Trek Dual Sport 4 Review – Is It a Good Bike?

A hybrid bike is a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike, possibly combining all of its best attributes. A “versatile hybrid bike” is a redundancy for the word hybrid bike already connotes versatility.

A rider must expect that it can handle any terrain, packs some speed, and must be comfortable, not to mention durable.

But some are more versatile than others. Trek Dual Sports 4 may be the ultimate hybrid bike, the one dreamed of by many cycling enthusiasts, whether riding for speed or taking on some trails.

But does Trek Dual Sports 4 have it? Is it built for the kill?

Is it one of the better bikes from the Trek family, or just another mid-range/low-end bike made affordable to most people?

The Trek Dual Sport 4

The name already indicates a lot. First, it is a famous brand and belongs to the Trek family hybrid bikes.

Trek Dual Sport 4

We can already anticipate that it is not your standard hybrid bike that sells for a handful of dollars in some bike shops or department stores. This bike comes from a proven winner.

The words “dual sport” indicate the nature of the hybrid bike; it has features of both a road bike and a mountain bike, with all the positives both entails.

It is a mixture of road and off-road excellence, with probably more comfort than a road bike or a mountain bike.

It is the fourth in the series of dual sport models. A higher version generally means improving older ones, having newer features, and probably, having higher specs.

Earlier versions of Trek Dual sports received positive reviews from experts and cycling enthusiasts alike.

That makes Trek Dual Sports 4 promising. Being the latest, many expect it to be better than others in giving us riders the ultimate biking experience.

But is that the case?

Want to know the best hybrid bikes around?

The Specs of Trek Dual Sports 4

Trek hybrid bikes have impressive, excellent specs that give the rider a great experience. That is, without sacrificing comfort, speed, quality, and durability.

This hybrid bike is no exception.


Trek Dual Sports 4 has an alpha gold aluminum frame, which makes it considerably lighter, even among those having aluminum frames.

The frame is DuoTrap S compatible, with internal cable routing and rack, kickstand, and fender mounts.


It sports Shimano Deore M5100 for shifters, and the cassette is Shimano Deore M5100 11-51. The rear derailleur is Shimano Deore M5100, long cage, Shadow Plus, and has ProWheel for crank and bottom bracket.

The chain, meanwhile, is KMCX11, 11 speed, while the pedals are by WellGo Black, with reflectors.

The 2021 version of Trek Dual Sport 4 has a 1×11 drivetrain, while the 2020 version has a 2×9 drivetrain.

Wheels and Tires

The hubs are by Shimano, too, while the rims and tires are of Bontrager, namely, Bontrager Affinity disc tubeless ready rims and Bontrager GR1 Expert hard case lite, wire bead tires.

Wheels and Tires

The tire size is 26″ x2.1″.

Other Components

Other parts, like the saddle, seat post, stem, ergonomic grips, and handlebar, are all by Bontrager, while the brake set is a Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc.

The brake rotor is also by Shimano.

The suspension fork is a reliable SR Suntour NRX RL (remote suspension) with 63mm suspension travel.

What Do The Specs Tell Us?

Impressive could be the words best to describe this bike, talking about specs. The aluminum frame is not just the ordinary aluminum frame sported by most bicycles but an alpha gold one.

This frame manufactured by Trek is lighter and more durable than common aluminum ones.

To say that the drivetrain is excellent could be an understatement. It is of Shimano and Bontrager, probably the best in making drivetrain components.

And this is not one of your ordinary Shimano that we always see in some mid-range ones; This is one of the more high-end, quality ones.

The Bontrager, of course, is durable, but they are also lighter and can give the rider great comfortability and the bike enough sturdiness and suspension. Those Bontrager alloy components, overall, makes for a more lightweight bicycle.

A lighter biker, in general, makes for more speed. In the hands of capable riders, it is also better for riding off-road, on trails and challenging terrains, and on other rough surfaces.

The rider can shift and maneuver with ease.

And Trek Dual Sport 4, at 27.5 lbs overall, is considerably lighter than most bikes, even when compared to the earlier Trek Dual Sport 3, and maybe, with most Trek hybrid bikes.

But the best thing is that despite a lighter frame, it can handle a weight of up to 300lbds. Very strong and sturdy indeed.

The Trek Dual Sport series is the favorite of many, but the Trek Dual Sport 4 may top them all.

The Pros and Cons of Trek Dual Sport 4

That this bike has many positives is to say nothing really, but among the good aspects of Trek Dual Sport 4 are:

Lightweight But Very Durable

Overall, the alpha gold aluminum frame and the Bontrager alloy components make this bike considerably lighter but very durable. It can take any weight, even if you add something and put a lot on those fenders and racks.

You can take it on any terrain without worrying if the bike can handle the stress and strain from uneven, rough surfaces. And with a maximum of 300lbs load, it can take a rider of considerable weight.

And this is without sacrificing speed on flat roads and agility and mobility in different terrain.

Can Take On Any Terrain

With Shimano drivetrain components, you have enough power to deal with either smooth flat surfaces or rugged trails. Pedaling is easy, and the parts make for quick shifts and can give the rider more than enough agility and mobility.


As mentioned earlier, the hybrid bike must be versatile, but this one offers a lot more. The SR Suntour NRX fork remote suspension allows you to turn off the suspension even when riding.

And at 63mm suspension, it is ideal enough to cover a wide range of terrain if ever you need to.

The frame is Duotrap S compatible and allows riders to employ sensors to enhance the riding experience.

The mounts allow you to carry as many loads as possible. And the 300 lbs maximum load will enable you to bring some items when needed. 

Good Bike-Price Ratio

Some may consider the $1,2699.99 price tag quite expensive, especially for a hybrid bike. But this one has an excellent ratio between price and specs due to what it brings to the table.

It has impressive specs, gives superior performance, and is light and durable. That can give you the best riding experience.

It is not a bargain, even with those qualities. But we are talking about a Trek bicycle here, a world-famous brand with great history and a proven winner.

Better still, if you are diligent enough and willing to shop around, you can find Trek Dual Sport 4 sold way below the standard price.

Which brings us to this question: Are there any drawbacks to Trek Dual Sport 4?

Others may find the short suspension travel of 63mm a bit of a letdown, while others may also find the shift from 2×9 speed to 1×11 speed questionable.

But these are issues better settled by each rider, who have their preferences. Overall, this is one of the better hybrid bikes from Trek.

Excellent in every aspect: quality, performance, durability, comfort, and price.

The Ideal Riders For Trek Dual Sport

Among the riders who may enjoy riding this hybrid bike are:

Those Who Love Biking On Any Terrain

With its versatility, riders, whether pro ones or entry-level riders, will love and enjoy this bike. It has so much versatility; it can take any terrain, whether road or trails, with much ease.

The transition from going on roads to uneven surfaces is so easy riding this hybrid bike. One needs not to adjust that much; the Trek Dual Sport 4 does it for the rider.

The result is more comfortable even as the rider engages in aggressive riding, whether on the road or trails.

Entry Level Cyclists

Those who are beginners in cycling and still cannot decide on whether to go on the road or take the trails will also benefit from having this one. Although not the best for both terrain, the bike can approximate the excellent performance of either a road bike or a mountain bike.

But better still, this hybrid bike can do so without surrendering comfort for the rider and the durability of the bike.

Those Who Love Bikes

A biking enthusiast will know if a bike is excellent, never mind if that one is for competition or recreational biking. Some bikes are worth having because of their features and performance.

Trek Dual Sport 4

But some are also because it is too good to pass on, especially if it sports a good bike price ratio and not a high price.

Trek Dual Sport 4 is such a kind of bike. For those who want a top, high-quality bike from a proven winner, having this hybrid bike will not hurt.


As mentioned, a hybrid bike connotes versatility, and you may question the quality of a hybrid bike if it is not that versatile or has severely limited features.

But the Trek Dual Sport 4 is more than just versatile. Its features allow you to take a wide range of terrain easily and comfortably without sacrificing performance.

It is one of the better bikes of Trek, hybrid or otherwise. With all the hardware and top-quality parts, this one is of excellent, superior caliber.

Considering the price, we can debate whether this one is an elite bike or a high-end one. But there is no doubt that the road performance and comfort it brings are top-level.

There is absolutely no doubt that having Trek Dual Sport 4 is genuinely worth it.

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