Is Nishiki Pueblo 24 A Good Bike For Teenagers?

Your little kid may have grown but still cannot handle a bigger bike, much more those high-end, top-quality ones.

Or you may not want yet to take chances and want to see if your child will have that passion for bike riding.

Nishiki Pueblo 24 is precisely for this purpose: To provide an option for kids who are not big enough to handle the big ones yet still want to enjoy biking or develop their skill set for the sport.

But is Nishiki Pueblo 24 a good bike, and is it worth having one for your child?

Nishiki Pueblo 24

Nishiki Pueblo 24 belongs to the Nishiki brand of bikes. This bike belongs to the West Coast Cycle, an American bicycle retailing company.

Nishiki previously belonged to Kawamura Cycle Company in Japan and was then owned by Giant of Taiwan.

The brand was for sale in The United States, first under American Eagle, in 1965, then under the brand name Nishiki until 2001.

They have manufactured many models for decades, mostly Kamawura bike frames and, during the eighties, bike frames manufactured by Giant.

They have numerous types of bicycles, ranging from the then famous BMX to several kinds of mountain bikes.

Nishiki Pueblo 24 is a mountain bike mostly made for kids and would-be teenagers. How good is it, and is it worth having one for your kid?

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The Specs of Nishiki Pueblo 24

As a mountain bike for kids, Nishiki Pueblo is a small one. But the design and specs are specifically for children. In short, Nishiki Pueblo 24 is not the XS version of another adult bike or mountain bike.

This one is a tailor fit for children. As such, it will meet the requirements and needs of youngsters, with specs explicitly designed to match a very young biker’s age and skill set.


It has a mountain bike frame, which is high-tensile steel. Geometry is of a mountain bike with an oversized downtube and kickstand bracket.

Wheels and Tires

The rims are 32H aluminum, the tires are 24×2.1, the front and rear hub is steel, and the spokes are 14g.


The cranks are of steel, 42/34/24 T, with chainrings. The cog set is of Shimano 7-speed. Same thing with the Front Derailleur and Rear Derailleur, which is of Shimano Tourney.

Other Components

KMC manufactures the chain, while the valve is by Schrader. The stem and seat post are made of steel, while the brakes are of alloy, linear-pull, and the brake levers are of aluminum.

It also sports a 40mm suspension travel, with medals made of resin. It has a wheel tire size of 24′, hence, the name Nishika Pueblo 24. The bike weighs 33.44 lbs.

What Do the Specs Tell us?

This bike, no doubt, is for children, judging the specs that Nishika Pueblo has. The hi-tensile steel bike frame and steel and aluminum alloy parts make the bike weigh slightly below 34 lbs.

The weight may not be ideal, considering that children and would-be teenagers would need a bike they can control, whether on a flat smooth surface or in some uneven terrain in the neighborhood.

The weight, steel, and allow specs provide the young rider with a sturdy, solid, durable bike. But a bike with a lighter frame generally is far easier to control and maneuver.

Your kid needs a bike that would serve as a good entry for the sport, one that will be serviceable in ordinary neighborhood terrain. Or even in uneven trails or terrain in parks.

Not that challenging, but enough to give them an idea of what it feels like to ride along a rough surface.

Nishiki Pueblo 24

Nishiki Pueblo 24 has the specs for that. Hence, the 40 mm suspension is also ideal. It will give the youngster the need for balance on rough surfaces, humps, driving on pavements, or narrow pathways.

They will still be in control. But that does not mean that the Nishiki Pueblo 24 has low-quality pedestrian parts.

The drivetrain is of Shimano, a standard fare among most high-end and top-quality bikes. Nishika has an excellent drivetrain for a bike that will take them from point a to point b.

But that drivetrain is enough for youngsters and kids to ride along rough surfaces.

The Pros and Cons of Nishika Pueblo 24

Among the things going for Nishika Pueblo 24 are:

The Specs Match What the Young Rider May Need

The bike has excellent parts for your youngster biking in the neighborhood and some challenging trails.

They may not be high-end, top quality, or elite, but considering that it is a bike for children, such requirements are not a must, at least not yet.

Your kid will grow older and may need a far different bike later. Having Nishika Pueblo 24 as a transition bike from childhood into adulthood is not bad.

Excellent Suspension

Having a 40mm suspension for Nishika Pueblo 24 is an excellent idea. Kids do not need higher suspension, but they will need some of it.

40mm is ideal as it will give them the best riding in different terrains and trails.

They can experiment at a young age on whether they will try trails or cross-country riding or engage in recreational riding in the neighborhood. Having a suspension like this helps them.

Extremely Durable

This bike need not last a lifetime, but if it can, why not? Nishika Pueblo 24 is not the lightest of bikes. It is pretty heavy, with a lot of steel and alloy parts. But it is incredibly durable and can very well serve its purpose as a transition bike.

Nishiki Pueblo 24

It is durable that you can ride one of these if you are “tall” enough. But remember that it is a bike for your kid, not you.


With durable yet not high-end parts, it is not a high-end bike. It is affordable, though the range of prices offered on the net differs significantly. Still, it is one of the cheaper bikes for young riders on the market.

Despite the positives, some things are going against the Nishika Pueblo 24. Among these are:

Plastic Pedals

Plastic pedals are an issue anywhere, and in Nishika Pueblo 24, this is no exception. They are subject to wear and tear with prolonged use.

Quite Heavy for Some

With many steel parts, including the frame, some youngsters may be unable to handle the Nishika Pueblo 24. Some may prefer a considerably lighter bike.

This aspect, of course, ultimately depends on the youngsters’ abilities and skills.

Tire Issues

Riding smooth surfaces may not be a problem, but tire traction is essential when riding on trails and some challenging terrain. Some claimed that there were some issues regarding tires adequately handling rugged trails.

That is a significant issue considering that this bike’s primary purpose is to teach youngsters to take on rugged trails and terrain.

Who are the Ideal Riders for Nishiki Pueblo 24

These people may benefit from riding Nishiki Pueblo 24:

Youngsters Who Have a Passion For Trail Riding

Kids do have a preference of what to do when biking. Some like to stroll, but others may want to practice and train at challenging trails and terrain, even at a young age.

Nishiki Pueblo 24

Those youngsters can enjoy what Nishika Pueblo has to offer.

Youngsters Who Want to Enjoy Recreational Riding

When we were still youngsters, sometimes, we only wanted to look cool when biking. We want to look as if we are ready for the rugged trails, even though we only want to bike around.

This one might be perfect for those kids and youngsters who want to stroll with their friends. Nishiki Pueblo 24 is ideal too for kids who wish to commute from their house to the park and enjoy the tracks and trails available there.

Youngsters and teenagers will undoubtedly look relaxed riding this bike. They can pedal smoothly, especially if they can handle the heavy frame.

Those Who Prefer Smaller Bikes

Nishika Pueblo 24 is for youngsters who want to enjoy biking on some trails and for those who may wish to stroll using a mountain bike. But people of a certain height, or those who prefer bikes not that big for their size, can also enjoy riding on Nishika Pueblo 24.

Especially if those people only ride their bikes to stroll around the community, do some sightseeing, or run errands. And at a lesser cost, you can have a good mountain bike riding around the town.

And since the steel frame is sturdy, solid, and durable, Nishika Pueblo 24 can support the weight of specific individuals. It can support the weight long as the individual is not tall or very heavy.

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Conclusion: Is Nishika Pueblo 24 Worth Buying?

Nishika Pueblo 24 is a mountain bike for specific individuals, primarily youngsters and would be teenagers.

These people do not worry much about specs but rather about aesthetics, looks, and going somewhere.

It will still be a good bike, even with some issues. But those problems we mentioned here are serious ones. A heavy bike for youngsters is quite a challenging ride and may pose some trouble.

And with some parts not at their optimum best, it might affect the overall biking experience of your child.

Nishiki Pueblo 24

If those negatives bother the youngster, it would be best to look for another bike. But if he can handle the weight and upgrade the weak parts now and then, then the Nishika Pueblo 24 might be enough.

The ultimate barometer of whether it is worth buying is the enjoyment the youngster can have riding it. The bike is, at most, a transition bike for would-be teenagers.

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