Trek 7000 Review – Is It a Good Bike?

One of the earlier Trek hybrid bikes still making rounds today is the Trek 7000.

One of their earliest hybrid bikes, the Trek 7000 version, has considerably improved throughout the years, making it one of the more sought-after entry-level bikes for new riders.

But how good is the Trek 7000? Can it compare with other hybrid bikes, especially the new ones?

Is it still worth having a Trek 7000 today, considering there are a lot of different hybrid bikes available from Trek and others?

The Trek 7000

This Trek hardtail hybrid bike has a history spanning back more than thirty years. At that time, it was considered one of the better mountain bikes.

The Trek 7000

Sporting a real aggressive geometry, it can take on a variety of terrain, from smooth, flat roads to single tracks and a few rugged trails here and there.

The Trek 7000 has undergone several improvements and modifications. Trek updated its geometry and components; the most noticeable improvement is the frame.

Trek 7000 greatly benefited from technological innovations involving bike frames, and it has become considerably lighter than the previous 1991 model.

The latest version of Trek 7000 is the 2012 model, currently archived at Trek but still very much in demand online. Unlike the original 1991 bike version, the latest installment has a more relaxed, upright position, though it retains that aggressive hardtail geometry it once had.

It also now sports newer components, many of which are standard fare among Trek hybrid and mountain bikes.

The Specs of Trek 7000


The frame Trek 7000 employs is that of an Alpha Silver aluminum alloy, with sizes ranging from 15” to 22.5”. We suspect it does not use the Alpha Gold aluminum alloy frame because Trek already archived the bike.

Aluminum alloy frames, nevertheless, are known for durability while also being lightweight. In short, the latest installment of Trek 7000 is not your old, vintage mountain bike which is quite heavy, though also solid.

This one is considerably lighter than the original version.

The Drivetrain

This Trek bike employs the best of both worlds: It has an SRAM MRX 7-speed shifter while also using Shimano Tourney for both front and rear derailleur. A formidable combination, indeed.

The crank is forged alloy, 48/38/28 with chainguard, while the cassette is also Shimano, Shimano TZ31 that is 14-34 7 speed.

Wheels and Tires

Wheels and Tires

Both the wheels and tires are by Bontrager. The wheels are Bontrager 550, alloy rims with 36 holes, while the tires are Bontrager H4. 700x35c.

Other Components

The fork is of hi-tensile steel. The stem and seat post are of alloy, while the handlebar is of steel by Bontrager.

The saddle is a Bontrager boulevard, while the brake set is by Tektro; linear-pull brakes with Tektro Alloy levers.

What Do the Specs Tell Us?

What stands out here is the aluminum frame and the drivetrain. Since it is a 2012 model, some specs may be dated.

But for it is time, it is one of those considered the best. Even now, a silver aluminum frame will do well on the road.

They are lighter than most frames used for a standard mountain bike.

And it has SRAM for shifters and Shimano Tourney for front and rear derailleur. Having them as part of a bike’s drivetrain means it runs smoothly, and you will not have trouble shifting gears.

It has speed but has that certain flexibility due to having an excellent shifter. Moving from one terrain to another, from smooth flat roads to uneven ones, will not pose much of a problem.

Even today, this one will still stand out even if many mountain bikes have a good drivetrain.

The Bontrager alloy components on wheels, stem, and seat post make it durable. The wheels, alloy rims, with 36 holes, make it heavier than others, those that have 32 holes usually.

The tires’ thickness is below two inches, making them suitable for road biking and city commuting.

The brake set is by Tektro, linear-pull rim brakes. They cannot compare to mechanical dual disc brakes or hydraulic disc brakes, but they are most effective when used correctly and in suitable terrain.

Despite Trek 7000 being a hybrid bike, the design and specs suggest more effectiveness on the smooth flat roads. That is evident on the tires and fork.

This one also has a more relaxed geometry than a 1991 version, suggesting that Trek wants to add more comfort to the bike.

In short, we have a hybrid bike that is efficient on other terrains, though it may give that much efficiency on rougher roads and extreme landscapes.

Nevertheless, the smooth shifting provided by SRAM and the power from Shimano will allow the bike to handle difficulties along trails and uneven surfaces.

The Pros and Cons of Trek 7000

Trek 7000 has some features that truly stand out. Among these are:

Excellent Drivetrain

Shimano Tourney may not be the best of Shimano components, but for Trek 7000, it might be ideal. With SRAM 7-speed shifter, they can be genuinely efficient when dealing with shifting terrains and rugged roads.

Both allow Trek to have a highly efficient mountain bike that can move swiftly on different terrains without moving the price way up north.

A Nice, Quality Frame

There is a reason why most hybrid and mountain bikes sport aluminum frames: they can provide balance and stability while being lightweight.

Such a fact is crucial, especially when you are taking a climb, riding on shifting terrains and uneven surfaces. The same thing is what you have with the frame sported by Trek 7000.

There may be some difference between the Alpha Silver aluminum frame and the Alpha Gold aluminum frames other Trek bikes have.

But for most people biking for leisure, such differences may not amount to much, except that it contributes to the bicycle having a higher or lower price.

 The frame employed by Trek 7000 may not be at par with others, but it is as durable and as efficient.

Very Durable Bike

Except for some parts, this bike, overall, is durable. It can take the stress of the trails and other terrains, has excellent performance, and can retain the same efficiency.

Durable Bike

There are only two minor issues concerning Trek 70000. These are:

Quite Dated

One issue with Trek 7000 is that Trek archived it. It means no newer versions of it are available.

Whether the last version is as efficient as that of new hybrid bikes is certainly a good question.

The Bike-Price Ratio

Aside from it, some may claim that you can have better hybrid or mountain bikes than Trek 7000. At prices ranging from $350-$400, some mountain bikes sporting the same or even better specs abound.

It is hard to argue against those points. The bike-price ratio certainly factors in the equation of whether a bike is truly worth having.

But Trek 7000 is a good performing bike, as attested by most riders. It has good, quality parts; some may say excellent.

Most of all, it came from a brand known as a winner and has produced winners. Trek can say that the brand has proven itself where it truly mattered.

The Ideal Riders For Trek 7000

Among the riders that may enjoy or benefit from riding Trek7000 are:


Those riders just learning to ride the mountains and new to taking the trails will enjoy having this one. It is not that expensive, but it is of excellent quality and comes from a proven winner.

It is also durable where it matters. Having Trek 7000 will undoubtedly appeal to them.

Riding Trek 7000 can give them a better grasp of what it means to ride the mountains and take smooth roads at the same time. It provides just the exact stability, has an excellent drivetrain, and can give you both the speed and flexibility a new rider needs in whatever terrain.

A 3×7 speed provides just the suitable options, too, as new riders begin to learn the ropes in mountain biking.

Those Who Ride For Fun

Trek 7000 is not an imposing bike. It does not demand that much of a rider and is light and good enough to ride anywhere.

It is comfortable, with its geometry and shift providing the rider much flexibility on varied terrains and other surfaces.

So, this hybrid bike is something everyone can enjoy, even pro riders. It is suitable even for city rides, and with its drivetrain and tires, quite adept at handling paved roads and neighborhood streets.

You can enjoy going anywhere, in the city or neighborhood, for whatever purpose, by riding in Trek 7000. There is no reason why most of us will not add fun to whatever we do by riding a good, excellently performing mountain bike.

Conclusion: Is Trek 7000 Still Worth It?

Considering its overall performance on the road, its good-quality components, the comfort it can give to a rider, and the fact that it is a Trek bike, we can say it is better. If you can have it at below $400, or maybe even less, then this bike is certainly appealing.

It is not your high-end bike; it is not of the elite or the top quality. If you are looking for that bike, you need not look at the Trek 7000.

It would be best if you looked elsewhere.

But if you want a good bike, not only to bring you from point A to point B. but to enjoy some climbs, terrain, and trails, then this is worth the look.

More so if you want one that is durable but still comfortable.

The appeal of Trek 7000 has not only to do with its name or history but with all the things it can give to the rider. Even riders who now use a far more top-quality bike still longed for the original 1991 Trek 7000.

So it must be worth it.

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