Trek FX2 Review – Is It A Good Hybrid Bike Worth Buying?

All types of hybrid bikes abound today, and with so many choices, it is hard to know which one is the best or well-suited to a particular rider.

Not even the brand name can ensure the quality and performance of a specific hybrid bike.

But Trek hybrid bikes are among the most in demand today. And one hybrid bike that may live up to its name is the Trek FX2.

We will do a Trek FX2 review and see if it is worth buying.

Trek FX2 is famous among those who want to enjoy bike riding and those who want to put themselves in tip-top shape by either engaging in trail riding or simply having to commute using a bike.

Is the Trek FX2 worth the trouble, and is it good as advertised?

Or is it all hype, the bike model relying more on recall and name than on superb quality and actual performance?

The Trek FX Series

The Trek FX series pride itself on being light and fast and yet solid and durable.

The first version, the Trek FX1, has high ratings among reviewers despite some issues.

The specs of Trek FX1 are impressive, considering that its price hovers just below $500.

Trek FX1’s design, especially the handlebar, makes it a perfect fitness bike. The Trek FX1 is a great hybrid bike and has become a favorite ever since.

Now comes the Trek FX2, the second installment in the series.

Which of the hybrid bikes is the best?

Does it mean you can get more than the usual fun and excitement with this bicycle?

Does Trek FX2 promise more?

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The Specs of Trek FX2


Here Trek retains the standard frame, which is the pride of the Trek family. The aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable and can handle up to 300 lbs, is very light.

It makes the Trek FX2, at 11.68 kg (27.75 lbs), one of the lightest hybrid bikes. Frame weights, meanwhile, are crucial because they handle the weight and can determine speed.

The frame is accessory-ready, with rack and fender mounts and Duo S compatible, though the accessories are not part of the package.


Trek FX2 has Shimano EF500 8-speed shifters, with the front, rear, and cassette also by Shimano.

The crank is of forged alloy, 48/38/28 with chainguard, while the chains are KMC Z7 with pedals from Bontrager.

Wheels and tires

The rims are Bontrager alloy, while the tires are Bontrager H2, 700×35 cc. The rear hub is also made of alloy, while the front hub is Formula FM21 alloy.

Other components

The saddle, seat post, handlebar, and grips are all Bontrager comp. So does the stem, which has a 31.5 mm rise and is Blendr compatible.

The brakes, meanwhile, are of Tektro and linear-pull.

What do the specs tell us about the Trek FX2?

The Shimano components in the drivetrain, the Bontrager ones on the suspension, and the Tektro linear-pull brakes are standard fare in most Trek bikes, particularly their hybrid bikes.

The drivetrain guarantees speed and smooth riding.

You can quickly shift from smoother flat roads to uneven ones. You can quickly adjust once you encounter challenging terrains and rugged trails.

But the most stunning feature of the Trek FX2 is its incredible lightness but great strength, sturdiness, and durability.

The bike can take 300lbs without ever sacrificing durability and suspension.

In fact, despite that maximum possible weight and the lightness of the frame, the suspension can handle that weight pretty well.

All the suspension components of Trek FX2, like the handlebar, stem, saddle, and seat post, are all Bontrager comp.

Same with the rims, wheels, tires, and front and rear hub.

The aluminum frame and the Bontrager comp on suspension and wheels are responsible for excellent suspension.

It can handle the rider’s weight and the strain and stress of different terrains.

Pros and Cons of Trek FX2

Trek FX2 has been increasingly the favorite of many riders because it has a lot of upsides. Among these are:

Impressive specs

The Shimano components of the drivetrain and all those Bontrager alloys on the suspension, wheels, and tires make this bicycle excellent.

You rarely see such an impressive array of parts and specs on a bicycle.

Very comfortable to ride

Hybrid bikes can handle different terrain, even beaches.

Those impressive specs show in their actual performance on the road. Trek FX2 is one of the most comfortable hybrid bikes around.

The excellent suspension and the very light frame make the Trek FX2 fun to ride.

But you can add to that the excellent design. Also, with lightness and strength in the frame, the rider can have firmer control even on challenging terrains.

The Bontrager handlebars have ergonomic grips that are more comfortable than standard ones. The wheels and tires can handle shock pretty well.

Sturdy, strong, durable

The Shimano components of TrekFX2 are durable and long-lasting.

Same case with Bontrager components, especially those for suspension, like the saddle, seat post, stem, and wheels and tires.

As mentioned, the frame is of aluminum, so light and yet so solid and sturdy.

Overall, it is as if Trek built the bike for all seasons, the bicycle for all weather and road conditions. Its stability is almost identical on a flat road or loose terrain.


You can easily equip Trek FX2 with all the accessories possible. You can put the rack, bike seat, and fenders using mounts in place.

It is DuoTrap S Compatible, Blendr Compatible, and has internal cable routing to protect them against unfavorable weather conditions.


Hybrid bikes can handle flat roads in the city and challenging terrain, but the Trek FX2 can do it better than most.

The specs make for a lighter, faster, comfortable ride.

Though the Trek FX2 may not be as ideal as other specialized bicycles in specific terrain, it can still perform better and approximate the performance of those bikes.

The price

Trek FX2 has excellent specs, great suspension on any terrain, and is very comfortable to ride.

But the Trek FX2 is affordable and not as expensive as other hybrid bikes.

The price makes it appealing to many riders who want to enjoy a casual ride but also to those who may wish to enjoy different terrain.

With the specs, comfort, and versatility, Trek FX2 can give high-end bicycles a run for their money.

These are lots of positives. Are there any weak aspects in Trek FX2? There are at least two:

The brake set

Trektor linear pull breaks are not bad in themselves. But with the excellent drivetrain, frame, and suspension specs, it is a bit of a letdown to have a brake set that is quite unreliable in rough road conditions.

Rim brakes are crucial, especially in uneven, challenging terrain. Low-quality rim brakes are prone to wear and tear.

Trek must be aware of this downside. That is why they have a version of Trek FX2, called Trek FX2 Disc, which employs hydraulic disc brakes instead of linear-pull rim brakes.

Trek FX2 Disc is slightly heavier than Trek FX3 and features 18-speed (2×9).

The pedals

The Trek FX2 has Bontrager pedals. But pedals may not be the strong suit of Bontrager, as the pedals were not the durable type and are prone to wear and tear with extensive riding.

Pedals might be the weakest aspect of this impressive bike.

Low-quality pedals are prone to wear and tear.

It would be best if Trek FX2 completed the package and employed high-quality brakes and pedals. But no bike is ever perfect.

Ideal Riders for Trek FX2

Who are the people who may enjoy riding the Trek FX2?

Those who are into recreational riding

Most hybrid bikes try to give most people the best of both worlds. That is, to enjoy different terrain most comfortably or enjoyably as possible. Trek FX2 is no exception.

Despite its impressive “credentials,” it is still a bicycle most suited for those who want to bike for the simple fun of it.

Those young adults who may want to go around the neighborhood with their friends or take some on uneven terrain and quite challenging trails will enjoy riding the Trek FX2.

It is the same with parents who want to accompany their children riding around parks in their villages.

Those who want to go biking, riding leisurely around the town, and running errands here and there, will find Trek FX2 appealing due to its specs and design.

Fitness buffs

The latest in the series of Trek FX does not lose any of the positives of Trek FX1, especially concerning fitness.

Trek FX2 makes only significant improvements in some, making it more of a fun ride without surrendering that much.

People who want a new exercise regimen to keep themselves healthy and fit may want to look at the Trek FX2.

Older adults commuting around the town and keeping themselves in tiptop shape will enjoy riding this bike.

Hybrid bikes are suitable for commuting.

Those who commute

Hybrid bikes are ideal for those who want to commute.

The speed, weight, shifts, and comfort make the Trek FX2 a great choice, for it is easy to maneuver even among narrow paths and sudden turns in the city.

Trek FX2 can handle the bumpy ride in the city and is serviceable even under extreme weather conditions or rugged, challenging terrain along the way. The lightness and speed of the bicycle allow commuting with ease.

The Trek FX2 may not appeal to professional riders or expert bikers who may want higher specs.

More so with issues in pedals and brake. Its appeal is more to those engaged in commuting and recreational riding.

Concluding The Trek FX2 Review: Is it worth it?

A significant difference between Trek FX1 and Trek FX2 is that the former is more of a fitness bike, while Trek FX2 is a bit more well-rounded.

With this bicycle, they can take on flat roads and loose terrain, help people in commuting, and allow many to enjoy bike riding.

Whereas Trek FX1 is for fitness, this one gives you a bit of everything else.

On balance, there is no doubt that the Trek FX2 is worth all the trouble. It is light, fast, and durable.

 Maybe not as great as specialty bicycles like mountain bikes or road bikes, but the Trek FX2 can give you that nice ride on many terrains.

Whether you are driving on flat, smooth roads in the city, suddenly encountering a climb, or challenging terrain uphill or downhill, it does not matter.

Not only commuters but backpackers also can enjoy riding Trek FX2.

Hybrid bikes can usually handle those conditions, but with the specs and design of Trek FX2, even better.

Pro and expert riders may not be ideal for this bicycle, who may prefer a specialized bike suited to their liking.

But many praises and are in awe of the “credentials” of Trek FX2, Bontrager alloy, and tires, for instance.

Anyone who wants to enjoy riding, strolling in the neighborhood, commuting in the city, or engaging in a climb now and then, will find trek FX2 more than satisfying.

It can give anyone that no-nonsense feel, even as you engage in recreational riding and riding leisurely.

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