Northrock XC29 Mountain Bike Review (Pros & Cons Explained)

Are you shopping around for a 29-inch mountain bike for your off-road biking? You can find several mountain bikes in brick-and-mortar and online stores.

However, shopping for a mountain bike can be tricky, especially if hundreds of brands and models exist. It can get very confusing comparing them.

Many bikers are like you. They want to buy a mountain bike but can’t decide which one will fit their requirements.

Fortunately, this Northrock XC29 review can help you decide if this brand and model suits your purpose. So kindly read on to learn more.

Northrock XC29 Specifications

Northrock XC29
Frame29″ all-aluminum 6061
Frame Size17.5″ (suitable for people with heights 1.7m to 1.9m}
Fork29″ Suntour SR XCT
Rear DerailleurM310 Shimano Altus
Bottom BracketSealed cartridge
Shifter21-speed Shimano rapid fire Altus EF-500
BrakesMechanical Tektro discs (dual)
Tires29″ x 2.2″ Maxxis Mountain
Brake LeversShimano Altus Shifter integrated EF-500
CrankShimano FC-TY501 42/34/24T
SpokesStainless Steel

Northrock XC29 Mountain Bike Features

17.5″ Aluminum 6061 Frame

The Northrock XC29 frame is from 6061 hand-crafted aluminum that’s solid, lightweight, rigid, reliable, and corrosion-resistant. You’ll love it because it’s suitable for rugged terrains.

If you should carry this bike, you can do so without any problem because it’s lightweight. Moreover, it’s hand-crafted, ensuring robustness in handling the rigorous nature of mountain biking.

Moreover, you won’t find the Northrock XC29 worrisome because it’s not prone to rust. Cleaning is quick and efficient, too.

Shimano Parts

Notice the derailleurs, brake levers, cogset, shifter, and cranks. They’re all from Shimano, a brand known for its quality and function.

As a cyclist, you’ll love that the Shimano parts are user-friendly. Check the Shimano 42-34-24T FC-TY501 cranks because they’re robust and have an excellent transmission ratio.

Moreover, the Shimano M310 Altus rear derailleur is lightweight yet high-performing. It has a low profile concept and double servo pantograph tech.

Tektro Disc Brakes

The Tektro brakes are reliable, robust, and offer strong stopping power. As a result, you can control your Northrock XC29 when on the most demanding terrains.

Moreover, you can quickly adjust the brake levers for proper bike control.

Fast Wheels

The 29-inch wheel allows you to confidently tackle steep climbs, rocky descents, and other types of terrains.

Fast Wheels

You can remain on the road because you can accurately steer your bike on rough terrains. Moreover, you can avoid obstacles and quickly accelerate on several surfaces.

Front Suspension

You get a comfortable ride with the Northrock XC29 because the bike’s front suspension can absorb the jarring impacts of the rough terrains.

Moreover, the front suspension allows you to control your bike on challenging trails.

Velo Mountain Performance Seat

You’ll like the comfortable and high-quality seat of the Northrock XC29.

You won’t have any issues taking long rides because it has a contoured pad for comfort and raised power output.

Double Wall Rims

If you’re tackling unpredictable terrains, you have confidence that you’ll be successful because of the lightweight and robust rims.

In addition, the double walls offer the best weight and strength ratio suitable for your needs.

Stainless Steel Spokes

You may have noticed that many mountain bikes have stainless steel spokes, and the Northrock XC29 is no exception.

These spokes are robust, durable, and long-lasting. In addition, the Northrock XC29 can handle your weight, and you won’t have to replace them quickly.

Pros and Cons of Northrock XC29


  • Stiff, lightweight, and durable aluminum frame
  • Reliable X4 SRAM shifters for quick shift performance
  • High-performance Rocket V WTB contoured-pad saddle for more power output
  • Suntour SR XCT 29 front suspension for unpredictable terrain
  • For riders with heights ranging from 5’8″ to 6’2″
  • SX17 WTB robust and lightweight double-wall rims for unpredictable terrains
  • WTB grips for comfort, absorption, and control in rugged terrains
  • Truvativ SRAM E400 crank for high-performance shifting and maximum durability
  • BB5 AVID disc brakes for durability, dependability, and all-weather control
  • 29″ x 2.2″ WTB fast-rolling tires for quick and efficient cutting through trails
  • 24-speed X4 SRAM drivetrain for reliability and high-performance
  • Robust, lightweight, and durable KMC chain
  • Rust-proof finish for long-lasting luster


  • Requires assembly
  • Not for riders below 5’8″ in height

How Good Is a Northrock XC29 Mountain Bike?

If you’re searching for an excellent yet affordable mountain bike, you can’t go wrong with a Northrock XC29. You won’t find a better bike at its price point.

You can tackle several off-road terrains without ruining the Northrock XC29 because its 6061 aluminum alloy is reliable and robust.

You’ll like the Shimano parts because this brand is world-renowned for producing components that allow bikes to achieve their best performance.

If you’re fond of off-road riding conditions, you’ll like the fast-rolling wheels of the Northrock XC29.

Moreover, the front suspension offers a comfortable ride. As a result, you won’t suffer the impact of going over off-road surfaces.

Northrock XC29 vs. Northrock XC27 Mountain Bikes

Northrock XC27

Northrock offers the XC29 and XC27. You’ll notice that mountain bikes have many similarities in components.

However, each mountain bike has its distinguishing features.

Similarities between Northrock XC27 and XC29

XC29 and XC27 mountain bikes have lightweight and responsive 6061 handmade all-aluminum frames.

Moreover, both Northrock mountain bikes have the Tektro disc brakes for efficient and swift stoppage and bike control.

The bikes have Shimano parts, including the rear derailleurs, cogsets, and drivetrains. You’ll also notice that they have Suntour SR XCT forks and KMC Z50 chains.

Differences between Northrock XC29 and XC27

 Northrock XC27Northrock XC29
Suitable height of riders5’7″ – 6’1″5’8″ – 6’3″
Wheels27 inches29 inches


Is Northrock a good brand for bikes?

Northrock is a good bike brand because they provide stellar performance on several terrains.

For example, Northrock XC29 is durable and robust. You’ll enjoy your mountain biking trips with it.

Are the Northrock mountain bikes any good?

Northrock mountain bikes are lightweight, high-quality, durable, and dependable. You’ll like their details and precision, especially in off-road cycling.

Northrock bikes have top-notch Shimano components, an all-aluminum frame, and mechanical Tektro disc brakes.

Who manufactures Northrock mountain bikes?

Northrock is the manufacturer of Northrock XC27 and XC29 mountain bikes.

Final Thoughts

Mountain bikers like the Northrock XC29 because it suits their budget. Moreover, this mountain bike is reliable for off-road trips.

You’ll like the Northrock XC29 mountain bike because of its agility, high performance, and greater control.

At this price point, the Northrock XC29 may be the mountain bike for your needs.

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