How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Bike Frame? [Answered]

Your bike needs fresh paint, but you don’t know how much it will cost.

You’re on a tight budget; therefore, you want to have the information before you go on with this project.

You’ll save money if you paint your bike frame. However, you also want to know if you can afford to have a professional do it.

Many bikers are like you. They also want to know how they need to budget for repainting their bike frames.

Fortunately, this article lets you learn how much you need to paint the metal frame. Kindly read on to learn more.

Why You Should Repaint Your Bike Frame

Paint Damage

Paint Damage

You notice damaged, scratched, or chipped paint on the entire bike. Gravel or mountain bicycles often suffer from wear and tear.

Moreover, sun exposure, moisture, and road salt damage your bike paint. Therefore, it would help if you repainted it to look more presentable.

Design or Color Change

You want a new paint or design for your bike; thus, repainting it is a solution. Likewise, if you come across artwork or custom designs you like, you should repaint your bicycle.

Top Considerations on the Cost of Painting Your Bike


Even minor repairs can increase your expenses in painting your bike. Therefore, it would be best to have more tools and time.

Moreover, you may have to bring your damaged bike to a local bicycle shop.


If you want a unique bike, be ready to pay extra because specialized paints are costly and take time to apply.

Artistic Touches

Custom artwork or airbrush paint entails more costs. First, you need to pay an artist for it.

Labor Fees

Bring your bicycle to a local bike shop for painting, and be ready to pay for labor, materials, and overhead.

Non-Standard Bicycle Painting

A recumbent or tandem bike is costlier to paint. On the hand, a carbon frame requires a more expensive specialized paint.

Which is Better: Professional or DIY Painting of a Bike Frame?

Professional Bike Painting

Bike repair experts and professional painters charge hefty fees, depending on your bike type.

For instance, if you have a standard bike, prepare to pay at least $200. Moreover, you pay more if you want artistic touches on the entire frame.

Generally, these professionals charge high fees for labor, paint, and tools.

DIY Bike Painting

You can paint your bike frame by yourself if you don’t have money for a professional paint job. You may pay less than $100 for the materials that include:

Bike Painting
  • Paint Primer

After sanding, apply a base coat on the bike frame to ensure that the main coat adheres better. Moreover, it protects your bike from chipping and adverse weather.

Generally, you can buy a paint primer for $20. First, however, ensure it has rust-prevention properties and superior adhesion.

  • Main Coat

The main coat protects the bike frame from dents; therefore, you apply it after the primer.

You can buy a primary coat of paint for $30, and you may want to try aerosol paint because it provides a brighter appeal for your bike.

Moreover, it dries in less than two hours.

  • Top Coat

A top coat offers an attractive finish and a shiny appeal. Moreover, it protects the primary paint from weather damage and scratches.

You may buy a quality clear coat for $30. Opt for a paint that is streak-free with zero residues.

  • Other Costs
  • Steel wool or high-grit sandpaper for sanding the frame before the primer application
  • Paintbrush if you’ll use regular paint
  • Masking tape or painter’s tape to cover areas you won’t be painting

Breakdown of Costs:

  • Primer paint: $20
  • Main coat – $20
  • Top coat – $30
  • Supplies – $20

You need around $100 to paint your bike frame. However, if you buy regular quality paints, you can spend less than $100.

Which Is the Preferred Spray Method for a Bike Frame?

  • Spray Paint Can

If money is tight, you may opt to use a spray paint can. It also dries quickly. Moreover, you don’t have to purchase three different colors.

You can prepare around $30 for one can of spray paint for your bike frame.

  • HVLP Paint Sprayer

A high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) sprayer is more expensive, but it’s fun. You may buy a can for $50.

HVLP sprayers are more quick-drying, more efficient, and easier to control than other spray cans.

Tips for Knowing How Much You’ll Spend on Painting Your Bike

  1. If you prefer to customize your bike, you should begin with the paint. You can express yourself through your hand-painted bike frame.
  • You should disassemble your bike and tape the parts you don’t plan to paint.

Don’t forget to apply primer and allow it to dry before adding your desired paint color.

  • Painting your bike frame also protects it from rust and scratches.
  • You may quickly identify your bike if someone stole it because it’s a custom paint job. However, it’s harder to a stolen bike, especially if it’s unique.


How Much Should I Budget for Repainting a Bike If I do it Myself?

Repainting a Bike

If you’re only applying a fresh coat, you can spend at most $30 on spray paint.

However, if you’re peeling off the old paint and replace with a new one, you may spend around $100 for the required three types of pain.

How Much Do I Need to Have My Bike Painted by a Professional?

Prepare about $300 if you have a standard single bike. You’ll pay more if you have a tandem bicycle.

Moreover, a professional bike painter will likely charge more if you have a specific design.

How Much Will it Cost Me If I Want to Paint my Dirt Bike Frame?

You’ll likely spend more money to paint a dirt bike than a regular bicycle. So prepare at least $300 for a professionally-painted frame.

However, you’ll likely spend less than $100 if you go DIY.

What Types of Paint Do I Need to Paint My Bike Frame?

It would help if you had the following:

  • Paint primer
  • Main coat
  • Top coat

How Much Do I Need If I Want to Paint My Carbon Bicycle Frame?

If you go DIY, you’ll spend $100 on spray paints. However, if you want a professional to do it, prepare around $300.

Is it Possible to Paint a Bike Without Disassembling It?

Many bike owners have painted their bikes without disassembly. Don’t forget to use tape to cover the parts you don’t plan to paint them.

How Much Do I Need to Paint My Mountain Bike Frame?

A mountain bike has a thicker frame than the other types of bicycles. Unfortunately, it’s also larger; therefore, you need more effort, time, and materials to paint it.

It would be best to repaint your mountain bike.

How Much Should I Budget to Paint my BMX Bike?

You can paint your BMX bike frame for $200, but you may spend more. You use your bike for tricks, stunts, and racing; thus, you should use rugged paint.

How Much do I Need to Paint a Road Bike?

A road bike has a more petite frame, requiring fewer materials and less time to paint.

There’s no demand for a flashy road bike; therefore, you can save on materials. However, expect to pay at most $100 for paints.

You may also customize it; thus, you can prepare about $300 as a budget.

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