How Fast Does A 450cc Dirt Bike Go? (450cc Top Speed!)

You’ve wanted to buy a 450cc dirt bike, but you’re curious about how fast it can go. Unfortunately, no one in your circle can answer your question.

Thus, you turn to the internet to find the answer and discover there’s a lot of information online that you should read.

Many people are like you. They’re curious about how fast a 450cc dirt bike can go, but they need more patience to read everything.

Fortunately, you can learn the salient points about the maximum speed of a 450cc dirt bike in this article. So kindly read to know more.

The Short Answer to the Question About the 450 Dirt Bike High Speed

Dirt Bike

A four-stroke 450cc dirt bike can have a maximum speed of about 87 miles per hour. So it’s the fastest dirt bike you can have.

However, this speed varies depending on your weight, bike modifications, terrain, and engine stroke.

Unlike the average motorcycle, a dirt bike isn’t suitable for riding at high speeds because you can only sustain the maximum speed for a short time.

A dirt bike is a small motorcycle for off-roading; therefore, you can use it on sand, mud, rocks, and dirt because it has excellent suspension and a knobbier tread.

The dirt bike is for power, control, and acceleration for an uphill climb and other terrains. Therefore, if you only want speed on paved roads, your best bet is to get a street bike.

Top Considerations in Achieving Dirt Bike Top Speed

Engine Stroke

You need the engine stroke information because it helps you decide if you can still improve the speed of your dirt bike.

Generally, a two-stroke engine is faster and lighter. However, manufacturers still need to make a two-stroke version as the machine becomes larger in cubic centimetres.

For example, you need help finding a 450cc dirt bike with a two-stroke engine. It comes with a four-stroke engine but is one of the fastest bikes.

Two Stroke

A two-stroke engine doesn’t produce much waste compared to a four-stroke engine. Moreover, it’s more efficient because it uses around 50% fewer moving parts.

Moreover, you will find it easy to clean the two-stroke engine. However, it uses more fuel and produces more CO2 emissions.

Therefore, some two-stroke engines use catalytic converters or direct injection.

A two-stroke engine also needs more maintenance, but you won’t spend much on parts. It’s also faster and lighter.

Four Stroke

A four-stroke engine delivers a more easily managed and steadier power output. It’s suitable for beginners and perfect for racing and trail riding.

A four-stroke engine has more components; therefore, you can quickly shift and brake your bike.

Moreover, you can maintain the four-stroke engine sparingly because it spreads out more to other components.

However, expect maintenance to be more expensive because you need to replace and fix more parts.

In addition, the additional components make a four-stroke engine heavier than its two-stroke counterpart.

Low-End vs High-End Bicycles

Generally, you get a better bike if it’s more expensive. This observation holds with dirt bikes.

Terrain and Road Conditions

Achieving top speeds also relies on the terrain and road conditions you’re riding.

  • Slick Roads

You can ride your bicycle on ice and water if you have the correct tires. It’s a fun, new experience that you can do with decent speed.

Ensure you use off-road knobble tires with screws or studs before riding in wintery and slick conditions.

  • Mountains

You can achieve speed while riding in the mountains with lower gears. However, it would help if you realized that the mountain trails aren’t the safest place to reach top speeds.

Use tires with knobbier treads to navigate on an uneven trail to enjoy your ride.

Rider’s Weight

Your dirt bike will slowly move if it carries more weight. So if you wish it to go faster, you should lose weight.

Generally, you gain or sacrifice one horsepower for every seven pounds subtracted or added. Use this information to achieve top speed on your dirt bike.

If you’re doing regular dirt bike racing, your weight won’t matter unless the other riders are on the heavier side.

Instead of obsessing about your weight, you should learn to control your bike. Although a lighter dirt rider has the advantage, you should also know how to ride.

If you’re 30 pounds lighter but don’t have practice, you won’t have a clear advantage in the race.

Bike’s Weight

The 450cc dirt bike is more extensive and heavier; however, its more powerful engine makes it achieve its maximum speed.

Generally, the 450cc dirt bike has the top average speed among its dirt bike counterparts.

However, some factors can make it lighter, but you need to spend money on them.

How to Improve the Top Speed of a Dirt Bike

Reduce Weight

  1. Take a pee before your race to reduce your weight.
  2. Replace screws, bolts, and nuts with titanium components because they’re lighter.
  3. Determine how much gas you need for the race and fill the tank accordingly.
  4. Replace the stainless steel or aluminum exhaust with titanium.
  5. Choose minimalist and lighter plastics if you want them for aesthetic purposes.

Change Your Gear

Change Your Gear

If you should change gears, you should know about the gearing ratio to make it work in your favor.

A faster acceleration requires a larger rear or smaller front sprocket. This scenario results in a lower gearing ratio, preferred for tracks or trail riding.

However, if you wish to go beyond the dirt bike’s top speed, you must do the opposite of what you did for faster acceleration.

You should opt for a higher gearing ratio if you’re riding arenas, sandy areas, or deserts to achieve more elevated than the maximum speed.

Make Changes to the Rider

However, it would be best to upgrade yourself first instead of changing the dirt bike makeup. For instance, you should practice riding to improve your skillset.

Top 450cc Dirt Bike Brands and Their Maximum Speeds

BrandTop Speed (in mph)
Honda CRF450R and 450S90
KTM 450 SXF110
Yamaha YZ450F80
Beta 450RS100
Honda CRF 450X86
Husqvarna FC45089
Kawasaki KX450F87
Suzuki RM-Z45075

Average Top Speed Per Dirt Bike Engine Size

Engine Size
Dirt Bike Engine Size (in cc)Top Speed (in mph)


What is the Difference in Speed Between a 450cc and a 250cc Dirt Bike?

A 450cc engine is much faster than a 250cc engine in terms of agility, power, acceleration, and speed.

On average, a 250cc bike can run up to 68mph.

Which is a More Efficient Approach: Two-Stroke or Four-Stroke?

A four-stroke approach has a higher top speed and is more consistent. On the other hand, a two-stroke approach can accelerate faster but is more unreliable.

What is the Reason For the Two-Stroke Engine Phase-Out?

A two-stroke engine doesn’t meet the automobile exhaust emission rules set by EPA, thus the phase-out.

What is the Heaviest 450cc Dirt Bike?

Yamaha is the heaviest 450cc dirt bike in its class. However, its power band is robust on the track.

Which is Better: KTM or Honda?

KTM dealers are fewer than Honda dealers, but they’re more service-oriented. Therefore, you should own a Honda near its service center.

On the other hand, if you’re wrench-proficient or have an excellent source of parts, you may opt for a KTM instead.

Can a 13-Year-Old Kid Ride a Dirt Bike?

A dirt bike with engines ranging from 65 to 125cc is suitable for a 13-year-old.

Your choice of dirt bike for your child should rely on their previous dirt biking experience, physical stature, and maturity. Moreover, it would help if you also considered its price.

What is the Maximum Speed of a 450cc Dirt Bike?

A 450c dirt bike can have a maximum speed from 75mph to 100mph, depending on the bike’s weight, rider’s experience and weight, terrain, engine strength, and brand.

However, some lower-priced 450cc dirt bikes may have a top speed below 75mph.

Is a 450cc Dirt Bike An Excellent Choice For Beginners?

A 450cc dirt bike isn’t for beginners because it’s fast and heavy. If you’re inexperienced, you may have difficulty maneuvering and handling them.

If you’re a beginner, get an 85cc or 100cc dirt bike.

Which Company Makes the Fastest 450cc Dirt Bike?

KTM is the current leader in manufacturing the fastest 450cc dirt bike. Its four-stroke KTM SX-F can achieve a maximum speed of 110mph.

However, the top speed depends on the rider’s weight, experience, and terrain.

Who Can Use a 450cc Dirt Bike?

Teenagers and adults can use the 450cc dirt bikes. However, you can buy a dirt bike with variable seat heights.

You can match the seat height with your height.

Rider’s HeightSeat Height (in inches)
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