How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go Vs Other Dirt Bikes

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you probably take up dirt biking as a sport. However, you may have heard others saying that the 125cc motorcycle isn’t as fast as the others.

On average, the 125cc dirt bike can achieve a 45mph higher speed, but some can go as high as 100mph.

Manufacturers often list their bikes as going up to 45mph, but some taller riders can push their limits beyond 60mph.

Do you now find the issue confusing? It’s not surprising because many riders also feel the same.

Fortunately, you can learn about the 125cc pit bike in this article. So kindly start reading to get the answers.

Why Is a Pit Bike Different from Other Motorcycles?

Pit Bike

Dirt bikes are for events and off-road tracks. Therefore, their design can handle rough terrains such as mud, gravel, snow, and sand.

Moreover, dirt bikes have exposed engines and rugged construction. They have minor bodywork to make them lighter and prevent unnecessary damage to them.

A dirt bike may use a two-stroke or four-stroke engine with varying horsepower from 50cc to 800cc.

This motorcycle has an advanced suspension system to absorb rear shock on rough terrain and jumps. It also has spring and hydraulic shocks.

What Is the Advertised Maximum Speed of a 125cc Bike?

Generally, you have to refer to the manufacturer’s advertised high speed. The rule of thumb is that a costly bike is much faster than its cheap counterparts.

For instance, the PowersportsMax has a maximum speed of 37mph and sells at around $730. On the other hand, the FXBikes Mountain Moto has a top speed of 60mph.

What Is the Biker’s Top Speed for a 125cc Dirt Bike?

However, riders have their opinion different from the manufacturer-recommended maximum speed. Some even say their 125cc dirt bike can go as fast as up to 80mph.

One word of caution, however. Even if you can go faster, you shouldn’t because expect your bike to wear out more quickly if you often breach the manufacturer-recommended speed.

Dirt Bike Speeds

Remember that a dirt bike with a higher cubic capacity is faster. However, the load can slow it down.

Check the average speed of each type of dirt bike:

Type of Dirt BikeCubic Capacity (in cc)Average Speed (in mph)
Kid’s5025 to 40
 8045 to 55
 10050 to 80
 11050 to 55
 11050 to 44
 12555 to 60
Adult’s15050 to 60
 25070 to 80

Which Is Better: Two-Stroke vs. Four-Stroke?

If you have a four-stroke dirt bike, you can have a minimum of 35mph to a maximum of 55mph speed. However, as the bike price increases, the rate can also increase.

Be cautious, though. You should still check the manufacturer-recommended max speed on its website.

You may also opt for a two-stroke dirt bike because it’s faster than its four-stroke counterpart.

However, you can’t go faster for long stretches because the engine may explode.

Achieving Maximum Speed on a Dirt Bike

Maximum Speed

Torque acceleration is a factor in going faster. Generally, a 250cc dirt bike can achieve its maximum speed within four seconds.

An automatic transmission dirt bike may stall, and you lose control of the speed.

However, a manual transition dirt bike with an inexperienced rider will most likely burn out the engine.

Which Is Better: Control vs. Max Speed?

Unfortunately, manufacturers didn’t design a dirt bike for speed. It’s the bike for going over any obstacle. You get to your destination faster because of the bike’s agility.

Therefore, your goal should be to search not for the fastest bike but something that can quickly switch from fast to slow.

You get a dirt bike because of its control. Therefore, you should be skilled enough to control it if you want it to go faster.

Therefore, if you’re a beginner rider, you shouldn’t search for top speed. Instead, get a dirt bike with a lower rate to learn how to control it even on rough terrain.

Once you’re able, you can buy a faster bike because you can control it better.

Factors Affecting the Speed of a 125cc Dirt Bike

The speed of your 125cc dirt bike depends on the following factors:

  • Two-stroke or Four-stroke

You can opt for a two-stroke dirt bike if you’re after speed. It’s fast-hitting, hard, and works well on the track.

On the other hand, a four-stroke dirt bike is a bit sluggish because of its engine weight and tractor.

  • Load

A 125cc dirt bike can have a maximum load of 250 pounds. However, your weight isn’t the only consideration.

It would help to consider the weight of the cargo and bike components. For instance, if your dirt bike has several performance upgrades, expect them to slow down.

  • Environmental Conditions

You can expect your dirt bike to go slower if you ride on muddier terrains. You can also notice the same if the track has many turns and twists.

Consider the wind direction too. For instance, dirt riding on a windy day can cause more drag, thus causing your dirt bike to have difficulty achieving the top speed.

  • Customizations

If you’re fond of experimenting with several accessories and components, add more weight to your 125cc dirt bike.

For example, if you replace your tires with bulkier and bigger ones, you add weight that can compromise speed.

  • Rider’s Experience

Even if you have a top-notch engine for your dirt bike, you won’t achieve its maximum speed if you’re an inexperienced rider.

A new biker needs to spend time learning the techniques. Moreover, you’re too nervous about revving your engine to reach the top speed.

How You Can Achieve Max Speed for Your 125cc Dirt Bike

If you’re a new rider, you probably have a basic 125cc dirt bike. Therefore, don’t expect it to go faster if it targets newbies.

Here are the top ways you can do to maximize its performance:

  • Body Training

You should condition your body for the ride. Achieve the proper stance to get a perfect balance while riding.

You also improve handling as well as proper distribution of your weight. As a result, you should be in shape to confront the track challenges with a healthier mind and body.

  • Exhaust Upgrade

Aside from your readiness for the ride, you also should ensure your bike doesn’t have inferior parts to slow it down.

You may change the muffler to achieve improvements to the incremental speed.

For example, add a pipe if you have a two-stroke dirt bike or a slip-on if you own a four-stroke engine. The upgrade will only take 15 minutes, and you can do it yourself.

  • Suspension Adjustment

An aftermarket suspension may seem expensive for a 125cc dirt bike, but it can improve its speed.

In addition, you’ll feel more comfortable due to its shock absorption. Finally, you improve your control over the bike, even when tackling the terrain.

You increase the dirt bike’s speed by handling it better with the new suspension.

  • Dirt Bike Cleaning

You should perform regular cleaning because dirt and mud can accumulate on your bike, thus slowing it down.

Moreover, if you don’t maintain your bike, expect the parts to wear out faster, compromising the overall performance.

You should also replace worn-out parts and lubricate the moving components to make your dirt bike responsive.

The Dangers of Speed

The Dangers of Speed

A motorcycle poses some danger, especially if you’re inexperienced.

A 125cc dirt bike is specifically for older kids; therefore, you should be ready for injuries if you get your child a dirt bike.

It would be best if you didn’t allow your kid to ride without protective gear. Moreover, it would help if you taught them how to ride correctly.

Top Safety Considerations When Riding a Dirt Bike

Your safety is more significant than your desire for speed, especially if you’re inexperienced. Therefore, remember these safety tips:

  • Follow the Speed Limit

You won’t encounter any speed limit when riding on muddy tracks, but remember to follow it on paved roads.

  • Know the Environment

You should be familiar with the area before you ride. Check the type of surface, and see the turns and twists.

It’s better to have a map to anticipate the challenges you’ll confront once you ride. You should mentally and physically prepare before your ride the dirt bike.

  • Check Your Dirt Bike

Aside from scanning the area, it would help if you also inspected your bike before you ride. First, ensure it’s in excellent condition.

If you should find a problem, be ready to fix it immediately. Don’t ride if you haven’t checked your dirt bike.

  • Wear the Proper Gear

Never ride without the right gear. Wear lightweight clothing if you don’t want it to hold you down.

Moreover, ensure you live up to the highest standards to ensure you’re safe and sound. Check the knee pads, helmets, and other accessories.

  • Assess Your Skills

You know yourself best, but don’t force yourself to go faster than you can handle.

If you’re a beginner, starting slow as you master the techniques is best to become an experienced rider.

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