Is Genesis Better Than Others? A Genesis Bikes Review

A bike is a friendly companion, and it does not matter whether you are a fitness buff, a bike competitor, or someone who bikes for leisure. You and your bike can go a long way, literally.

Finding a nice bike nowadays is challenging, with many brands and companies offering their products. They will tell you that theirs are the best, but are they?

One brand that is the favorite of many is Genesis.

We will make a Genesis bike review to determine whether they are one of the best.

Many people claim that Genesis bike is a reliable brand of two-wheel vehicle that has been providing the best road bikes for quite some time.

The Genesis brand of bikes is the most well-known brand in the market.

The “genesis” of the brand

We know what the term “genesis” means: origin, the beginning of something. Genesis, in a way, is the one that brought us all those best, durable, quality bikes of all types.

Though they have been producing bikes for more than two decades, it was only in 2006 that they used the name Genesis. But since then, this UK brand has been the favorite of cyclists and bikers and provides more than just a decent bike, but more of a perfect bike for everyone.

Is Genesis good as advertised?

Compared to other brands, how good is Genesis?

Many bikers swear that Genesis bikes are one of the best, for they have a particular bike for every biker. So if you are just a beginner, an amateur, or a professional, Genesis most likely will have a bike suited for you.

Overall, Genesis bikes are very comfortable, a plus for the brand. They are mostly inexpensive, durable, sturdy, easy to handle, and smooth to pedal. Those things make the Genesis brand the ideal bike for most bikers.

They may be challenging to assemble and needs maintenance now and then, but in this sense, they are not that different from other brands.

Considering what it brings, the advantages far outweigh the cons, no wonder Genesis bikes are a favorite among bikers.

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Genesis Bikes Review: A look at what they offer

Here are some of the bikes popular among cyclists and bikers currently available in the market.

Croix De Fer

Croix De Fer means “Iron Cross,” it is the bike primarily associated with Genesis. Croix De Fer’s claim to fame is as an all-around terrain bike. Croix De Fer is also a military term; the bike is pretty much like an army vehicle. Sturdy with its steel frame, durable, it can conquer any terrain: No mountain is high enough, literally.

Croix De Fer Pros

  • Its hard, steel frame makes it stable.
  • Relaxed geometry makes for a more stable but comfortable ride.
  • Many steel options; you can even have a titanium one.

Croix De Fer Cons

  • Not built for speed


The Croix De Fer is ideal for bikers who want to experience all terrain. The geometry makes it far more comfortable than others, though it does not have the speed on a flat, even terrain.

Genesis V2100

Genesis V2100 is the ideal bike for the novice. It gives you the best of both worlds, making you feel like an advanced biker even as a beginner.

Genesis V2100 gives that aura of a higher-rated bike and is very versatile. It can provide you with comfort and speed at the same time while handling a bit of difficulty on terrain.

Genesis V2100 Pros

  • Very versatile as it can handle terrain without sacrificing much speed.
  • The features are excellent: great suspension, a nice pair of brakes, and better shifts.
  • Quite inexpensive

Genesis V2100 Cons

  • Some issues with the seat
  • Difficult to upgrade


Genesis V2100 is the perfect bike for the novice. It is also an ideal commuter bike because of its speed. Ideal., of course, does not necessarily mean the best.

Tour De Fer

Tour De Fer is much like Croix De Fer in sounding French and conquering horizons.

There seems to be not much of a difference between the two; looking at it closely; the difference is as significant as night and day.

Tour De Fer is more stable due to having a longer wheelbase. Its overall design, like a higher stack height and lower trail fork, makes for a more comfortable riding position. With its design, you can go far more distance riding Tour De Fer than most bikes, even those provided by Genesis.

Tour De Fer Pros

  • Excellent features, like dynamo light set up and better front and rear racks.
  • Better performance than other bikes due to the Reynolds 725 frameset.
  • Fantastic both for commuting and touring.

Tour De Fer Cons

  • Ideal for professionals, not for beginners and novices.
  • Quite an expensive one relative to other Genesis bikes.


Many consider Tour De Fer an upgrade over Croix De Fer due to greater comfort and those other features. That difference, though, may matter only to the most experienced and professional of bike riders. Overall, though, it is as good as advertised.


If you are an endurance/sports biker, a roadie who wants to have the best, whether at a high or affordable price, then Equilibrium might be the one for you.

They come in various builds, but all of them are very comfortable to ride due to their design and material.

The steel tubes are its most excellent feature, perfect for endurance and on the road. The Shimano Ultegra specifications make it outstanding and a cut above many other bikes.


  • Very comfortable to ride
  • Great features and specifications: Reynolds 725, Shimano Ultegra, etc.


  • Some issues with the brakes. Not at par with other specifications.


  • Except for the brakes, Equilibrium can give you or any biker that smooth and engaging ride you always want in a bike.


If you want the most inexpensive road bike without sacrificing quality, Delta road bikes are the ideal ones.

The geometry makes for a more comfortable, stable ride, while specs like the pannier rack allow you far more use, from commuting to touring.


  • Great features and specifications for a cheaper price (Shimano 105, aluminum frame, carbon fork, etc.)
  • Some Delta road bikes are for women specifically.
  • Inexpensive compared to other brands, but still top-level performance.


  • Compared to other Genesis bikes, Delta’s other specifications pale in comparison.


Due to price, you need to sacrifice some and make some leeway, but the quality is not one of them. The quality, comfort, and smooth pedaling make Delta a great ride.

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What makes Genesis a cut above the rest?

The quality of the frame and other specifications do matter to many bikers.

Genesis is one of the most sought-after bike brands; not only are they good, they genuinely stand out. What makes Genesis bikes truly stand out among others?

The Best Specifications

Most bikers prefer Genesis because of its outstanding frames. Whether aluminum frames, carbon fiber, steel, or titanium, you can be sure that they are top quality, durable, and long-lasting.

We may admire the frames of Genesis bikes, but other parts are of the best quality as well.

It does not matter whether they be tires, wheels, brakes, or forks. And you can have them at favorable rates, if not cheaper.


Genesis has one of the better warranties among bike shops worldwide. But that only goes to show how enduring and durable their bikes are.

Barring any circumstances, you can ensure that most of them will last for a very long time, if not for a lifetime.

In effect, the brand Genesis provides a warranty for the bike’s durability and quality. More than the actual warranty itself, the name Genesis already guarantees bikers that they can rely on the efficiency and effectiveness of the product.

Wide Range of Options

Bikers have too many options with Genesis.

They can have various kinds and models of a particular bike, and they can have a bike for everyone: professional, intermediate, amateurs, novice, and beginners.

Almost anyone can ride a BMX, but it is also a tailored fit for those bikers doing exhibitions.

And they have bikes of all kinds, for all uses and all terrain. Road bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, for urban commuting, BMX, name it, and more often than not, Genesis has that particular type of bike you need.

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying A Bike

 As a biker, there are some things you must know before you buy a particular bike.

Your Skillset

Simply put, what type of biker are you? Are you a professional, a beginner, an amateur, or one who engages in biking for sport or leisure? Or to put yourself in condition for competition?

These considerations may affect your choice of bike.

Some bikes are more suitable for beginners, while professionals may be bored with those types of bikes. Those for professionals may be too tough and challenging for the novice.

Your abilities and even weight may matter and impact your biking experience.

A bike with an aluminum frame is better for stability but also heavier, in comparison, for instance, to those made of carbon fiber.

If you are a beginner, it is best to match the bike with your skillset.

As you become a more experienced biker and accustomed to a particular bike, you also develop other skills and expand your overall skillset.

Once you acquire skills, you can try other bikes and have a new biking experience.

Cyclists use a specific type of bike suited for competition.

The Purpose

Connected to the questions raised earlier, for what particular purpose will you need the bike?

Bikes may look the same in terms of look and even design and generally have the same goal of transporting you from one place to another. But some have a specific purpose and cater to particular bikers.

Bikes used for commuting differ from mountain bikes or other road bikes.

Though most bikes will bring you to your destination, not all have the design to get you there comfortably because of their specifications.

Minding the Accessories

Depending on the use and purpose, you may need other bike accessories.

Blinkers and light are a must, especially when biking in an urban setting or commuting in the city. You may need a rack too if you have other things or belongings.

Most bike shops and sellers provide whatever accessories you need for your bike, and Genesis is no exception.

But again, depending on the biker, one may need additional accessories.

Concluding our Genesis Bikes Review

The Genesis bikes review here involves specific types of bikes: mountain bikes, bikes for commuting, and road bikes. It also consists of a mixture of those used by beginners, amateurs, and professionals. It is to provide you bikers with a range of choices.

Bikers, in general, have preferred bike shops or brands for they want to optimize their biking experience. So most want the best, or at least the best, as their budget affords.

Like clothes, a particular biker will need a specific bike suited for him.

Genesis is preferred by many because of the quality and durability of the bike and other parts.

They also offer a wide range of options that will suit you as a particular biker, your skillset, your physique, and your budget.

The important thing is to know what suits you best. A mismatch between you and your bike may make you make more adjustments.

For beginners, it means a far longer learning curve and may impact, if not derail, his progress as a biker.

And for those biking for leisure or recreation, having difficulties with your bike may result in a less pleasurable or exciting biking experience. It is still best to have fun when biking.

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