Is There Anything Special About Mongoose Dolomite?

A fat bike is not just any other bike, like a road bike or mountain bike. It is an MTB in a class of its own, needing proper customization, unique parts, and a particular design, all to suit a special kind of terrain.

If you think of it as a weapon, it is a unique, super-specialized weapon suited for a particular type of warfare.

There are few elite fat bikes around. Most have fat tires, and then there is none.

Can we say that Mongoose Dolomite belongs to the distinguished ones? Let us look at the Mongoose Dolomite and what it offers us riders.

But first, let us look at fat bikes and see what makes them one of a kind.

Why is the Fat Bike Unique?

Most bikes aim for speed and comfort; this sums up the bike riding experience for many models. Not so with a fat bike.

The more unfamiliar the terrain, the more bumps and grinds, the more sand, snow, and mud, the better. Dealing with those things, the landscape where the toughest bikes dare not go is the house’s specialty for a fat bike.

Because most people do not deal with those terrains daily, you do not see many fat bikes in bike shops or bike companies’ catalogs.

Having a fat bike is unnecessary unless you live in certain places. It is more for the fun and excitement of the genuinely enthusiastic riding on those terrains.

Even a cursory look at a fat bike would suggest that it is beyond ordinary. It has accentuated appearance: fat tires, specially designed seat post, handlebar, rigid suspension, and not run-of-the-mill drivetrain.

Add to that excellent stopping power the texture and quality of tires, wheels, and frames.

It is a particular bike built for unique terrains. Whereas in regular bicycles, you have a certain speed and race against time, with fat bikes, you conquer terrains and deal with nature.

You overcome obstacles through a combination of proper application of science, physics, geometry, and personal skill.

And Mongoose Dolomite is among those fat mountain bikes which are the favorite of many riders, but why is such the case? Can it give the riders the ultimate riding experience that it wants from a fat MTB?

The Mongoose Dolomite: Could it be the Ultimate Fat Mountain Bike? 

The Mongoose Dolomite comes from Mongoose, a bike company specializing in BMX bikes. Be as it may, it is a company known in the cycling world for its path-breaking innovations and cutting-edge designs.

Mongoose Dolomite

From BMX bikes, they go on producing scooters, gears, and of course, mountain bikes. Not only mountain bikes, but they have also manufactured an excellent line of fat mountain bikes.

Of which the Mongoose Dolomite is one.

The Mongoose Dolomite has an imposing, formidable appearance common among fat bikes. It has a solid frame but lightweight durability and sports all familiar thick, fat tires.

Looking closely, how does it differ from other fat tire mountain bikes?

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Mongoose Dolomite: Looking at the Specs

This fat mountain bike is a big, 50-pounder one with a strong frame and excellent geometry. The color options of red and different shades of blue make this imposing fat bike appealing and attractive to most riders.


Mongoose dolomite has a steel frame. The lightweight steel frame is ideal for fat bikes because they do not deal with ordinary terrains like flat, smooth roads or uneven surfaces.

They deal with extreme road conditions, like mud, too much gravel, and sand. It also deals with harsh road and weather conditions, like snow.

Having a steel frame makes sense for a fat bike like Mongoose Dolomite.


It sports Shimano Revo Twist Shifter, a seven-speed one, and a Shimano rear derailleur. Revo Twist Shifter is one of the more reliable shifters, especially in extreme terrain and road conditions.

Having it in Mongoose Dolomite gives the rider some options, shifting in unpredictable terrain.

Wheels and Tires

Wheels and Tires

Mongoose Dolomite sports wheels made of alloys and thick tires, about 4″. Fat tires make fat bikes different from any other bike, even in the mountain bike family.

Other Components

To give more stability to the rider, it uses a rigid suspension which is ideal for the extreme terrains we have mentioned. It also employs alloy components but has a cushioned saddle which makes for a more comfortable ride.

It employs dual disc brakes, giving Mongoose Dolomite excellent stopping power.

What Do the Specs Tell Us?

A steel frame is usually heavy, but the one used by Mongoose is a lightweight steel frame, which is considerably lighter than other steel frames. Such being the case, Mongoose Dolomite is heavy overall because of the tires and other alloy components, like those on the rims.

Those alloy components, however, are there precisely to give Mongoose Dolomite the needed strength and stability once it hits the extreme terrain during the “off-season.” 

The drivetrain of Shimano is enough to pull the Dolomite out of difficult road conditions and ease the way through it. With The thick tires and rigid suspension providing enough balance and stability, the rider would enjoy those bumps and humps the terrain offers.

The Pros and Cons of Mongoose Dolomite

There are some things that most riders love about Mongoose Dolomite. Among these are:

Excellent Performance

No one complains about Mongoose Dolomite being inefficient on terrain. The bike performs as expected, conquering all those muds and snows, passing through them, not with ease, but with enough thrill that gives the rider great fun and excitement.

This road efficiency makes Mongoose Dolomite a favorite among many fat mountain bikes.

Very Durable

The bike is sturdy and durable with all those steel and alloy components. The thick tires give enough of a cushion, the first line of defense against any punishing terrain.

This fat bike is not the one that will crumble under pressure; the parts manufactured by Pacific Cycle are fit to withstand stress and strain from mud, sand, or snow.

Excellent Price

This one commands a price below five hundred on Walmart or other online stores. That is relatively inexpensive for a fat bike, and considering its excellent performance on extreme terrains, having this one is a bargain.

Easy to Upgrade

The bike’s most excellent parts are the frame, the drivetrain, and the tires. For everything else, you can do an upgrade to enhance further your biking experience on challenging terrains.

Mongoose Dolomite lends itself to easy customization. So, upgrade of other parts to better deal with terrain or have a more exhilarating biking experience should not be a problem.

It is hard to argue against those positives. Mongoose Dolomite, however, suffers from some severe drawbacks.

Among these are:

The Weight

Some may find this fat bike quite cumbersome. The tires are a large part, and so are the other components.

Fifty pounds is no joke, and riding it may be difficult for some. It is like pedaling on a bike which is the exact weight of the standard barbell in a gym.

It is for this reason that some customize or upgrade the Mongoose Dolomite. It would be regrettable not to ride this bike just because it is heavy.

Entry-Level Parts

Other parts, not called drivetrain, frame, wheels, and tires, are mostly entry-level, quite serviceable, but not good enough. It is not that they are not durable, but some can’t be optimized.

If that is the case, you cannot maximize the bike’s performance, especially on rugged terrain.

An example of it is the crank. Some riders think that Mongoose must improve its quality.

The Ideal Riders For Mongoose Dolomite

Among those who may enjoy riding in Mongoose dolomite are:

Those Who Want to Experience the Thrill

Not all riders enjoy riding in rugged terrains. Going through mud, snow, and sandy terrain, whether on a bike or any other vehicle, would be the last thing on their mind.

Experience the Thrill

They cannot enjoy it there.

But if you love the thrill and excitement it brings, you can enjoy riding in Mongoose Dolomite. It can handle the terrain excellently while you remain stable and still have the agility to ride through it or make some shifts as needed.

Those Who Love Imposing, Formidable Fat Bikes

Some fat bikes are effective in handling extreme terrain and have excellent performance. But some fat bikes are imposing and sport the look of a terrain conqueror.

And Mongoose Dolomite, with its height, geometry, appearance, and even weight, is indeed an imposing fat bike.

Heavy as it may be, its appearance gives you enough confidence in the terrain. You need not worry about it crumbling under extreme duress.

Its weight is enough to carry even the heaviest of riders, whether expert ones or entry-level.

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The answer to whether Mongoose could be your ultimate fat bike is a quick no. It has some severe drawbacks and is quite cumbersome for many.

That makes the bike not ideal, especially for those who prefer a lighter fat bike.

But when we say it cannot be your ultimate fat bike, it is far from saying it is not good. Mongoose Dolomite is one of the better fat bikes, with its excellent performance, extreme durability, and great bike-price ratio.

A few tweaks could do the trick. Doing some upgrades here and there might work.

If Mongoose ever decides to improve the specs of come components, that would be great. Even better if they could maintain the competitive price.

If parts work at their optimum, and the riders can handle the weight, it can give even the best fat bikes a run for their money. Having this bike during the “off-season,” when you are vacationing, wanting to engage in snow trails or mud, would be truly breathtaking.

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