Reviewing The Apollo Motors Brand:  Are Apollo Dirt Bikes Good

Talking about dirt bikes, Apollo might be one of the most recognizable brands.

Many consider Apollo bikes one of the quality dirt bikes in the market, for they are durable, solid, sturdy, and affordable.

But are Apollo dirt bikes good? Or is it again the case of reputation preceding performance and quality? And just how good are the Apollo bikes available in the market?

Let us examine the Apollo brand, if they are excellent, and what makes them stand out. After which, we will proceed with some reviews of the Apollo bikes offered in the market.

Then we will conclude With a section on whether it is worth having Apollo as your dirt bike.

The Apollo Brand

Apollo Motors is a Chinese company with a global reach and branches in nearly every country. It is one of the more popular dirt bikes, its design having mass appeal.

The parts are mostly available and easily replaceable. Finally, it is one of the more affordable dirt bikes on the market.

Apollo Dirt Bikes

Apollo has no pretension of challenging the elites and high-end dirt bikes. They want to provide every dirt bike enthusiast with affordable bikes they can ride or use for the sport.

And in that, Apollo is successful. Apollo bikes of all types are flooding the market. Some raise suspicion about its durability.

It is common for many to suspect the quality of products for the mass market. Apollo bikes are no exception.

Good Things About Apollo Dirt Bikes

Apollo bikes might be a victim of those misconceptions. After all, most of their dirt bikes are of excellent quality. But below are some reasons that make the Apollo brand a good one.

Easy to Use

Unlike other dirt bikes that have so many features, making them unfriendly to riders, Apollo bikes are easy to operate and ride. They are sturdy and stable, making them easy to use even for beginners.

Even those who had never ridden a dirt bike before and used it for the first time can master an Apollo dirt bike in a matter of days or even hours of riding it.

Generally Safe

The Apollo dirt bike’s design and geometry features make it a far safer bike than others. It has a wide wheelbase which is better for stability and control.

 They have quality parts, like excellent hydraulic disc brakes and suspension, which gives the rider far better control of the dirt bike. Those are crucial, especially for beginners who are still learning the ropes.

It has Speed

Apollo bikes are one of the faster ones of their kind. Since it is generally safe to ride, drive, and easy to use, packing more speed is undoubtedly good. It makes for more thrill and excitement.

Mass Appeal

Its design and geometry appeal to a lot of people. It does not have the swashbuckling appeal of a Harley, but it gives you the same feeling when riding one. It is imposing yet, serviceable.

Apollo Dirt Bikes

And unlike other bikes, this one is a dirt bike. As we know, you use dirt bikes when you are a daredevil, not afraid of taking the trails and going down in the process.

This attitude perfectly matches most designs of an Apollo dirt bike.

Wide Variety of Options

You can choose many options if you want an Apollo dirt bike. The engine capacity of Apollo ranges from 70cc to 250cc.

But more than engine capacity, there are just too many models of Apollo dirt bikes available. A cursory look at the Apollo Motors website showcases more than 30 different models of dirt bikes.

Those dirt bikes are nearly available everywhere, and it won’t be surprising to find one Apollo Motors branch in your neighborhood. But in case you do not, you can go on to several online retailer shops like Amazon and the like.


Let’s face it. Affordable dirt bikes would appeal to people with less money but who still want to experience the fun and excitement. Apollo dirt bikes, then, allow most to hit two birds with one stone: Enjoy the ride and everything about it while spending less.

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Reviewing Apollo Bikes

Here are some of the highly rated Apollo dirt bikes available:

1. Apollo DB-007 125cc Dirt Bike

It is probably one of the more famous Apollo dirt bikes and most recognizable.

Apollo Dirt Bikes

This one is 125cc, single cylinder, 4 stroke engine, with a speed of 55 mph. This one quickly gets into the groove, running fast when you kick start it. The parts, though not top of the line, are durable.

 They do not easily break down or are subjected to a low-quality dirt bike’s usual wear and tear.

In short, this one is serviceable for the sport and can give you what you expect. But it is also one of the heaviest Apollo dirt bikes.

2. Apollo RFZ Elite

This one is a 150cc, 4-stroke engine and can top speed up to 60mph. Not as effective as that of Apollo250 cc dirt bikes. But it has nice specs like an excellent manual transmission and quality disc brakes that provide optimum performance.

Apollo Dirt Bikes

And it weighs pretty much the same as that of Apollo DB-007.

3. Apollo AGB 36

This one is one of the more powerful apollo dirt bikes. At 250cc, it packs more than 15 HP, with excellent design and geometry. It is one of the larger dirt bikes of Apollo.

Apollo Dirt Bikes

With a 4-stroke engine and double start features, it packs so much power you can go full blast once you kick start. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a climb or whatever weather conditions you are riding.

Those who have tried Apollo AGB 36 attest to its power and speed. Some are reluctant even to ride this Apollo bike at full speed, but all certify that it can conquer the climbs easily and without hassle.

Aside from speed, the best thing about it may be its front and rear suspension. This Apollo dirt bike makes for a wonderfully smooth ride, no matter how fast. The excellent suspension ensures that you will remain in control when encountering bumps and rough surfaces along the way.

4. Apollo Xpro 110 CC Dirt Bike Pit

This 110cc, single cylinder, 4 stroke air cooled engine dirt bike is ideal for kids and youngsters who want to drive a cool one at a young age. The design and weight are precise for children and even teenagers.

Apollo Dirt Bikes

And as we mentioned, Apollo dirt bikes are known for safety due to design and specs. This bike is no exception. It has very efficient hydraulic disc brakes that are easy to handle.

The hydraulic disc brakes are crisp even in challenging road and weather conditions. That makes this bike safe for your children.

Some Issues with Apollo bikes

Apollo bikes have great qualities, but they have some drawbacks too. Among these are:

Heavy Duty

The Apollo dirt bikes are not your usual bikes, with lighter frames that make for a great ride. Unlike bicycles, the speed of dirt bikes has something to do with the engine. As such, it does not need lighter frames to be that fast.

The Apollo bikes have one of the heavier dirt bikes around. It does not matter what range you have, whether Apollo 110 cc, Apollo 125CC, Apollo 150 CC, or Apollo 250 cc dirt bike, all are heavy, formidable, and imposing.

Very Difficult to Assemble

Apollo bikes are heavy and, add to that, very challenging to assemble. Sometimes, one may need a mechanic to assemble it. Frequently too, the instructional manual is very unreliable, and you need to use your senses to assemble the Apollo dirt bike parts.

Looking for Components

Most of its components are interchangeable with other parts. But if you want authentic Apollo dirt bike parts, you need to go to a service center or order online to have that component.

That is not an easy undertaking. With Apollo dirt bikes everywhere, the demand for parts is naturally high. It may be a challenge to get the Apollo components you want.

But if you want, you can have other brands for that component. You hope that it is as good as that of Apollo.

The Ideal Riders For Apollo

Who are the riders that will enjoy Apollo? Among those riders are:

Those Who Want Speed

Even amateurs can take the trails using a dirt bike.

Apollo dirt bikes are ideal for those who may want to travel fast pace and take the country byways at breathtaking speed. All Apollo dirt bikes pack speed and power; whatever you choose, you are sure to get that speed you always want.

Entry-Level Riders

Those first-timers into dirt bikes or motorcycle-type vehicles will enjoy riding an apollo dirt bike. With its user-friendly features, one can quickly learn to ride the apollo dirt bike. 

The important thing is that the rider can handle its weight, which is quite heavy. But once the rider gets accustomed to its build and weight and learns to run it, it will have no problems riding smoothly and fast.

Those Who Loved Its Design

Dirt bikes need not only pack speed and power but must also be aesthetically appealing. Apollo dirt bikes are attractive, not because it is beautiful per se, but because of their rather imposing and rugged look.

Apollo Dirt Bikes

When you ride an Apollo dirt bike, you have that feeling of a daredevil, and the look already suggests it. It is not your smooth two-wheel vehicle with shining metals and the like. Instead, it is primarily a dirt bike with rough edges and sharp features.

Some people love those sharp features. For them, a dirt bike is more than performance. It must look like one. The look and design of an Apollo dirt bike epitomize what a dirt bike is.

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Conclusion: Are Apollo Dirt Bikes Good? The Verdict

Apollo dirt bikes are generally of good quality, with most of its dirt bikes sporting good quality specs and components. Their excellent design appeals to most riders and dirt bike enthusiasts.

They offer many options, from a wide range of engine capacity to dirt bikes of different models and styles. They even have some dirt bikes for kids, which are generally safer than others, but they do not sacrifice speed or quality of ride.

There are issues, but except for the weight, those concerns have nothing to do with riding experience. And weight is something a rider can handle once he gets accustomed to riding a particular dirt bike.

And one can argue that they are heavy because that is needed. Dirt bikes need to be sturdy, solid, and durable as you take on the road, especially challenging ones. The weight, therefore, may not factor in that much, considering that most of us wanted a durable dirt bike with speed and power.

To the question then, “are Apollo dirt bikes good? Yes, they are. After the review, we can say they are. The challenge for the buyer is to get one suitable for him.

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