Jamis Bikes Review: Is it Worth Having One?

Jamis Bike is one of the most popular bike brands in the United States and worldwide. Established by Ron Jamis in 1979, it specializes in making quality bike parts and accessories.

Ever since the release of their “Earth Cruiser” in 1979, their bikes became in demand and sought after by passionate cyclists. Today, they specialize in making numerous road bikes, mountain bikes, bikes for triathlons, and even kids’ bikes.

But what makes Jamis bikes truly special?

The most outstanding feature of Jamis Bicycle is its penchant for innovation. Whether we talk of road, gravel, hybrid, or even kids, you can rely on Jamis.

It is partly because Jamis Bicycle specializes in bicycle parts and accessories. They can test those parts’ quality, durability, and efficiency before they hit the market.

Since those parts are integral to manufacturing Jamis bikes, they can experiment with design.

But even better, Janis Bicycle, throughout the years, has integrated advancements in technology to create better bike models. The Jamis bicycle was among the first to use carbon fiber to create lighter, comfortable road and mountain bikes.

They are among the first bike companies that revolutionize cycling and mountain biking by applying the appropriate, needed technology for their bikes.

All of this makes for a great ride without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the bike. You add speed and power, even as you increase the comfortability of the rider, even while engaged in competition or taking up challenging terrains and trails.

Jamis Bicycles is famous for cruiser bikes.

It makes them among the best-known bike companies worldwide, their bikes always getting reviews from bicycling magazines.

So if you want a Jamis bike for yourself, here is a rundown of some of their more popular bike models in the market.

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Jamis Bikes Review: What are their best bikes in the market?

1. Jamis Durango

If you are new to mountain biking but want to experience all the thrill and excitement associated with the sport and have the necessary specs, Jamis Durango may be the right one for you.

Jamis Durango Pros

  • Tough and sturdy on rugged trails
  • Tires are tough, durable, and well suited for challenging terrains.
  • Efficient too for city riding
  • Excellent specs, drivetrain made of Shimano
  • Inexpensive

Jamis Durango Cons

  • The speed is 2×8, not that many gears compared to other mountain bikes.


The gears notwithstanding, the Jamis Durango is one of the better entry-level mountain bikes you can have, not only on Jamis Bicycles but on the market in general.

2. Jamis Coda

This hybrid bike is considered one of the best in the market. With Shimano Tourney front and Acera rear derailleurs, Jamis Coda has one of the most excellent specs. It is versatile and perfect for city riding and neighborhood strolling.

Jamis Coda Pros

  • Excellent specs
  • Very light compared to other hybrid bikes
  • Stable, sturdy, but easy to maneuver.

Jamis Coda Cons

  • Quite expensive, other hybrid bikes with similar or comparable specs are available for a lower price.
  • The wheels might probably be the weakest link.


This bike is perfect for city riding and strolling, most appropriate for leisurely biking. It is not for those who want to go long-distance biking or take on rugged trails and challenging terrains. The drivetrain and frame may be up to the task, but the wheels are not.

3. Jamis Allegro

You can have a wide range of options for the Jamis Allegro Series, with prices ranging from $400-$700. Those priced lower do not have the excellent specifications of the elite ones and do not offer the same comfort and convenience; they are still serviceable.

The elite ones have high-end quality components, Shimano, for instance. They are lighter and mostly made of aluminum alloy.

Jamis Allegro Pros

  • Comfortable and convenient to ride, whether you take the elite version Jamis Allegro Comp or the cheaper model.
  • The wide gear range makes for quick shifts and easy and smooth riding.
  • Perfect for causal tours.

Jamis Allegro Cons

  • Perfect for casual tours, not for rugged terrain and unstable road conditions, especially the cheaper ones.
  • You can have better bikes than the low-cost bicycles of this series.


The numerous models make it available to many people. Quality goes down, however, as you go from expensive to cheaper ones.

4. Jamis Dragon

Jamis Dragon might be the king of Jamis Bikes. This one is perfect for mountain biking and loved by many, even professionals, expert riders, and passionate cyclists.

And why not? Consider the specs: Reynolds 520 steel frame, Shimano SLX 12 speed, Rece Face Ride 32T crank, handlebar, and stem. The brake is MT420 4-piston hydraulic disc.

With a sturdy, strong, and reliable steel frame, you can have a stable ride even as you ride uphill or fast downhill. The 12-speed component allows riders to drive fast and shift quickly but smoothly.

Jamis Dragon Pros

  • One of the faster mountain bikes on the market
  • The steel frame provides a nice balance between strength and weight.
  • Excellent specs, Shimano, and Race Face Ride components.

Jamis Dragon Cons

  • Probably one of the most expensive mountain bikes on the market, costing more than $2,000.


The cost may be genuinely high, but for the passionate cyclists and lovers of mountain biking, it might be worth all the trouble.

5. Earth Cruiser

If you want that bike that made Jamis Bicycles truly famous, go for the Earth Cruiser. This beach cruiser makes for easy riding; you genuinely cruise along the roads.

That feeling may be deceiving, for Earth Cruiser are nothing short of excellent. The Shimano components, alloy rims, stainless steel spokes, and hi-tensile fork means that this bike can stand strain and pressure even on bumpy rides on the beaches and the city.

Earth Cruiser Pros

  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent specs

Earth Cruiser Cons

  • Just like all cruiser bikes, they are for straight, flat roads, not for those sudden turns and changing terrain.

Those who want to cruise by biking would enjoy Earth Cruiser.

6. Jamis Roughneck

Another high-end mountain bike is the Jamis Roughneck. Its frame is of aluminum alloy and boasts a Shimano drivetrain and Race Face Ride components.

 It is a fat bike equipped with tubeless-ready wheels and tires made by Kenda.

The specs are ideal for arduous climbs and challenging terrain.

Jamis Roughneck Pros

  • Excellent specifications
  • Excellent for “rough” riding, a mountain bike in the real sense.

Jamis Roughneck Cons

  • Quite expensive and high-end.


Jamis Roughneck costs that much because its specs are just impeccable. Nothing is left to chance about parts and components.

And if you are willing to sacrifice a certain amount of money for a perfect mountain bike, you can never go wrong with Jamis Roughneck.

The pros and cons of Jamis bikes

Jamis Bikes Reviews

From manufacturing bike parts and accessories, Jamis Bicycles diversified. They now manufacture many types of bikes, including kids’ bikes.

Jamis bikes are among the more popular brand of bikes for a good number of reasons. Among these are:

Excellent Specs

They use the best frames and drivetrain in the bike world. They use for their bikes components and parts whose specs match very well with what the road demands, be they road bikes, mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, or even kids’ bikes.

The excellent specs are not only appropriate for the road. It also matches what most riders need. They provide comfort and have models suitable for the skill level of any cyclist.

In short, they do not only use superior quality parts for their own sake but rather employ them where it is genuinely needed, maximizing their use.

Appeal to a wide range of people

Some say that as a bike company, Jamis Bicycles cater more to ordinary people and entry-level cyclists who want to enjoy riding and biking instead of pro-riders or experts. That may be true. The innovations made by Jamis are towards using many types of bikes by most people.

That is not necessarily a bad thing. Cruiser bikes, for instance, allow most people to enjoy riding without that much hassle involving biking sports or cycling. One has only to enjoy riding by pedaling on smooth flat roads.

The best thing is that they provide high-end bikes for entry-level bikers and riders who want to experience the feel of a true rider. Most Jamis bikes will give you the sense of what a professional rider feels and allow anyone to approximate an expert’s experience.

Jamis Bikes Reviews

Jamis can give you that feel of a pro without being one.

These are significant advantages. However, Jamis Bicycles also suffer from some serious drawbacks. Among these are:

Focus on recreation

The innovation of Jamis concentrates more on creating recreational bikes, providing quality rides for ordinary people who want to enjoy biking.

It seems that creating recreational bikes has become the focus of Jamis bicycles. There are few high-end bikes, so there aren’t many options for professionals and expert riders.

It is regrettable considering that Jamis has often been one of the leaders in innovation in the bike industry. A bicycling magazine even gave an award to Jamis in recognition for its excellence in manufacturing bikes.

The athletes and the professional riders might be the most passionate cyclists around. They spend time and effort honing their craft and make significant inputs and suggestions for the biking community. It would be best if Jamis expanded its captive market to popularize biking and bikes further.

The high and low of it

Jamis bikes produce one of the better high-end bikes on the market. But their low-end bikes leave a lot to be desired. Not that they are of poor quality, for the specifications are nice, but they are heavy. Nothing could be more contrasting between a high-end bike and a cheaper version of it.

And regarding low-end ones, you need to make some replacements on certain parts. It makes their low-end bikes, in the end, to be relatively high priced, for you need to spend on repair and upgrades.

Most bikes by Jamis are perfect for recreation.

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Concluding Our Jamis Bikes Review: Are They Truly Good?

Bicycling magazines and experts rarely go wrong, and many Jamis bikes they produce are highly rated. They have the better high-end ones and manufacture the best cruiser bikes today.

They also produce high-quality recreational, road, and high-end mountain bikes. That there are Jamis bikes that may fall short of our expectations seems surprising. But nobody or company is perfect. With extensive production of bikes of all types for all people, some slip-ups are in order.

The specs usually determine the quality of the bike. In buying a Jamis bike, it would be best to compare the high-end models with cheaper ones, for there is a considerable gap between them. The high-end ones are excellent, whereas the cheaper ones have some issues.

There are relatively few choices for professionals and expert riders. It seems that Jamis Bicycle “democratized” bike riding but neglected the needs and demands of specialized riders and athletes.

It would be best to have broader options and include what most pro riders and experts want and need. That will increase the bike’s appeal, for pro riders, experts, and athletes are still one of the more significant voices in the biking world, and people listen to them.

But those who want to have fun and enjoy biking for its own sake may enjoy riding Jamis bikes, especially the more expensive ones. In this aspect, they indeed deliver the goods.

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