Trek FX1 Review: Should You Really Get This?

Trek bikes are one of the more famous worldwide: they have everything, Road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes.

They make one of the better hybrid bikes the biking industry has known.

Of all the Trek hybrid bikes, the Trek FX series might be among the more famous. And, of course, of all bikes in the series, Trek FX1 is among the bestsellers.

Trek FX1 set the tone for future Trek FX series.

This Trek FX1 review will discuss what makes this hybrid bike essential and how it succeeded in setting the stage for future Trek FX bikes.

We will also discuss if, given the success of other Trek hybrid bikes, it is still worth it to have this one.

The Trek FX1

Trek wants to have an ultimate fitness bike for everyone.

This bicycle can handle as much terrain as possible, so bikers and riders will have a good time riding anywhere without sacrificing comfort and efficiency.

Trek FX1

Trek remains loyal to the mantra of keeping the individual fit.

That is the promise of Trek FX1. They want a hybrid bike that everybody will love, a bike that can cater to as many people as possible.

A hybrid bike, in simplest terms, combines a mountain bike and a road bike. Trek hopes this can be the ultimate hybrid bike with the best qualities of both.

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The Specs of Trek FX1

By the ultimate hybrid bike, Trek wants a quality, good bike that is of great utility for anyone who wants to stay fit.

That seems in tune with the specs that Trek FX1 has.


Trek FX1 sports an alpha gold, aluminum alloy frame, which is the standard fare among most Trek bikes considered to be those who belong to the lower rung or at least mid-range.

Aluminum alloy frames are sturdy, strong, and solid.

They are heavier compared to carbon frames but lighter than steel frames.

For a hybrid bike like Trek FX1, it fits its purpose. No need to have a lightweight frame.

But one needs a certain speed and durability to take on a wide range of terrains.


It sports a Shimano groupset: A Shimano Altus EF500 for shifters, a 3×7 speed, and Shimano Altus M310 for the rear derailleur.

It has a Shimano Tourney for the front derailleur, a SunRace MFM300 for cassette, KMC Z7 chains, and forged alloy for the crank.

Wheels and Tires

The wheels are of Bontrager Connection, alloy, double wall, while the tires are also Bontrager, H2 Comp, wire bead. The front and rear hubs are by Formula FM.

Wheels and Tires

Other Components

It has a rigid suspension, stem, saddle, and seat post made of alloy by Bontrager.

The handlebar is of steel; the grips are of Bontrager satellite, while the brake set is by Tektro, a linear pull, rim brakes.

What Do The Specs Tell Us?

The specs may not impress, at least at first glance. But the alpha gold aluminum alloy is sturdy and solid.

This one is durable enough to withstand the stress of daily riding for a long time, whether on flat roads or some terrain.

It has specific mounts and is compatible with innovative technology—all the better to track your progress in your fitness program.

The wheels are strong enough, and the tires are reliable. The problem is that the rims are not tubeless-ready, unlike the later versions of the Trek FX series.

But to keep you fit and bring you from point A to point B, this is enough.

The Shimano groupset in the drivetrain is probably the more impressive part of the bike. Shimano Altus and Tourney are standard parts in most hybrid bikes.

Not known to be the elite of Shimano parts, but they are of decent quality and equally reliable.

It sports a rigid suspension. For a hybrid bike, this one is more on the side of the road bike instead of the mountain bike, at least talking about the suspension.

Nevertheless, it can take some trails and terrain and has excellent stability and durability to take different pathways.

But the lack of suspension makes driving on rugged trails hard. Remember, riding Trek FX1, you need to be choosy on terrains, especially those uneven and rough surfaces.

The Tektro brakes are decent, and it is just appropriate for this bike. This bike is more on the road bike side than the mountain bike.

The rim brakes are serviceable enough.

Overall, this bike is a decent performing bike on the road. It gives you enough comfort to take on certain terrains, but not that much excellence compared to that later version of the Trek FX series.

We can say that the Trek FX1 serves as a model, a prototype for future Trek FX series. The Trek FX1 gave the bike company some idea of which aspect of this hybrid bike needs improvement.

The excellent quality of hybrid bikes in the Trek FX series is mainly due to having Trek FX1 serving as the blueprint for the whole series. All the subsequent improvements in specs and performance result from shortcomings in this pioneering model.

Pros and Cons of Trek FX1

Be as it may, Trek FX1 has two outstanding qualities, making this bike worth having. Among these are:

A Good Fitness Bike

To have an ideal bike to keep people fit and have a good hybrid bike that most people can enjoy, Trek FX1 is well suited for it. It does not promise that much, whether in specs or performance, but it performs decent, if not excellent, on the road.

Excellent Bike-Price Ratio

There is a good reason why most people love Trek bikes: Trek has an excellent reputation and is a proven winner. Part of your payment for any Trek bike accounts that superb name.

It is for this reason that some of their bikes are pretty expensive.

So to have Trek FX1 at $600 is quite an excellent deal. You get a good quality bike with excellent performance, one with a good name, at a pretty affordable price.

Of course, it is not a bargain, but it is still an awesome deal.

Those positives are enough for most people to have this bike. But there are some issues with Trek FX1. Among these are:

Decent Parts, Not High-Quality Ones

The Shimano drivetrain is impressive, and so are the alpha gold aluminum frame and the Bontrager alloy components. But some parts are not that impressive or even of good quality.

An example is the pedals, which, considering that it is a Trek bike, are not really of high quality.

Though most parts are serviceable, we still prefer a high-quality one.

Not An Elite Bike

Despite this being the first in the series, it seems it is not the best of Trek’s hybrid bikes. Later versions are far more excellent and impressive.

But again, given the purpose, this bike remains highly serviceable.

Ideal Riders For Trek Fx1

Some riders would prefer this bike; this could be ideal for them. Among these riders are:

Fitness Buffs

Those who bike to keep themselves fit are among the target market of Trek FX1. Fitness buffs can enjoy biking anywhere and can have specific climbs or terrain.

Fitness Buffs

It is pretty decent on flat roads.

Those who want a good sweat can take this bike anywhere. Trek FX1 guarantees an excellent, comfortable ride, one that will also keep you healthy at the same time.

Those Who Enjoy Bike Riding

Trek FX1 is a hybrid bike. As such, it cannot give you the excellent performance worthy of a genuine road bike or mountain bike.

At most, it can only approximate the performance of those bikes.

But it can give you fun and excitement. For purposes of recreational riding, the Trek FX1 offers a lot. It can be of service in many terrains, with the rider not losing comfort and performance.

It can give you a nice ride along the city roads. You can stroll through your village neighborhood and chat with them as you bike along the paved roads.

Not as high-quality as the others, the parts nevertheless are enough to give you the leisure you want in bike riding. Athletes may prefer a more high-end bike, but Trek offers other bikes for them.

They do not provide Trek FX1 for those riders.

Be as it may, however, for purposes of commuting or riding for errands, this bike is more than enough. Considering its price and specs, one can still enjoy this bike if one manages the expectations.

Concluding Trek FX1 Review: Is It Worth Having?

Given all the positives, it is hard to still argue against the Trek FX1. Yes, it may not be elite or top of the line, but it is a good, decent quality bike sporting excellent specs where it mattered.

Having Trek FX1 as a hybrid bike is like having an old friend you can always trust and rely upon. It may not be the best, but you can count on it.

If you want to go anywhere, want to put yourself in tip-top shape, or want to enjoy biking, this one will unquestionably not fail you.

As we mentioned, it is a perfect fitness bike at an excellent, reasonable price. It is not a bargain, but you get everything for all its worth.

It has a good name, is quite comfortable, and can give you fun and excitement riding on flat roads and some smooth surfaces.

But aside from that, you will have the bike first in Trek’s series of highly-regarded hybrid bikes. This Trek FX1 review has shown that this is still worth having after considering everything.

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