How To Keep Your Balls Safe when Cycling

You’re fond of biking for recreation and fitness, but you always worry about pain around your genitals.

You may ask yourself if there’s something you can do. Cycling is good for your health, but there must be things you can do to protect your balls.

You’re not the only one having this dilemma. Many cyclists often wonder what steps they can take to keep their balls safe.

Fortunately, you come across this article. Kindly read on to learn more.

Is Riding a Bike Bad for Your Balls?

Cycling boosts your cardiovascular fitness without hurting your joints. However, does it result in erectile dysfunction?

Riding a Bike

Harvard Health published a special report about how cycling circumstances can adversely affect the arteries and nerves near the penis, leading to potential issues.

The report states that men who bike at least three hours a week are at risk.

You may wonder why; the saddle puts too much stress on the perineum, the area between the anus and genitals.

This constant pressure limits blood flow and damages nerves, producing a tingling sensation common among male bikers.

However, researchers can’t conclude the connection between erectile dysfunction and too much time spent on the saddle.

What You Can Do to Protect Your Genitals When Riding a Bike

You can follow these strategies if you’re concerned about infertility and erectile dysfunction.

Saddle Shape

A European study revealed that your penis suffers an 82.4% oxygen reduction if you ride a narrow, V-shaped nose saddle.

Researchers suggest buying a broader saddle for better shock absorption on bumpy rides.

You may also choose a gel-filled saddle for comfort and added protection.

Adjust the Handlebar Height

If you don’t want erectile dysfunction, you should make the handlebar height higher than the saddle.

You should check with a local bike fitter to get the positioning right.

The Bike You Ride

Exercise bikes alleviate tingling and testicle pain because of their reclined seating position. However, you shouldn’t necessarily ditch your bike and buy a stationary bike.

On the other hand, you should follow the above suggestions to ensure you have a comfortable ride.

Can Riding a Bike Make an Infertile Man?

Even if your ride your bike for at least eight hours weekly, research doesn’t prove you’ll have issues with fertility.

Moderate cycling has many health benefits; thus, the advantages outweigh the drawbacks.

How Long Does a Cyclist Syndrome Last?

Cycling syndrome is the term used to refer to the irritation of the pudendal neuralgia or pudendal nerve.

Typical terms are Chronic Nonbacterial Prostatitis, Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, and Chronic Pelvic Pain.

Men may suffer pelvic pain for at least three months, even if they don’t have an infection.

Cyclist Syndrome Symptoms

  • Discomfort in the anus, sit bones, and genitals
  • Pain when sitting on the bike saddle

You Should Be Careful About These Signs When Riding Your Bike

Genital Numbness

If you don’t experience genital numbness when you ride, you have several layers of tissue burying your veins and nerves.

If you do, be cautious because it results from compressed nerves, leading to problematic blood flow to your privates. 

Genital Numbness

Repeated genital numbness can lead to malfunctioning or collapsed nerves. If you’re healthy today, you may have issues with collapsed and scarred arteries and veins later.

You may reduce the pressure by installing saddles with cutouts or grooves. But first, ensure your chosen bike seat fits your physiology and shape.

It would help if you got a professional to fit the handlebar and saddle to your requirements.

Saddle Sores

You have a painful saddle sore if you have open ulcerations, chafing, or infected hair follicles caused by biking.

You should ensure a proper bike fit to prevent these issues. Moreover, it would be best if you didn’t disregard appropriate hygiene.

You may also follow these preventive steps:

  • First, use a chamois cream to reduce friction between your cycling shorts and your skin.
  • Use an anti-chafing cream around your inner thigh that rubs against the saddle.
  • Change to a seamless chamois that won’t result in hot spots or skin irritation.

Testicular Injury

If you suffer from sore or sensitive testicles after riding your bike, you should change your saddle and bring your bike to a professional for a proper fit.

You compress the pudendal nerve in your genitals, resulting in pain in the perineum, penis, and scrotum.

Prostate Issues

Researchers say that your prostate-specific antigen levels temporarily increase during long-distance biking.

Therefore, if you have a scheduled prostate exam, you shouldn’t take your bike for a long ride.

Can Riding a Bike Hurt Your Butt?

You may have experienced a sore butt when you ride. However, do you know you can mitigate or alleviate the pain? Here are some tips.

Begin with Shorter Rides

If you’re a beginner, you should start cycling with shorter rides to adjust your butt to the saddle’s constant pressure.

Change Your Riding Position

To avoid a sore butt, you should move around the best bike seat frequently without disturbing your pedal stroke.

Moreover, this movement also activates several muscle groups for an enhanced overall cycling experience.

Use Bib Shorts

You should get a chamois, especially if you ride a road bike. It cushions your butt and offers protection and comfort on long trips.

However, ensure a correct fit to prevent chafing. Wash the bib shorts after cycling to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Top Considerations When Buying a Bike Saddle

The Saddle Shape

It would help to consider your biking activities when deciding on the saddle shape. For example, choose a broader bike seat with a shorter nose if you’re into recreational biking.

On the other hand, if you’re road biking, you should pick a narrow saddle with a long nose. Choose a bike seat with a wide cushion and long nose for long-distance cycling.

Your mountain bike requires a durable yet cushioned saddle with a narrow nose. On the other hand, a commuter bike needs a bike seat that can handle weather resistance.

The Cushion Type

Get a saddle with foam padding if you prefer to protect your balls when long-distance cycling. On the other hand, recreational cyclists need a bike seat with gel padding.

The Cushion Type

A saddle has rails and a cover. However, you may opt for a leather cover for durability and elasticity.

On the other hand, choose a synthetic cover if you prefer comfort and not much durability.

The rail holds the saddle in place and is often heavy because it’s steel. However, it may also be from other materials such as carbon fiber, alloy, and titanium.

Ease of Installation

If you pick a bike seat, consider the installation process. You may choose a universal saddle because it fits standard bike posts.


How Can I Protect My Balls When I Ride My Bike?

You can protect your balls when riding by following these steps:

  • Stand on the pedal and saddle to allow your blood to flow to your genitals and testes
  • Correctly fix the seat height to prevent pressure on your privates.
  • Use padded cycling shorts to protect you against undercarriage while riding
  • If you have testicle issues, you should opt for a noseless saddle.

Is Riding My Bike Wrong For My Genitals?

Riding your bike isn’t bad for your genitals, but you should use the right saddle to prevent testicular damage, leading to numbness, discomfort, and pain.

Where Can I Place My Balls When I’m Riding My Bike?

Sit appropriately by placing your sit bones on the back would be best. Moreover, you should maintain a perpendicular lower back as you curve your spine.

In addition, you should also use bike shorts fit to protect your balls.

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