Nishiki Bike Reviews: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

If you’re in the market for a Nishiki bike, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of some of the best Nishiki bikes on the market and what to look for when shopping for a Nishiki bike.

Whether you’re looking for a road bike, mountain bike, hybrid bike, or trekking bike, we’ve got you covered.

Ready? Here we go.

Nishiki bikes Pros

  • Nishiki bikes are an excellent choice for beginner cyclists. The bikes’ geometry is user-friendly so that even those who have never ridden before can feel comfortable on them.
  • Nishiki bikes are well-known for their robust construction. The frames are made of high-quality materials, and the bike is put together with care.
  • Nishiki also tests their bikes thoroughly before they release them to the public. This attention to detail ensures riders have a safe and reliable experience using a Nishiki bike.
  • Nishiki bikes are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a stylish, vintage-inspired bike. The bikes feature a classic design that is both eye-catching and functional.
  • They also come with vintage add-ons, which give them a unique look. These add-ons include things like fenders, racks, and lights.
  • In the world of Nishiki bikes, women no longer have to settle for a man’s bike that has been modified to fit their smaller frame. Instead, they can choose from various models explicitly designed for them.
  • Whether they’re looking for a cruiser to ride around town or a road bike for longer rides, there’s a Nishiki bike that will fit their needs.
  • And because these bikes are designed specifically for women, they feature step-thru frames. The step-thru frame makes it easy to get on and off the bike and is more comfortable for riders wearing skirts or dresses.

Nishiki bikes Cons

  • Nishiki mountain and comfort bikes weigh an average of 30 pounds, making them difficult to transport because of their size and weight. However, the Nishiki race bikes, road cycles, and trekking options are ideal for those looking for a lighter bike.
  • Nishiki bikes are known for their quality and durability. However, some riders have complained about the brakes and seats on Nishiki bikes.
  • They claim that the brakes are not as responsive as they should be and that they must apply more pressure than usual to get the bike to stop. Another customer said that the seats on his Nishiki mountain bike were not the most comfortable.
  • While it’s true that some customers have had issues with Nishiki bikes, it’s important to remember that this is a small minority. Most people who own Nishiki bikes are happy with them and have had no problems.

Nishiki Road Bikes

With a Nishiki road bike, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy your rides on the pavement. It is designed for paved roads, so you’ll be able to ride smoothly and efficiently anywhere you go.

Moreover, their aggressive geometries and drop bars enable you to cycle in a more aerodynamic position, and they have slim tires for fast rolling.

Nishiki road bikes are some of the lightest on the market, making them perfect for racing or long-distance riding. But what makes these bikes so light?

The answer lies in the way they are built. The frames are designed with aerodynamics in mind, so every ounce of weight is carefully considered.

But unlike Nishiki mountain bikes, road bikes lack suspension, making them less comfortable riding on rough roads.

Nishiki Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the scenery. However, it can be tough on your bike.

That’s why you need a rugged and hard-hitting mountain bike like the Nishiki mountain bike. The Nishiki mountain bike is built to withstand the rigors of off-road riding, and it’s also equipped with powerful brakes to help you stay in control on the trails.

They come with knobby tires that provide good traction on loose or uneven terrain. Nishiki bikes are also equipped with suspension forks that help absorb bumps and shocks from the trail.

Nishiki Hybrid Bikes

With features similar to mountain and road bikes, the Nishiki hybrid bike is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride on paved roads or an adventurous trek off-road, Nishiki has a bike that will suit your needs.

These bikes have flat bars like MTBs; others feature front suspension and knobby tires. That means they can handle any terrain you throw at them, whether it’s a gravel path or a dirt trail.

And because they’re hybrids, they’re also great for commuting or running errands around town.

Nishiki Trekking Bikes

They have a flat handlebar and an upright geometry, which makes them ideal for a wide range of riding styles. In addition, they are usually equipped with mudguards, chain guards, pannier racks, and kickstands.

Additionally, Nishiki trekking bikes are equipped with a powerful suspension system that can handle even the roughest terrain.

Best Nishiki Bikes 2022

Here are the best Nishiki bikes for 2022, based on our research.

Nishiki 56cm Course Gents Road Bike

The Nishiki Course Gents Road Bike features a double-butted aluminum frame that makes it both lightweight and durable.

It also comes with a carbon fork that helps to absorb shocks and keep the rider comfortable.

The bike features an 18-speed Shimano Sora gear system integrated into the shifter for a clean look. The Sora system offers a wide range of gears, making it ideal for hill climbing and flat terrain.

The double-wall 36-spoke rims don’t disappoint either. They add an extra layer of protection against bumps and potholes, making them an excellent choice for road biking.

Tektro dual-pivot brakes are a great upgrade for your Nishiki 56cm Course Gents Road Bike. With dual-pivot technology, these brakes will give you the confidence you need to ride your bike in all weather and terrain.

And, of course, the Selle Royal Seta racing-style saddle is the perfect complement to your Nishiki 56cm Course Gents Road Bike. This saddle provides optimal comfort and support, and its sleek design adds a touch of style to your ride.

Nishiki Boys Pueblo 20″ Mountain Bike

The Nishiki Boys Pueblo 20 is a great mountain bike for anyone looking for a steel-framed two-wheeler. This bike has a durable frame that can take on any terrain, and it’s equipped with a durable suspension fork that can take on any terrain.

Furthermore, 20-inch wheels are the perfect size for a Nishiki Boys Pueblo 20 Mountain Bike. They provide the proper support and stability for mountain biking without being too big or bulky.

Plus, they make it easier to maneuver around obstacles on the trail.

Shimano Revo twist shifters are the way to go when it comes to shifting gears on a Nishiki Boys Pueblo 20 Mountain Bike.

These shifters are easy to use and make shifting gears a breeze, even when riding at high speeds.

Nishiki Women’s Tamarack Comfort Bike

Nishiki Women’s Tamarack Comfort Bike is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and comfortable bike. It features a lightweight aluminum frame and a 21-speed Shimano drivetrain, making it easy to get around town.

A soft-gel saddle with suspension provides a comfortable ride for Nishiki women’s Tamarack comfort bike. The suspension system absorbs shock and vibration, reducing rider fatigue.

Nishiki Trekking Men’s Bike Master N8

Many people think skinny tires are only for racing bikes, but that’s not true! Skinny tires can be just as good for a trekking bike as the Nishiki Trekking Men’s Bike Master N8.

This bike features skinny 700 tires that offer less rolling resistance, making you go faster with less effort. The bike also has an ergonomic seat to provide maximum riding comfort.

Finally, it is designed with a 40mm travel fork, making it perfect for off-road and on-road riding.

If you’re looking for a bike that can do it all, the Nishiki Trekking Men s Bike Master N8 is a great option.

It’s a lightweight bike that’s easy to maneuver and comes with all the features you need for a comfortable ride.

What to consider when buying a Nishiki Bicycle

Type of cycling

The type of cycling you plan to do is one of the most critical factors.

If you are interested in road biking, you will want to look for a road bike. However, if you are interested in mountain biking, you will want to look for a mountain bike.

There are also hybrid bikes available that can be used for both types of cycling.

Bike Comfort

When looking for a Nishiki bike, comfort should be one of your top priorities.

Take a look at the seat. You’ll want to ensure it’s comfortable and has enough padding for your rides.

Also, pay attention to the handlebars. They should be at a comfortable height for you to reach so you don’t have to strain your back or shoulders while riding.

Quality brakes

Nishiki bicycles feature cantilever brakes, v-brakes, linear-pull brakes, and disc brakes.

Cantilevers and v-brakes are typically used on Nishiki mountain bikes, providing good stopping power in all conditions.

Linear-pull brakes are often used on Nishiki road bikes as they offer excellent braking performance without adding extra weight to the cycle.

Disc brakes are becoming increasingly popular on Nishiki hybrid bikes as they offer superior stopping power in all weather conditions.

But, ultimately, the best brake system for you will depend on your riding style and the type of Nishiki bike you use.

Frame Quality

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are considering the frame quality of a bike.

First, you should look at the material that the frame is made out of. Nishiki bikes are typically made out of steel or aluminum.

Steel frames are going to be heavier, but they will also be more durable. Aluminum frames will be lighter, but they might not be as durable.

Second, you should look at the welds on the frame. Again, the welds should be smooth and even.

If there are any rough spots or gaps, then that is an indication that the frame is not of good quality.

Lastly, you should inspect the paint job on the frame.


In conclusion, Nishiki bikes are an excellent option for budget-conscious riders looking for a unique bike.

These bikes have a vintage flair that makes them stand out from the competition and are sure to turn heads on the road.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out and get yourself a Nishiki bike!


What does the name Nishiki mean?

The name Nishiki is believed to originate from Japan. It is a popular name in Japanese culture that can be translated as “brocade” or “red repetition.”

Who is the owner of Nishiki?

Nishiki is initially manufactured by Kawamura Cycle in Japan. It is then marketed and distributed by a California-based manufacturer, West Coast Cycle.

Is Nishiki better than Schwinn?

Nishiki bikes are known for being high quality and durable. They also have a wide range of bikes to choose from, so you can find one that suits your needs.

Schwinn bikes are also durable and have an excellent reputation. However, they are not as comfortable as Nishiki bikes.

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