How Good Is A Canyon Bike? A Canyon Bikes Review

Canyon bikes are among the best in the world if we ask the experts. High-end and top quality, they deliver the best road performance and can give any rider the maximum speed.

They are also among the most comfortable bikes on the market. A slight reduction in comfort can only mean packing more speed and more remarkable ability to take on challenging terrain and rugged trails.

A Canyon bicycle can take on anything and conquer any rugged trails or high mountains. Let us make a Canyon bikes review and have a rundown of the best bikes that they have to offer.

Canyon Bicycles: A Bit of History

Canyon Bicycles is a German company established in 2001 by brothers Roman and Franc Arnold. Starting as Radsport Arnold in 1985, they shifted to bike manufacturing, employing frame and bike designers and engineers, and has been a famous name since then.

Canyon Bikes Review

Canyon Bicycles operate by selling directly online to customers, thereby bypassing the common market and shops.

Canyon Bicycles was able to profit because they do not have the usual overhead associated with markets and retailers operating physically, those with actual stores and locations.

This innovative model has become a mark and indicates the willingness of Canyon Bicycles to thread unknown grounds.

They still operate in Koblenz, Germany, but they have an office in the United Kingdom and the United States.

But How Good are Canyon Bikes?

In a sense, it would be silly to ask this question. Canyon bikes are not just good; they are one of the best. They offer the more top-quality bikes in the market, the so-called high-end and elite ones.

They have the best design for mountain, road, hybrid, gravel, and even commuter and city bikes. They only employ the best specs and materials for their bikes.

Canyon Bikes Review

They use the latest technology for designing their bikes, ensuring they have the best road performance. Riding under challenging terrains and rugged trails is never easy, and one can never be relaxed when taking on an opponent in a race.

The rider must take care of this and give their best when performing in a sport as demanding as cycling, mountain biking, or trail riding.

But everything else Canyon takes care of. They ensure that riders have as less hassle as possible when riding bikes.

So the materials are always adept in handling different terrains, conducive to road conditions, and can be as comfortable to cyclists as possible.

Rare are bike companies who ensure that their cyclists will have the best of all possible worlds. Usually, only the elite ones do, but Canyon itself belongs to the elite, the few who can deliver high-quality bikes. For this reason, many regarded Canyon as one of the best.

And Canyon has the goods to show for it. They win in prestigious international competitions. Their bikes win awards, highly regarded by experts. Their bikes also receive favorable reviews. Rare are the criticisms afforded by anyone concerning Canyon bikes.

What Makes a Canyon Bicycle Stand Out?

Canyon bikes are desirable for several reasons. Among these are:

Outstanding Specs

They do not have quality specs. They have top-quality specs, the best that may be in the market. Even the “cheaper” ones sport impressive components, the ones which are usually in the most high-end of bikes.

Canyon Bikes Review

Excellent performance

Impressive specs result in an excellent performance. If used by truly talented riders, a Canyon bicycle could be the ultimate riding weapon. The excellence of a Canyon bicycle is not merely anecdotal: Canyon has the hardware to prove it.

It has won numerous competitions, and Canyon Ultimate was the recipient of the 2017 Bike Of The Year Award. A ride review by an expert, whether on the net or in magazines, is not uncommon, mainly due to the excellent performance of Canyon bikes.

Online Customization

Canyon Bicycles do not have stores. Instead, they directly sell to customers and riders. It is a great innovation. Money possibly spent on renting a spot in shops and markets is instead used on employing frame designers and engineers. It allows Canyon to improve its bike model further.


Many consider this as the only downside for Canyon. But if you want a high-performing bike with excellent specs that can give you that great ride, then there is no reason to feel down about the pricing.

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Canyon Bikes Review: The Best Bikes of Canyon

Canyon bikes are not only good but belong to the best. What is the Canyon bike suited for you that is available on the market?

Here are the best, highly regarded bikes from Canyon:

1. Canyon Endurance

This Canyon bicycle is the favorite of many because it can give you the maximum speed and, at the same time, is very comfortable. The Canyon endurance might be a biking engineering marvel and, with few exceptions, could be the ultimate weapon of choice in road biking, the perfect road bike.

Canyon Bikes Review

With Shimano Ultegra, impeccable Swiss Wheels, and excellent Continental tires, it comes with a 90-110 mm stem, depending on what you want or needs.

With Shimano, the drivetrain is solid and can give you that reliable performance you have always asked for in a road bike. They are comfortable, easy to ride, and can give you that long ride, which should be the specialty of any road bike.

Speed has something to do with both the drivetrain and its components, which are light but durable. This one is of aluminum alloy, but another version of Canyon Endurance, Carbon Endurance CF, is lighter with its carbon frame.

All of them are light but solid, sturdy, and durable. Canyon Endurance and all of its versions live up to its name.

2. Canyon Ultimate

Canyon Ultimate is one of the most popular Canyon bikes around. It has won accolades and is the favorite of experts and biking enthusiasts.

Canyon Bikes Review

And why not? It has specs that make it one of the most potent all-around bikes on the planet.

Canyon Ultimate has a very light frame but also a solid one. Its carbon frame version, the Canyon Ultimate CF, is even more reliable than its predecessors, with one, which is Canyon Ultimate SLX Disc receiving nothing but the most favorable reviews.

But whatever Canyon Ultimate model you get, whether the Canyon Ultimate CF or its higher versions, the components are all high-end. Consider the Shimano Ultegra components in the drivetrain and the DT Swiss tires; you can already imagine what this Canyon bicycle can give you.

And with excellent geometry, backed up by a Selle Italia SLR saddle, this bike packs so much speed.

This bike is best on hard, smooth surfaces but very efficient and serviceable on gravel and off-road. With its all-around versatility, Canyon Ultimate might as well be Canyon’s ultimate bike.

3. Canyon Grail

This gravel bike looks simple but could be the perfect machine for conquering different terrain and rough surfaces. The Canyon Grail boasts excellent SRAM components, including the famous SRAM eTap Powerpack.

Canyon Bikes Review

The frame of Canyon Grail is of aluminum alloy, but the fork is of carbon, with a flat mount and axle dimension of 12×100 mm. The drivetrain and the brakes are mainly by SRAM, which ensures top-quality stopping power.

The wheels are by DT Swiss, and the tires are by Continental, which ensures more than quality road performance. The saddle is by Selle Italia and makes for excellent comfort while riding.

Everything else is by Canyon: the stem, handlebar, axle, and seat post. More than the specs, the actual performance of this gravel bike is the ultimate measure of how good it is.

Canyon Grail handles vibration well and is stable even when taking challenging terrain and rugged trails.

4. Canyon Torque

If you want the ultimate adventure bike, one of those belonging to Canyon Torque might be the one for you. Torque Mullet, for instance, can give you the best speed and agility, allowing you to take on different trails without losing momentum.

Canyon Bikes Review

Torque Mullet has a carbon frame, with the drivetrain consisting mainly of Shimano. The disc brakes are also of Shimano, while the cockpit is primarily of Canyon.

Wheels are by the ever-reliable DT Swiss, with tires from Maxxis Minion.

Canyon Torque series has one which is more on the side of speed but does not sacrifice anything else. Torque 29 has a version of aluminum and carbon frames, with a drivetrain consisting of Shimano XTR, 12-speed.

Brakes consist of Shimano XTR, while the cockpit, which is the stem, handlebar, and grips, are all by Canyon. Like most Canyon bicycles, the wheels are by DT Swiss, while the tires are by Maxxis Minion.

5. Canyon Pathlite

Pathlite is the prime Canyon bicycle for touring. With an aluminum frame and a 75mm suspension fork, this hybrid bike gives more than just enough to enjoy riding the city lanes.

Canyon Bikes Review

The drivetrain is all Shimano components, the disc brakes, and the brake rotor too. This time, however, the wheels are of Alexrims/Shimano, while the tires are of Schwalbe G One Bite 40 mm, which are very reliable and comfortable even on a climb.

Canyon makes the cockpit and the saddle, and so does the seat post, which is of carbon material. The grips are ergonomic, with a design for hand support.

Pathlite can take you anywhere in the city, from point A to point B., with ease and comfort, as they say. But it can take on some climbing too, and with suspension travel of 75mm, this Canyon bicycle is quite serviceable in the bumps along the city roads.

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Is Canyon The Best? Concluding Our Canyon Bikes Review

Debates about the best are no different from asking whether a specific athlete is the GOAT. It is hard to answer this kind of question because it is hard to put a measure concerning greatness.

But to everything else that can be quantified and measured and which we can objectively put a premium on, there is no doubt that Canyon ranks among the best. They truly belong to the elite of the bicycle world.

If we consider that they come to the field late in the game, their success is dizzying. But excellent marketing strategy and innovation in developing and designing every kind of bike: mountain bike, road bike, hybrid bike, and adventure bike of all types and versions, put them atop the field.

The only thing going against Canyon bicycles is the high price of their bikes. Even the “cheaper” ones cost around more than a thousand dollars. Compared with other bikes in the field, they are selling at a high price.

But as our Canyon bikes review shows, you get one of the better, if not the best, types of bike. It is too much to say that you get a bargain for your bike. You do not. But at least the bike you get gives you satisfaction because of the comfort it provides and its excellent performance.

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