Is Trek Navigator 200 Among The Best Hybrid Bikes?

Hybrid bikes are favorites by most biking enthusiasts, and of many hybrid bikes, those produced by Trek are probably the most sought after.

That is perfectly understandable, considering they have made quality bikes since their establishment.

It is not too much to call Trek Bikes “star trek,” their bikes being famous for quality and name recall in the United States and worldwide.

Among the many stars, the navigator series might be the more prominent. And of the navigator series, the Trek Navigator 200 might be the most popular.

What Trek Navigator 200 offer to riders and why you might buy one is the topic of this article.

The Trek Navigator 200

Trek Navigator 200 was the second installment in the Trek Navigator series and first hit the market in 1999. Trek released eight versions of it, the last version released in 2006.

It is currently archived on the Trek website. A hybrid bike, it became famous as a commuter bike, ideal for city riding and strolling.

A hybrid bike usually has the features of a mountain bike and a road bike. But the Trek Navigator 200 has features more conducive to hitting flat roads and smooth surfaces.

Hence, some label Trek Navigator as a commuter, even a comfort bike.

Trek Navigator 200

So what are the specs of Trek Navigator 200? And what makes it stand out among other bikes? Is it worth it to have or buy a Trek Navigator 200?

Specs of Trek Navigator 200


The frame is of aluminum alloy, with sizes of 14.5, 16.5, 18.5, and 21.” Lowstep consist of 14,16,18.5

Aluminum alloy, of course, is lighter than steel, though it is heavier than carbon fiber.


It has an eight-speed shifter of SRAM MRX Plus, while the Front and Rear Derailleur consists of Shimano C102 and Shimano Alivio, respectively.

The crank is Shimano TX71 48/38/28 with chainguard, while the cassette is SRAM PG830, 11-32. Pedals are dual-density platforms.

Wheels and Tires

The tires are from Bontrager. They are Bontrager Comfort Hardcase, 26×1.95, with Matrix 550 alloy rims, with alloy front and Shimao RM60 rear hub.

Other Components

The saddle is of Bontrager, while the seat post is an Alloy adjustable suspension. The handlebar is of hi-tensile steel, having a 50 mm rise.

The stem is of alloy, adjustable rise, with a brake set of Tektro Alloy levers.

Trek Navigator 200 is available in colors of metallic red, metallic charcoal, metallic silver, and dark silver.

What Do The Specs Tell Us?

The frame has different sizes, which means there is an excellent probability you can have a size that fits you. Unless, of course, you are incredibly tall.

The frame is significantly lighter than steel, but the weight is perfect and ideal for commuting and city riding.

Trek Navigator 200

The frame, too, is highly serviceable in different road conditions.

Most mountain bikes and hybrid bikes on the side, more for taking trails and mountains, do have such kind of frame.

Other features suggest that it may not be ideal when taking the “high road,” climbs, and different rugged terrains.

The suspension, for instance, is more adept at handling road conditions in the city and flat, smooth road surfaces.

You can take it to a climb if you want, but the performance may not be as good as a mountain bike, cross-country bike, or trail bike.

The drivetrain is of Shimano and SRAM. You have a lot of gear in SRAM 8-sped and good performance and durability with Shimano drivetrain components.

Both are high-quality, durable drivetrain components, and you cannot expect many problems if you have them, much more in favorable road conditions such as those in the city.

The wheels and tires of Bontrager are high quality and durable. Same thing with the rear hub, which is a Shimano.

The Tektro alloy levers are a common feature of most Trek hybrid bikes. They are not the best brake set.

 But they are enough for bike riding comfortably on a city road.

Other components like seat post, handlebar, and stem are either alloy or steel. Probably not the most high-end of materials. Not light, but very durable.

Trek Navigator 200

Overall, you have a bike with parts considered outstanding quality and can perform as expected, that is, decently, on the road.

You can get what you genuinely expect of it at an affordable price.

The Pros and Cons of Trek Navigator 200

Here are some positives going for Trek Navigator 200.

Quality Parts

They are primarily Shimano, Bontrager, and SRAM. The components are mostly aluminum alloy and steel, while the frame is aluminum.

Light but performs very well on the road and even in some challenging terrain.

These specs are decent enough for a hybrid bike. Like we said, not top of the line, but you can have what you expect talking about performance.

The specs make the Trek Navigator 200 more comfortable than other hybrid bikes.

Simplicity is Beauty 

The parts and specs are outstanding. It is simple and does not have much fanfare, but they are very comfortable and genuinely appealing aesthetically.

The suspension, for instance, is enough for the city commute.

It has eight versions, but all sport that simple but elegant appeal, as attested by numerous colors which perfectly match that simplicity.

But the design is perfect for city riding and commuting. The seat component, handlebar, and stem make for a comfortable ride.

The specs are simple enough to handle the stress brought about by riding on smooth flat roads along the city, which is not much.

Trek Navigator 200
Some bikes are enough to bring you from point A to point B, as they say.

Perfect too for a city ride with its 8-speed shifters. That allows for a smoother ride. The shift allows for a sudden change of pace along the city road and tracks.

Overall Durability

With an aluminum frame and parts made of alloy and steel, the bike is durable and may endure for a long time.

The bicycle, mainly for city roads and neighborhood strolling, does not strain its components.

Ideal for City Commuting

The Trek Navigator 200 is best for commuting short distances on narrow streets, paths, and city roads.

The design of the bike, the handlebar, and the wheels can handle the challenges of a city road.

It can navigate on narrow paths and make that sudden shift when required. And since the smooth roads do not offer that much resistance and put much strain on the bike, quality specs would be enough for the Trek Navigating 200.

The Price

Considering what it offers to the riders, the specs, the comfort, and overall durability, you need not spend big money on Trek Navigator 200.

Trek bikes are diverse enough to have both low-priced bikes and high-end ones. But overall, they never sacrifice quality and durability.

It makes the bike attractive, especially to those who want a quality bike without spending that much.

Here, on the other hand, are some of the things going against the Trek Navigator 200.

Not An Elite Bike

It has impressive specs, is durable, and comfortable. But it is never top-of-the-line. Other than those mentioned, you cannot expect that much with Trek Navigator 200.

Trek Navigator 200

Issues With the Breaks and Pedals

The brake set, though enough for the city riding, which is the primary purpose of Trek Navigator 200, still leaves much to be desired.

They are not of top quality, though still serviceable. It is the same thing with pedals.

The problem is that the more you use the Trek Navigator, the greater the possibility of wear and tear on those parts. Chances are you might need to replace them now and then.

Not Fast Enough

It has an aluminum frame that makes it light. But the bike’s design which makes the rider assume a more upright position than other hybrid bikes makes for less aggressive riding and more wind drag.

The result is a lower speed than the drive train could offer. The geometry and design somehow negate the drivetrain’s weight aspect and power.

It cannot maximize the gears of 8-speed, which allows for quick shifting and smooth pedaling.

Not Ideal For Long-Distance Riding

The bike is not ideal for long-distance riding. Though good and decent, the specs are not for long-distance riding.

The drag and speed make traveling long distances far more taxing than they should be.

Long-distance riding regularly may also result in wear and tear in some parts. That, then, may necessitate frequent trips to the bike repair shop or an upgrade now and then.

Who Are The Ideal Riders For Trek Navigator 200

Here are some of those people who may enjoy riding a Trek Navigator 200.

New Riders

Those who are relatively new to biking and want to taste what it feels like to ride one will feel good riding Trek Navigator 200.

It is perfect for teenagers and young adults who are just beginning to explore what sports they would like.

Those Who Want to Ride Leisurely

Most hybrid bikes are also comfort bikes; most are for leisure and recreational riding. It is really for going somewhere and taking photos for Instagram and Facebook.

With its frame angle, design, and geometry, the rider is in a more upright position, which makes for a more comfortable ride.

As mentioned earlier, the position sacrifices speed, but speed is more for aggressive riding, not leisurely ones.

They are not for racing, though you can engage your fellows in friendly competition using Trek Navigator 200.

Best for Commuters

Trek Navigator 200, as the names suggest, is for navigation, traversing the city roads and community streets.

It is ideal for those who want to commute, go from home to work, run errands, or go in and out of the city.

The specs allow for a particular speed ideal for city riding, but the design allows for commuting comfortably.

The specs and overall design of the bike are best for commuting short distances in the community and neighborhood.

Riders who want a far better bike, professional cyclists, and experts who are very particular with high specs, may not like the Trek Navigator 200.

Certainly not because of quality, but only because it might fall short of what they need as riders.    

Trek Navigator 200

Conclusion: Is Trek Navigator 200 Worth it?

The good specs, overall performance, decent speed, and comfortable ride make Trek Navigator worthwhile.

It may not be high-end, and some parts may not be of high quality, but the Trek Navigator 200 is a decent, high-quality bike, enough for what it purports to be.

With its affordable price, Trek Navigator is appealing. Especially for those who want to enjoy the city ride without spending much money.

Nor do they need to worry much about performance, quality, and durability.

Trek Navigator 200, despite the low price, can save a biker much trouble and hassle. Despite being archived at the Trek websites, offers for selling and buying it abound on the net.

That is evidence of the interest generated by Trek Navigator 200. It may not be the elite among “star trek,” but it is in a class of its own.

It gives riders a unique leisurely experience in recreational riding.

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