Linus Bikes Review: Why Riders Love Them?

Many of us still longed for times past, hence, the continuing appeal of everything retro. But aside from nostalgia, there are things from the throwback era that are just damn good.

Bicycles are no exception.

Vintage bikes, or their looks, may not be a fad, but it has not lost their appeal. Some are scouring the net and online stores to buy one.

Others revive the vintage design and apply modern technology to the vintage look. The result is an excellent bike, retro-looking but with modern features.

The Linus bikes review will discuss how a maverick bike brand revived what is vintage and gave them a contemporary touch. We will discuss what makes Linus stand out and whether their bikes are good quality.

Finally, we will look at some of the best bikes they offer.

Linus Bikes: A Combination of Elegance and Utility

The first thing people think when they see a Linus bike is that it comes directly from the past. The design is undoubtedly from the past, inspired by vintage bikes.

But Linus bikes are as modern as electric bikes. The company itself has been in existence for less than two decades.

Despite being new kids on the block, Linus has made its mark in the biking industry, selling more than a hundred thousand Linus bicycles in fifteen years. Part of their appeal is the perfect blending of elegance and practical aspects in a Linus bike.

Rare will you see a bicycle sporting much grace but with many uses.

Such is the promise of Linus. You elegantly ride even as you have a bike full of loads and many items.

You gracefully take the city roads, never mind if you have a bicycle full of grocery items with you.

The need for quality, functional bikes that are also a thing of beauty is a byproduct of the environment from which Linus sprang. The neighborhood of Venice, California, is famous for its beaches, canals, and promenades.

 A utility bike’s vintage, elegant look perfectly suits the Venice neighborhood, which has an idyllic lifestyle in an otherwise modern city. However, the bicycle has captivated the world from this neighborhood and has become an international brand.

Linus is famous now for its Roadster series. But they sell bike accessories aside from bicycles.

The most famous of these accessories might be the baskets, but they also sell bells, grips, and helmets.

What Makes Linus Bikes Stand Out?

Among the things that make Linus bikes more prominent than others are:

Elegance and Style

We used the word “elegance” time and again. But imagine a woman gracefully riding and biking in a gleaming bike, with bells on the front and a basket full of groceries at the rear.

Or a well-groomed man is riding a vintage bicycle, traversing the paved road smoothly as he commutes towards his work.

Such is the picture connoted by elegance when attached to the biking experience. And that is what Linus bikes give to everyone.

Their bikes do not have the pretension of great speed nor the imposing look of some trail bike or mountain bike.

But it exudes confidence and has that air of refinement. The appearance of Linux bikes gives you that feeling, but much more when you ride them.

Very Comfortable Bikes

Linus bikes have that feel because riding them is very comfortable. The geometry is excellent; the bike frames are very light.

Linus bikes employ drivetrains known for performance and smoothness, and they use bike parts known for providing comfort to riders.

The innovation, technology, and design employed by Linus make them such. Most bikes weigh around 30 lbs, and they use a design that makes bike riding in the busy streets of Los Angeles tolerable and feel much more like a cruise.

Excellent Bike Parts

They can only exude elegance and make the rider very comfortable if they have the right bike parts. They have excellent bike frames for their bikes, mostly made of aluminum alloy, hi-tensile steel, or Chromoly steel.

They are not the lightest of materials, but lightweight enough to make the bike comfortable.

They choose the drivetrain well, ensuring it is of excellent quality and matches the bike and its components to give riders a nice ride. The handlebar and the ergonomic grips are more than comfortable.


They do not call the city “urban jungle” for nothing. Much like a jungle, it also has different terrains, pathways, and paved roads, though they are probably all made of cement or asphalt.

The bike still needs certain versatility, even in cities.

Linus bikes are versatile enough to handle different city roads. You can navigate along the promenades, narrow pathways, and some bumps and grinds on paved roads.

It can give you speed when necessary, appropriate for those roads and terrains.

Mindful of Social Responsibility

Adam McDermott, the founder, realized the need to reduce carbon emissions and make people fit and healthy. Bike riding is the solution to that dilemma.

By making people ride, you can reduce the tendency of people to use cars and carbon-emitting vehicles while at the same time keeping them fit.

But people must buy the idea. Having bikes that make for a pleasurable ride is the best way to do it.

Every time you ride a Linus bicycle or see one riding it, you can never forget the advocacy of the Linus Bicycle company founder.


The owner makes a great comparison between a luxury car and a luxury bike. You rarely use a luxury car, but you always put on the road the luxury bike.

You always use it, like a typical car.

Linus bikes are inexpensive for a bike that provides luxurious comfort. Heritage bikes range from five hundred dollars to just below one grand, similar to the transit and comfort bikes they offer.

Kids’ bikes are cheaper, while electric bikes are much more expensive.

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Linus Bikes Review: The Best Linus Bikers in the Market

Here are some of the Linus bikes which you might consider having

1. Linus Roadster Classic

Linus Roadster Classic is the quintessential Linus bike, the one that epitomizes everything about Linus bikes. Single-speed, very simple, and has that minimalist look.

Linus Roadster Classic

Yet it looks lovely and elegant, with its black frame, silver handlebar, brown leather saddle, and grips.

A throwback from the days of Affluent Society and baby boomers, the classic design would appeal both to the nostalgic riders and modern ones.

The Linus Roadster Classic sports a steel frameset, reflective tires, pedal brake, and steel bearings, making for more excellent utility. A low-maintenance bike, this one is the ideal companion for every city commuter.

2. Linus Dutch 3i

If the Roadster Classic stands for everything that is Linus, Linus Dutch 3i epitomizes comfort. The geometry ensures the ladies have a comfortable ride.

Linus Dutch 3i

It has a comfy leather saddle, a low-step through frame, and an excellent geometry that lets the rider assume an upright position.

Men and women who would ride Linus Dutch 3i will exude confidence, with its internal gears that allow for smooth shifts. With a wide pannier rack attached to the frame, the rider will not have trouble picking up items, buying groceries, or running errands.

Do not let its appearance and elegance fool you, however. This one makes for a durable bike with its steel frame and double-wall alloy rims.

The Shimano shifter and hub make for a smooth riding experience.

3. Linus Roadster 8

Linus Roadster 8 sports a mixture of vintage and modern. It retains that retrospective look but has components that can give any current bike a run for its money.

Linus Roadster 8

The design and specs are ideal for cutting your way through city lanes and paved roads without sacrificing comfort.

Consider, for instance, the Shimano Nexus drivetrain, which features an 8-speed gearing. The many gear options can provide mobility and agility in shifting terrain in the urban jungle.

The drivetrain compensates the Chromoly frame and fork, allowing the rider enough stability and speed to pedal his way through the city roads. You can easily cut corners from work on the way home, buy stuff for your family, and put it in the pannier rack.

Never worry about the items that much. The Linus Roadster 8 can handle it, as it is durable like any other Linus bike.

A very light bike, you will not lose speed and can still make it for dinner on time, comfortably.

4. Linus Cesta 500

Like Roadster 8, this one blends vintage form with modern technology. Still retaining that classic look, the light, comfortable frame, an ergonomic handlebar, and grips, this one is a power bicycle in disguise.

Linus Cesta 500

It has a 500w with 40 miles range. Powered by a Samsung battery, it can go on up to 20mph.

It sports of Shimano Altus 8-speed shifter and rear derailleur, allowing the rider to change pace on paved roads or fringes of the city.

This one sports a 6061 aluminum alloy frame, making it even lighter than other electric bikes. But it is sturdy and solid, with its parts made of alloy and fork made of Chromoly steel.

The tires are reliable, durable Kenda, sized 27″ x2.0″. The thickness, coupled with wheels of alloy, double-walled, means you can carry a lot of weight.

You do not lose any speed with its light frame, powerful motor, and durable parts, even when taking heavy loads.

The best thing still is it does not surrender anything, talking about comfort. You can carry many items through a fender mounted on the frame and still have comfort.

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Is It Worth Buying? Concluding Our Linus Bikes Review

With all the positives, there is no reason why you cannot have a Linus bike. They make for a leisurely, fun ride.

They are efficient on city roads and can bring you from point A to point B as comfortably as possible.

The bike’s design makes it environment-friendly, rider-friendly, and very useful. You can go anywhere and carry many items in a truly graceful and elegant manner.

Never has a bike exhibited grace and efficiency more than the Linus bikes.

Best of all, they are mostly inexpensive. Even the electric bikes are affordable, and with Linus electric bikes, you can get the same that others offer, only more efficient and have utility, at a better price.

You will enjoy it if you are a fan of vintage bikes and want both the elegance and design of old bicycle models but still want the modern feature. It can give you that nostalgic feel without ever sacrificing comfort and performance.

The only unfortunate thing about Linus is that they do not produce other bikes for different terrain. They are primarily for commuting and city riding.

Other riders, like those engaged in trail riding or mountain biking, could benefit from the ideas and vision of Adam McDermott.

But at least, as our Linus bikes review shows, there are options from Linus.

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