Haro Bikes Review: Are They Really Good?

If we have to find a keyword describing the bike history, “innovation” must be that term. Since its inception, the history of bicycles has shown a continuing, non-stop innovation pattern.

Innovation is present from the targeted captive market to the design and technology of bike models to the improvement of specific parts.

No bike has ever been the subject of many innovations than BMX bikes. Haro bikes are among those who capitalized on innovation and design, becoming a staple brand ever since.

Numerous Haro bike reviews feature how innovation is the central concept of the company. This review will look at what makes Haro bikes special.

Haro Bikes: An Overview

Bob Haro established the company in 1978. A freestyle BMR rider, he started making number plates for BMX bikes.

The venture was successful, and he needed more staffing to keep up with the demand, thus the need to establish the company.

Haro capitalized on the BMX boom in the succeeding years, starting to manufacture the company’s bike line in 1983. A freestyle rider himself and an ardent fan of BMX bikes, he saw the need to improve on the style and design of the bike model.

Thus started the company’s unique, innovative designs for BMX bikes.

Despite expertise in freestyle riding, Haro designed their bikes for all people, those skilled and pedestrians alike. The BMX bike is fun for ardent, passionate riders and those who want a good but popular bike that can bring them anywhere.

With its popularity, other traditional bike companies started producing their BMX bikes, giving Haro Bikes a run for their money. In 1988, Bob Haro sold the company, remaining as a consultant.

Bob Haro finally decided to pursue other interests, but Haro bikes’ popularity increased. Haro bikes became a staple in X games, winning some competitions.

Legendary names in the field, such as Bryan Blyther and Matt Hoffman, have become synonymous with the bike brand.

Today their bike line is not only limited to BMX bikes but also includes mountain, commuter, road, and electric bikes of all types. They even have kids’ bikes and bikes customized for women.

What Makes Haro Bikes Stand Out?

Several things make Haro bikes popular and sought after by many riders. Among these are:

BMX Bikes

You know that a brand is successful if it becomes synonymous with the product. Xerox for photocopiers and Kodak for film and camera quickly come to mind.

BMX Bikes

Haro is what you have with BMX bikes.

Haro’s BMX bikes’ popularity and its lovely, superb features and qualities serve the company in good stead. It allows the company to gain footing in the competitive world of bike manufacturing.

Today, they are famous for manufacturing bikes of all types.

All of them, thanks to BMX bikes.

Excellent Quality

A BMX bike, especially those for freestyle, needs to be composed of excellent and durable parts. And as expected, Haro bikes sport parts and components that are durable.

Whereas other uses serviceable, decent parts, Haro ensures that theirs are of superior quality and perfectly match the needs of the bike. They do this to provide excellent performance for the bicycle, allowing the riders, especially those who compete, to have superior performance too.

An example of their quality parts is the light frames and decent pedals. Pedals are much neglected, especially by manufacturers who want to balance quality and affordability.

Haro puts a premium on the quality of the parts. Though some of their bikes are inexpensive, they rarely sacrifice the quality of the bikes, even that of pedals. Most of their bikes, too, have excellent brake sets.

Easy to Upgrade

A bike with top-quality parts rarely needs an upgrade, but if you want to customize it for even better performance, it is easy to upgrade a Haro bike. Most of its parts are compatible with those components produced by other bike parts manufacturers.

Having more excellent compatibility makes Haro bikes more appealing. Riders need not worry when considering an upgrade or replacing some parts.

Wide Range of Options

A look at the bike catalog of Haro bikes will leave you breathless: They have BMX bikes, mountain bikes, commuter bikes, electric bikes, and road bikes. Each has at least five variations, with countless models and versions. An impressive array of bikes indeed.

And we do not even include those for women and kids, having a class of their own.

Great variety and many models mean a greater probability of finding the bike of your choice in their catalog. Even if we can account for variations in style and taste among each of us, Haro bikes have got you covered.

With an impressive catalog comes an impressive bike price range. Most of their bikes are affordable, the cheapest pegged at below $400, maybe less, if you buy one from online sellers or department stores and bike shops.

They have expensive ones too. Electric bikes, as a rule, are the most expensive, even among other brands.

A Haro electric MTB can be as high as six grand, and the cheapest is about two thousand dollars.

In general, though, the Haro bikes are relatively inexpensive. With them, you have an excellent bike-price ratio.

Prestige and Prominence

The Haro brand is a standard fixture in X games, and many freestyle BMX riders have won riding one of the Haro. It is one bike brand that has the reputation of being a winner.

Quality and excellence aside, people know Haro bikes for being competitive and winners. No wonder this bike brand has been etched in the minds of many riders and cycling fans.

Are There Any Drawbacks To The Haro Bike?

There are some minor issues regarding Haro bikes. Among these are:

The Low-End Bikes

For Haro bikes, even a bicycle priced below four hundred dollars can perform decently –you cannot expect that much from it.

Absent Features

Unlike other bike brands that offer many accessories, Haro bikes do not provide that much. It gives you performance but rarely utility.

Some bikes, for instance, do not have a kickstand.

But you cannot ask a lot for a much more affordable bike.

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The Best Haro Bikes in the Market

Here are some of the Haro bikes we recommend for riders:

1. Haro BMX Downtown DLX

All Haro bike reviews must start with BMX bikes. And Downtown DLX is the epitome of a Haro BMX bike.

Haro BMX Downtown DLX

It features the classic Haro 1978 Chromoly frame. It has a hi-tensile fork with tapered legs and sports La Mesa tires, size 20″ x2.4″. It comes with four pegs and front brakes.

There is nothing spectacular in it except those famous freestyle riders like Ryan Nyquist ride Haro BMX bikes like these. If you want that feeling, you cannot be wrong with Haro BMX Downtown DLX.

2. Haro Shift R9 27.5″

If you want the ultimate mountain bike from Haro, this might be the one you are looking for. Haro Shift R9 27.5″ is one of the elite not only among Haro mountain bikes but in their entire bike catalog.

Haro Shift R9 27.5"

It has nothing but excellent, high-quality parts. It has an aluminum frame with a suspension fork and shock made by RockShox, a Shimano 12-speed drivetrain, and a handlebar and stem made of alloy by Haro Pivit.

The tires are by Kenda, enduro casing, sized 27.5″ x2.6″, while the hubs are by Pivit and Shimano. Haro Shift R9 27.5″ features Shimano MT520 4-piston brake set.

With the full suspension, excellent drivetrain, and other high-quality parts, this bike offers much more than other mountain bikes. More of a trail bike, it can take a broader range of terrain and other extreme road conditions.

With those excellent features, you can have much comfort, but do not sacrifice performance.

Being one of their top dogs, Haro Shift R9 27.5″ is also among the more expensive ones, priced at $3,200.

3. Haro Tradewind HD

The first two bikes allow you to ride aggressively, but Haro Tradewind HD will enable you to cruise smoothly along city lanes and paved roads. Featuring the classic, retro design of most cruiser bikes, Tradewind HD exudes simplicity in design but never fails to afford comfort without sacrificing road excellence.

Haro Tradewind HD

Available in striking colors of neon red and green and 30lbs, it sports a 6061 aluminum frame with alloy wheels, an alloy front hub, and a steel rear hub. Its tires are by Kenda, size 26″x2.125″, thorn proof.

Other parts like stem, headset, seat post, and seat clamp are of alloy. It has rack and fender mounts, and unlike most Haro bikes, this one has a kickstand.

This bike will surely appeal to those who feel nostalgic. It is also ideal for those who want to commute throughout the city, with its excellent geometry gives the rider much comfort and stability.

4. Haro Shift Plus i/0 9

This electric mountain bike is the genuine pride of Haro bikes. With all the impressive specs and mighty motor, this mountain bike on steroids is a true terrain tamer.

Haro Shift Plus i/0 9

The X6 aluminum frame is specifically for the Shimano STePS E8000 motor. The suspension fork with 160 mm travel and frame shock is by Fox Rhythm.

The drive unit is Shimano EP-800, 250W. The rear derailleur, shifters, and hydraulic brakes are also by Shimano.

The brake system is a 4-piston with 203mm rotors employing an integrated speed sensor magnet.

The stem and handlebar are by Haro Pivit, while the headset is by FSA Orbit; all are of alloy. The wheels are by WTB, tubeless ready, and the tires are by Kenda, a Kenda NEVEGAL 2 size 26″ x2.6″ on front and 27.5″ x2.6″ on the rear.

Haro Shift Plus i/0 9 could be your ultimate terrain conqueror. With excellent specs, great power, and impressive suspension, taking on terrains would never be a problem.

Riding this Haro electric mountain bike would be a fun and enjoyable experience.

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Conclusion: Are Haro Bikes of Good Quality?

If you look at most Haro bike reviews, most praise the good bike-price ratio and the quality of the Haro bikes. That is because Haro bikes generally are of good quality and perform excellently on the road.

They are durable and give comfort to the rider.

They have elite, high-quality bikes that can compete against the best and elite in terms of quality, performance, and comfort. Their mountain bikes are formidable, and their cruiser bikes are comfortable.

Even better, the wide range of bikes provides riders with many options.

And still, they have those BMX bikes, the bike responsible for making the company famous. The BMX bike is responsible for keeping them afloat all those years.

The quality of a bike does not rest solely on reputation, but Haro bikes have proven their case in the biking industry. They produce top-quality bikes and have decent quality ones for low, affordable prices.

Their bikes have won competitions, and pro riders of prominence have staked their name and reputation on the line for Haro bikes. All this suggests that Haro bikes are reliable and can deliver on their promise.

So there is no surprise that Haro bike reviews are mostly favorable towards the brand.

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