Trek Bikes Prices Chart – Why Are Trek Bikes So Expensive?

You may have come across Trek bikes online. An experienced rider may have told you to get one.

Unfortunately, you’re clueless about the brand and want to know more about it. So you start researching and discover many Trek bike models that suit your fancy.

Many new cyclists, even intermediate ones, are in the same situation. They also want to know which Trek bike suits them best.

Fortunately, you discover this article. Kindly read on to find out which Trek bike you can buy and how much you should prepare.

Continue reading up to the end for the FAQs.

Top Trek Bikes and Price Charts

Best Value Trek BikeTrek FX 1 Disc$700
Best First Mountain BikeTrek Marlin 7 Gen 2$1,030
Bikepacker’s DreamTrek 1120$3,000
Best College BikeTrek 820$500
Best Road Bike for Endurance RidingTrek Domane SL 7 Gen 3$6,630
Best Road Bike for All-Round Climbing and RidingTrek Émonda SL 6 eTap$5,100
Best Road Bike for Flat and Fast MilesTrek Madone SLR 9 Gen 6$12,550
Best Value Trail BikeTrek Roscoe 9$2,800
Best Trail Bike for Aspiring RidersTrek X-Caliber 9$1,930
Best Cross-Country Hardtail BikeTrek Procaliber 9.5$2,450
Best Trail Bike for Expert RidersTrek Fuel EX 9.8 GX AXS Gen 5$7,500
Best for Elite XC RacesTrek Top Fuel 9.9 XX1 AXS$11,500
Best for Cyclists Enjoying Challenging On-Trail StuffTrek Remedy 9.8$6,400
Best for Enduro EnthusiastsTrek Slash 7$3,830
Best Entry-Level Bike for Fitness and Hybrid ActivitiesTrek Verve 3 Disc$1,000
Most Versatile and Affordable BikeTrek Dual Sport 2 Gen 4$790
Best for Gravel RacesTrek Checkpoint SLR 9 eTap$12,250
Best for Urban RidersTrek Allant+ 8S Stagger$4,450
Best Mountain Bike for Bikers with High ExpectationsTrek Rail 9.7$7,550

Trek FX 1 Disc – Best Value Bike

If you’re a beginner, you’ll like the Trek FX 1 Disc because of its lightweight frame, so you have a comfortable ride.

Moreover, it’s a 16-speed bike with a standard fitted chain guard. You’ll like that it’s a reliable and friendly companion and workhorse.

The FX 1 Disc has a lightweight aluminum frame, ensuring a nippy ride with powerful disc brake.

Trek Marlin 7 – Best First Mountain Bike

The Marlin 7 has a men’s and a women’s version, and it’s suitable for casual commuters, daily trail riders, and aspiring racers.

Trek Marlin 7

This Trek mountain bike is best for cyclists who prefer to pedal fast because it has a high bottom bracket and aggressive, steep seat and head angles.

The internal cable routing isn’t standard on mountain bikes at this price point. Moreover, the 2×9-speed Shimano drivetrain offers many gearing alternatives.

The RockShox XC30 100mm coil-spring fork does an excellent job on very rocky trains, but it’s heavier than the other air-spring models.

Lastly, the 29-inch Bontrager Connection rims and 2.2-inch-wide Bontrager tires offer the precise steering and sharp handling you expect from expensive racing models.

Trek 1120 – Bikepacker’s Dream

The Trek 1120 is best for bikepacking, where you spend long days of adventure on your mountain bike.

It comes with a 1×11-speed Shimano SLX groupset, aluminum frame, bulbous Bontrager Chupacabra 29×3-inch tires, and carbon fork.

You’ll like this mountain bike if you prefer to ride through challenging terrains. Moreover, this mtb has front and rear racks for your gear.

Trek 820 – Best College Bike

The Trek 820 is affordable, reliable, and solid to ride. It has a steel frame, a 75mm fork, and 26×2-inch-wide tires for beginner hardtail mountain bikes.

This mountain bike is best for college students searching for a reliable commuter. Moreover, it’s suitable for a family who prefers mtb for all family members for several purposes.

The Trek 820 has a 14-28 cassette, 42/34/24 crank, and a 7-speed Shimano Tourney groupset for every level of rider.

Trek Domane SL 7 Gen 3 – Best Road Bike for Endurance Riding

The Trek Domane is comfort-enhanced with some aerodynamic details and an IsoSpeed decoupler design.

The Domane is a very versatile Trek road bike and is perfect for a comfortable all-day ride.

You may find other Domane models, but the Domane SL 7 Gen 3 is mid-range with carbon fiber with access to the IsoSpeed decoupler system for vibration damping.

This road bike has space for storage and larger tires. However, you don’t have many options if you want to change some parts.

Trek Émonda SL 6 eTap – Best Road Bike for All-Round Climbing and Riding

Emonda is a lightweight road bike for mountain climbing, but you may also use it everywhere because of its disc brakes and aero-optimization.

However, it’s neither an endurance bike nor an all-out aero bike.

The Emonda SL is the mid-priced option with a carbon frame. However, you may prefer the more expensive SLR if you want an ultralight carbon construction.

Trek Madone SLR 9 Gen 6 – Best Road Bike for Flat and Fast Miles

The Madone is a purebred race bike with aero-optimization. Unfortunately, it sits among the most expensive Trek bikes; therefore, it’s not for entry-level riders.

The Madone is aerodynamically fast and comfortable. Thanks to the rear IsoSpeed decoupler system.

In addition, the Madone has integrated cables and a fully integrated cockpit. However, the tire width is limited to 28mm.

Trek Roscoe 9 – Best Value Trail Bike

If you can’t spend thousands of dollars on a trail bike, you may prefer the Trek Roscoe 9.

This bike has SRAM or Shimano parts, RockShox suspension, and 27.5 tires.

Trek X-Caliber 9 – Best Trail Bike for Aspiring Riders

New and relatively experienced riders on the trails will like the X-Caliber because of its quality but affordable aluminum frameset.

The X-Caliber 9 has light and efficient 1x drivetrains and 120mm of travel in the fork. Moreover, it has size-specific tires and powerful hydraulic disc brakes.

The X-Caliber 9 is best for aspiring trail riders who want to explore technical trails on a tight budget.

Trek Procaliber 9.5 – Best Cross-Country Hardtail Bike

Procaliber is best for riders interested in cross-country racing. It’s also for cyclists who want to improve their skills while having fun.

Trek Procaliber 9.5

Trek Procaliber has a 100mm front suspension, 29-inch wheels, IsoSpeed rear decouplers, hydraulic brakes, and modern 1x drivetrains.

Trek Fuel EX 9.8 GX AXS Gen 5 – Best Trail Bike for Expert Riders

The Trek Fuel has 29-inch wheels, 140mm/130mm front and rear suspension, and efficient 1x drivetrains.

If you’re an expert trail rider, you’ll like the Trek Fuel EX line because you can ride several types of race, descent, climb, and terrains. It’s also affordable.

Trek Top Fuel 9.9 XX1 AXS – Best for Elite XC Races

Top Fuel is a line of full-suspension, high-end bikes for elite XC competitions. It has 115mm in the rear shock, 120mm of travel in the suspension fork, and 29-inch wheels and tires.

If you prefer to have fun on top-level XC races and technical and challenging single tracks, the Top Fuel 9.8 XX1 AXS is for you.

Trek Remedy 9.8 – Best for Cyclists Enjoying Challenging On-Trail Stuff

The Remedy is a best-seller among Trek’s full-suspension bicycles because of its exceptional value for money and high-quality components.

The bike has 160/150mm of front and rear travel, wide-range 1×12 drivetrains, zippy 27.5-inch wheels, dropper posts, and a carbon frame.

If you enjoy dynamic and fast descents, drops, jumps, and other hard-on-trail stuff, the Remedy 9.8 is your best bet.

Trek Slash 7 – Best for Enduro Enthusiasts

Slash is for professional cyclists and people who aspire to be one. It has 160/150mm front and rear travel, a premium carbon frame, and 29-inch wheels.

If you’re an enduro enthusiast or professional enjoying the thrill of challenging rocky trails and fast-paced downhill sections, you’ll like the Trek Slash.

Trek Verve 3 Disc – Best Entry-Level Bike for Fitness and Hybrid Activities

Trek Verve is a line of high-quality, comfortable, accessible fitness and hybrid bicycles. It has an aluminum frame, disc brakes, 700c wheels, and entry-level parts.

If you’re a beginner who prefers a dependable bike for daily or weekend use, you’ll like the Verve 3 disc.

Trek Dual Sport 2 Gen 4 – Most Versatile and Affordable Bike

Trek Dual Sport is a line of versatile bikes for on and off-road cycling. It is affordable because it has an inexpensive frame and 700c wheels.

This model also has 63mm of front suspension and disc brakes. In addition, you may opt for a step-through or step-over frame design.

The Trek Dual Sport is for riders who prefer an affordable bike for weekend excursions or urban commutes.

Trek Checkpoint SLR 9 eTap – Best for Gravel Races

You may try the Checkpoint SLR line if searching for efficient and versatile adventure and gravel bicycles with carbon frames.

The bike has stable and nimble progressive geometry, IsoSpeed, power meter, SRAM RED wireless electronic drivetrain, additional mounts for accessories and gear, and Aeolus RSL 37V carbon wheels.

You may use the Trek Checkpoint for bike touring adventures, gravel races, and daily commutes.

Trek Allant+ 8S Stagger – Best for Urban Riders

The Trek Allant+ is a line of electric hybrids with premium Shimano parts and flat bars.

This bike has reliable and robust Bosch electronics that support your pedaling to 28mph.

Moreover, the Allant+ 8S Stagger has lights, racks, and fenders. Therefore, it’s suitable for your daily commute through city traffic, requiring utmost comfort, reliability, and speed.

Trek Rail 9.7 – Best Mountain Bike for Bikers with High Expectation

Trek Rail 9.7

The Trek Rail is the best downhill mountain bike on the high-end side, but it’s worth your money.

You’ll like the 29-inch wheels and tires, long 160mm travel, high-quality SRAM and Shimano parts, and Bosch electronics.

It’s for mountain bikers who prefer to conserve energy for aggressive descent.


Who Owns Trek Bikes?

Intrepid Corporation owns Trek Bikes. Bevill Hogg and Richard Burke are co-founders who make vital decisions for the company.

Today, some Burke family members hold top positions in the company.

Are Trek Bikes American?

Trek Bikes is an American company distributing bicycles, parts, and accessories globally.

Do Giant Manufacture Trek Bikes?

The bike creation process consists of design and manufacture. Trek has its design team.

However, the frames come from many manufacturers worldwide, including Giant.

Where Is the Trek Headquarters?

Trek’s headquarters is in Wisconsin, USA.

However, its bicycles and parts come from other manufacturers around the globe, including Germany, China, the Netherlands, and Taiwan.

Why Are Trek Bikes Very Expensive?

Instead of specializing in niche areas, Trek provides bikes for all cyclists.

Therefore, the bikes cost more because the company invests in design methods, new technologies, and quality materials.

Moreover, Trek has several retail outlets across the globe. Marketing and research have a price.

Do Trek Bikes Maintain Their Value?

Trek Bikes have a warranty scheme, even extending to secondary owners. Moreover, it provides excellent support, resulting in a brand-leading reputation.

Moreover, Trek provides innovative frame geometry design and has a reputation for producing comfortable and quality bikes.

The company supports professional cyclists to boost product value. Moreover, it has a broad support network to build confidence in its bikes.

Can I Buy a Trek Bike on Sale?

You may buy a Trek bicycle on sale when the manufacturer opts to end a specific line.

You may also check some independent bike retail outlets because they sell Trek bikes at discounted prices.

Is Buying a Trek Bike Worth It?

Buying a Trek bike is worth your money because the company thrives in a competitive marketplace.

You can read about positive feedback and reviews citing each bike’s service, lifespan, and quality build.

Will a Trek Bike Last Long?

A Trek bike will last long because of its robust and quality build. However, you should care and use it carefully as some mechanical parts may wear out through use.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Trek Bikes?


  • Excellent line of bikes for beginners
  • Robust build quality
  • Bikes are available at shops across the country
  • Outstanding warranty program
  • Bikes are a product of investment in design and technology


  • Some in-house parts aren’t as popular as their SRAM or Shimano counterparts.
  • Expensive
  • You may opt to spend more to upgrade the in-house parts

Can I Use a Trek Bike for Commuting to Work?

You can use a Trek bike for commuting to work because it has a reputation for quality.

You may choose from a range of commuting bikes capable of having accessories such as racks, fenders, lighting, and mudguards.

Can You Recommend a Good Trek Bike?

There’s a Trek bike for everyone. Check the list below for some recommendations:

ProductType of Trek BikeBest for Which Type of Rider
Trek MarlinMountain BikeBest for beginners and riders on tight budgets
Trek Top FuelMountain BikeBest for trail riders who are into mountain riding
Trek SlashMountain BikeBest for riders who ride on heavy-hitting, enduring tracks
Trek MadoneRoad BikeBest for cyclists who prefer all-out speed
Trek DomaneRoad BikeBest for long endurance trails
Trek EmondaRoad BikeBest for climbing and weight savings
Trek VerveHybrid BikeBest for cruising and comfortable commuting
Trek FXHybrid BikeBest for fitness and quick commuting
Trek Dual SportHybrid BikeBest for controlling different terrain types
Trek PrecaliberKid’s BikeSeveral models for children aged three to 12
Trek WahooKid’s BikeBest for older children because the bike has 26-inch wheels

What Top Technologies Do Trek Bikes Use?

Trek has been a pioneer in developing or perfecting many technological solutions in the cycling industry.

The company also passes these advanced technologies to its entry-level and mid-range bikes.

Therefore, even beginners and intermediate riders can improve their cycling experience.

Trek has developed these ground-breaking technologies:

  • Optimum Compaction Low Void (OCLV) carbon frames – stiffest and lightest carbon frames in the world
  • Alpha Aluminum frames – at par with its rival carbon frames in overall weight and strength
  • Active Braking Point – a patented system that enhances the rear suspension while braking
  • RE:Aktiv – an advanced suspension system offering a dynamic flow that allows the Trek bike to adapt its performance to the terrain type and rider automatically
  • Full Floater – a rear suspension system allowing for very responsive and supple back suspension action that gives riders the impression of bottomless travel
  • IsoSpeed Suspension – a suspension system for road bikes that allows decoupling of the seat tube to reduce the fatigue impacts of the road
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