Northrock XC6 Review – Is It a Good Mountain Bike?

Elite mountain bikes may be rare, but entry-level, mid-range, low-end mountain bikes abound if they are not already flooding the market.

Even top biking companies and those who sell for the mass market have their fair share of mid-range but still quality mountain bikes.

Northrock offers many mountain bikes, and Northrock XC6 may be one of their better ones. But how good is Northrock XC6?

Is it better than most mountain bikes on the market? Is it worth having a Northrock XC6 instead of other mountain bikes?

We will answer all those questions in this Northrock XC6 Review. So let’s dive in-

The Northrock XC6

This bike belongs to the Northrock mountain bike series, manufactured by Giant.

Giant Bicycles are known for manufacturing and marketing bikes that are affordable yet of good quality.

Northrock XC6

These are the bikes you might see in department stores such as Costco, which are usually for the general public and cycling enthusiasts.

Their selling point is to provide the public with quality bikes they can enjoy at reasonable and fair prices, if not a bargain.

Northrock XC6 is one bike that promises the best riding experience for most people.

It sports good quality specs, not elite or top quality, but just enough for the price it sells. 

And for the price, it promises to give the best mountain biking experience. It can handle the terrain well, has excellent suspension, enough comfortability, and is durable.

It is as likable as any mountain bike would be.

For everything that it has, it could be at par with any other mountain bike, even elite ones. Thus, many bats for this mountain bike.

A favorite by many bikers, especially those of Giant bicycles and everything they accord.

The Specs of Northrock XC6

The specs are not top of the line, not of the elite, or the highest quality. Nevertheless, it is more than enough to handle the rigors and pressure of mountain biking.

It can give you everything concerning mountain biking experience.


Like most giant bicycles, especially their mountain bikes, it sports an aluminum frame, an aluminum 6061, with a rustproof clear coat finish.

Light but solid and sturdy, it has the needed stiffness and can give any rider stability when taking on trails.

It is available in sizes 18′ and 19.5″.


It features Shimano components for the drivetrain, namely, a Shimano Acera, 24-speed, Shimano crank, and Shimano Altus shifters with integrated brake levers.

The front derailleur is a Shimano Tourney, while the chain is a KMC.

Wheels and Tires

The wheels are made of alloy rims, also rustproof, with spokes of stainless steel, 14g. The tires are Kenda Kross Plus, size 26’x1.95′.

Other versions, however, sport Moto Raptor tires, size 26’x2.0′.

Wheels and Tires

Other Components

The suspension fork is an SR Suntour XCT V4, with suspension travel of 80mm.

It has a Threadless Headset, a saddle by WTB with nice padding, and mechanical disc brakes by Tektro.

What Do The Specs Tell Us?

Let us first see what it offers concerning durability, road performance, and the rider’s comfort.

With an aluminum frame, stainless steel spokes, and alloy rims, this one is well-suited for the grind of mountain climbing.

Talking about durability, it may be one of the better mountain bikes around, especially with rust-resistant frames and rims.

The drivetrain is of Shimano and the chain KMC; together, they are one of the most reliable drivetrain components a bike can have, whether a mountain bike or others. They are known to be durable and highly efficient.

The 24-speed shifters allow many options, especially in changing terrain, extreme road, or weather conditions.

Plus, with Shimano shifters, you can be sure of quick, smooth shifts as you drive on those trails and terrain.

The tires are either Moto Raptor or Kenda, and Kenda is one of the trusted brands in bike tires.

There is an issue, however, with the size employed by Northrock XC6. They are a shade below two inches thick, below the usual standard of two inches for most mountain bikes.

Tires that are not that thick may have difficulties handling different terrains, especially the rugged trails.

On the other hand, Moto Raptor provides that standard tire size for Northrock X6.

Considering the specs, we expect it to perform decently, if not excellently.

The aluminum frame provides the necessary stiffness for the bike, giving the rider greater control along the trails and rugged terrain.

The 80mm suspension is also adept at handling challenging terrains and uneven surfaces. SR Suntour is one of the better suspension forks.

The saddle, too, by WTB, provides excellent absorbing power for the bike.

Overall, it is a bike that is durable, decent on the road, and very comfortable.

It is not that light compared to other bikes, mainly due to other components being made chiefly of alloy and stainless steel.

But it is lighter than other bikes, especially those with steel frames and components.

The components and specs that Northrock XC26 has are standard fares among Northrock and Giant Bicycles.

They are never imposing, but you have serviceable parts matched with excellent ones to give you optimum performance on the road and comfort without spending that much.

Pros and Cons of Northrock XC6

Northrock XC6 offers a lot, and it has many positives, among which are:

Very Comfortable

The excellent shock-absorbing power in the saddle and suspension fork makes for a less bumpy ride.

The 80mm suspension travel may not be that much, but for this bike, which is mainly for entry-level riders, it is more than adequate.

Decent Performance

The aluminum frame is sturdy enough to provide the necessary stiffness needed by non-experts to take on different terrains.

It is not lighter than other bikes but heavy enough to give the rider excellent stability and control.

A very light bike in the hands of a non-expert may be challenging to ride on changing terrains and rough surfaces.

The drivetrain, of course, is more than reliable. It can take on different terrains without losing power and efficiency.

The mechanical disc brakes are serviceable enough to give the needed stopping power once you encounter difficulties along the trails.

For its purpose and all its worth, Northrock XC6 is truly a mountain bike anyone can enjoy. It gives you just enough of everything, sometimes more.

Affordable Price

With durability, decent performance, and comfortability, this one is affordable, even by the standard of most Giant or Northrock bicycles.

Whether you buy a new one from Costco or online stores like eBay, this one costs just below three hundred dollars.

Considering that you can use it anywhere and take on challenging terrains, that is a friendly price.

If we add that it is durable yet very comfortable to ride, that makes it nearly a bargain.

But there are some drawbacks to this mountain bike. Among these are:

The Paint

The frame is a rustproof color coat finish, but the paint tends to wear off quickly.

If you’re a rider who mind looks, appearance, and aesthetics, be mindful of this aspect.


As is always the case, you must sacrifice some if you want a good-quality bike that is affordable.

Not that the pedals easily get damaged or break off quickly, but they look fragile and do not look a match considering the quality of other components.


Be ready to have a spare one.

The Ideal Riders For Northrock XC6

Among those who may enjoy and benefit from riding Northrock XC 26 are:

Beginner Riders

Those just starting mountain biking are a perfect fit for this bike.

Northrock XC6, after all, is an entry-level bike with specs and features that are perfect for those who are not yet experts in the sport.

The suspension is just fine, not too rigid, and not too malleable. The weight of the aluminum frame is not too light for the beginner.

It is sturdy enough to provide stability, while the shift gears are smooth enough for the rider to adjust quickly.

And of course, this one is very comfortable too. Overall, the features will help any beginner adjust quickly and know what it feels like to bike on different terrains and rugged trails.

Mountain Bike Enthusiasts

Northrock XC6 may not be top of the line and maybe not be one of the best. Fans of mountain biking, however, would love to add this one to their collection.

At below three hundred dollars, it is very affordable. Mountain bike enthusiasts would surely want another available, good-quality mountain bike at their disposal.

You need not always bike for competition or the ultimate thrill. Sometimes, you want to have a feel of a particular terrain, what it looks like driving on specific paths and trails.

Having this bike would very much suit that purpose.

Those Who Bike For Leisure

Mountain bikes are not “comfort bikes,” but there can be so much pleasure in riding one, and Northrock XC6 can give you that enjoyment.

Not really because it could be the ultimate mountain bike for the trails, but because it can give you many other things.

You can ride Northrock XC6 for fitness and take on challenging trails to keep yourself healthy. But you can also bike for leisure.

You can stroll in the city lanes and use this bike for running errands or for having a bonding time with your relatives and friends through biking.

It may not have the highest specs for a mountain bike, but that will suit those who want to ride it not for trails and climbs but on other terrains, smooth flat roads, for instance.


Northrock XC6 is a very efficient bike for climbing and trails; never mind if it is not the ultimate bike. The bike features are enough to give you excellent performance on the road.

They are durable and can provide stability and balance when riding along rugged terrains. Very crucial still, they are comfortable.

You can have all of it at a very affordable price.

Northrock XC6 may not compare with elite mountain bikes, but it has anything that every entry-level rider is looking for in a mountain bike.

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