Gary Turner and Richard Long are the more famous names in biking history. They are trailblazers and innovators who are true die-hard fans of bicycles.

Together, they changed the landscape of the biking industry.

We owe them the famous designs of BMX, mountain bikes, and road bikes. But having said this, is it worth having a GT bike?

Despite the dip in the interest in BMX and the resulting troubles in ownership, GT Bikes is still one of the most recognizable brands in the bike industry. Having said this, having one of their bikes is really worth it.

And if we talk about specialty bikes, like BMX, dirt jump bikes, or even mountain bikes, it is not only worth it. It is desirable. GT Bikes still offers one of the better bikes in the market, talking about those bikes.

They still have the most innovative designs and excellent specs for specialty bikes. The impressive specs among their best bikes show that quality never suffered a dip despite the troubles that besieged this famous company during the last decades.

And even during those times, sales were still favorable. Even now, the GT bike is among the most in-demand and sought-after bikes in the market.

Mainly because of the name recall, its place in sports history, and design.

Currently, the company continues to manufacture high-quality bikes for specialty riders who want to have a thrill taking those rugged trains and pump tracks that might terrify ordinary and pedestrian riders.

As our GT bikes review implies, GT Bicycles’ specialty bikes may be for the more experienced riders. But for those who have fond memories of childhood, who wants to have an imposing, formidable bicycle, or even those who want to have a bike to ride, GT is undoubtedly worth it.

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