Northrock XC27 Review – Is It a Good Bike?

Other bikes may be imposing and sport high specs compared to others, but the accurate measure of a bicycle is performance.

Some perform better than others, with only good quality and serviceable components.

The idea is to have those parts work to their optimum and match each other perfectly. That will make a bike like a well-oiled machine, giving you maximum performance in the terrain for which it is suitable.

Northrock XC27 promises to be one of those bikes.

A mountain bike that is not elite or high-end can give you one of the better performances in any terrain. Can Northrock XC27 claim to be one of those better mountain bikes, or is it as pedestrian as any other, a pretender among many others?

The Northrock XC27

Northrock Xc27 belongs to the Giant family of bikes. Giant is known in the biking industry for manufacturing good quality bikes but making them affordable. Their bikes belong to the mid-range, a notch below high-end, elite, and top-quality bikes.

Northrock XC27 Mountain Bike

Their bicycles are among the standard fares in Costco or other department stores. The one you usually see in bike shops and offered on many online selling websites.

But their bikes are known to give that illustrious one a run for their money. They can approximate the comfort and performance of those bikes at a far lower price. That is the main selling point, the attraction of Giant bikes.

And Northrock XC27 sports all those attractions, with the features and the specs. You can translate those “credentials” into an exhilarating biking experience matched by those using high-end ones. Or so they say. Looking at the specs can give us a better idea.

The Specs of Northrock CX27

Northrock is a mountain bike whose primary colors are black and blue. Released in 2019, it has become a favorite of many riders. That is because many see it as a low-maintenance bike that can give anyone better performance and an enjoyable riding experience.


The frame is of aluminum alloy, which is relatively common among mountain bikes. Giant more often employs aluminum frames on most of its carbon bikes. It is lightweight but very durable and rustproof.


It has a Shimano ALTUS 21-speed drivetrain, Rapid-Fire shifters, a KMC-Z50 chain, sealed cartridge rear derailleur, and also cranks of Shimano.

Wheels and Tires

Northrock XC27 features rims made of alloy, double-wall; tires made of Maxxis, 27.5×2.2 inches, and spokes made of stainless steel.

fork of Northrock XC27

Other Components

The suspension fork is an SR Suntour, with 80mm suspension travel, handlebar, and stem by Northrock, while ergonomic features like seat, saddle, and grips are by Velo.

Northrock XC27 employs integrated brake levers made by Tektro.

What Do The Specs Tell Us?

Its aluminum frame is a standard fare among many mountain bikes, and for a good reason. They are very light compared to steel frames, but they are durable. They are solid and sturdy, and for those taking the trails or some rugged terrain, it helps the rider have more excellent balance and stability.

And since the frame is light, the rider can have a certain speed when needed. More importantly, the rider has enough flexibility when dealing with difficult terrains and rugged trails.

Thus, the importance of shifters’ reliability. The Shimano components guarantee a quick but smooth shifting, allowing the rider even greater flexibility as he rides on different terrains.

The SR Suntour suspension fork is serviceable for this one, and the 80mm suspension travel is fine. It is enough for the mountain bike to deal with as much terrain as possible.

The alloy, double-wall wheels are durable to withstand whatever the terrain offers. The tires provide standard thickness. Overall, they can withstand the grind of riding in different road conditions and can handle more of those easy ones.

This one is a light, durable, and good mountain bike. It has all the excellent features you would want on a mountain bike. It can give the rider the needed stability and comfort; it has a certain speed and flexibility and can easily take different terrains.

The Pros and Cons of Northrock XC27

Northrock XC27 has some apparent qualities which mountain bike enthusiasts will genuinely love. Among these are:

Wheels and Tires

Light and Responsive

It might be the best way to describe this mountain bike. It is light, with its aluminum frame and suspension fork, though not as light as others due to steel and alloy components.

A mountain bike with a nice suspension can give the rider better control and stability.

But it is responsive; the suspension travel, the lightness of the frame, and the quick-shifting gears provided by Shimano make the mountain bike respond instantly. One can have enough agility, go slow or increase speed without losing balance and stability.

And one can also change direction and take on sudden unexpected changes in terrain with its excellent suspension and travel. Those who engage in mountain biking, especially those taking the trails, know that there are sudden shifts in the landscape. Dealing with them is what makes mountain biking exciting.

And with the flexibility and agility Northrock XC27 offers, mountain biking can be genuinely an enjoyable riding experience.


There is no need to belabor the strength of aluminum frames and steel alloys. Suffice it to say, however, that those features give any bike the needed maximum durability, making it long-lasting.

Universal Mounts

Northrock XC27 has mounts for nearly everything: water bottle cage, child seat, fenders, and rear bike rack. The universal mounts make this mountain bike an all-terrain and all-purpose one.

Those added features certainly will make this one attractive, especially for those who use mountain bikes not only for the sake of taking trails and terrains but also for other purposes like commuting.

Despite those positives, Northrock XC27 suffers from some serious drawbacks, which might preclude others from buying it. Among which are:

Not An Elite Bike

This bike has a lot of positives and can provide enjoyment for almost everyone. But it is not a great bike. All parts are of good quality, and the drivetrain, aluminum frame, and suspension are all outstanding. But overall, those are enough to enjoy this bike and not much else.

 It may be light and responsive, but it has some issues.

Other parts need to be optimized and need an upgrade. Some components may need some tweaking, notably the wheels.

It is also light, but not as light as other mountain bikes. Others who genuinely prefer a lighter one might be better having other mountain bikes, one that sports mostly carbon frames or even aluminum alloy parts.

Not Having An Excellent Bike-Price Ratio

It is a bit ironic, considering Giant prides itself on having an excellent bike-price ratio, that is, bikes with lower prices but very high quality. The cost of below or around $500 may be pretty expensive, at least concerning specs and what it offers to the table overall.

The Ideal Riders For Northrock XC27

Some people will, however, truly like this mountain bike. Among those who may enjoy this bike are:

Beginners in Mountain Biking

We can consider Northrock XC27 as an entry-level mountain bike. Enough lightness and suspension, serviceable parts, but one that can give you fun and excitement. Those who are just getting into mountain biking would love the features of this mountain bike.

Those Who Want to Ride in Any Terrain

The bike is enough, even ideal, for those who want to taste everything: rugged trails, but not rugged enough, single tracks, changing terrains, and some rough surfaces. Those who wish to have some challenges, but not extreme ones, will find this bike suitable.

Ideal for Those Biking for Fitness

Those who want to engage in mountain biking to stay fit are ideal riders for this bike. Those people can sweat their way to different terrains and keep themselves in tip-top shape while engaging in some trails and obstacles.

If they are adventurous enough, they can try some single tracks or pump tracks available in the vicinity to experience the feel of it. The important thing is to have an outdoor adventure, an alternative to the gym, indoor exercising, and the like.

Friends Who Ride Together

Some people want to ride with family and friends, regardless of the bike. This mountain bike is a good one for strolling the neighborhood too. One can enjoy riding it and biking while chatting with friends and fellows.

Or, if one wants to have some fun and excitement, he can challenge his fellows to a friendly race along the climb or trails.

One need not worry about trails, suspension, or anything. This bike’s specs are more than enough to handle smooth flat surfaces. It does not pack much speed like a road bike or other mountain bikes, but the speed is more than enough to stroll or wander leisurely.

Conclusion: Is Northrock XC27 Worth Having?

That it is not a great mountain bike does not mean it is not worth having. The purpose of Northrock XC27 is to have a good mountain bike that is of superior quality to other bikes available in the market.

Northrock XC27 can give you a quality ride; it is a mountain bike you can enjoy and take virtually anywhere. One does not need to have the best of everything if one wants only to enjoy bike riding, stay fit, or bike in the company of family or friends.

You can enjoy Northrock XC27 for that purpose. One can say you can get a similar bike at a lower price. But this is one by Giant, known for their quality and making bikes you can enjoy at a price.

So to the question of Northrock XC27 being worth having: for those purposes mentioned, yes, it is worth it.

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