Trek Navigator 300 Review – Is it Most Comfortable Hybrid Bike?

Hybrid bikes are popular among most people because they can give them both the benefits of a road bike and a mountain bike. Compared to others too, they are far more comfortable.

It is the reason why they are mostly called “comfort bikes.” But the comfort one may have still depends on a particular hybrid bike one is riding.

Those with better specifications and suspension will naturally be more comfortable than others. One hybrid bike famous in the last decade or two is the Trek Navigator 300.

Is the Trek Navigator excellent? Can it give other hybrid bikes a run for its money, or is it pedestrian at best?

Let us have a review of the Trek Navigator 300 offers, its pros and cons, and whether it is worth buying.

The Trek Navigator 300

The Trek Navigator 300 belongs to Trek, a company specializing in manufacturing bikes and bicycle parts.

The Trek Navigator 300 came out of the market in 1999, and the company released eight different generations of it, from 1999 to 2006, featuring minor modifications of the first model.

Overall though, the design and specs remain the same throughout. The defining feature of the Trek Navigator 300 is a light aluminum frame with various essential parts manufactured by Shimano and Bontrager.

Trek Navigator 300
A hybrid bike can function both as a road bike and a mountain bike.

The Trek Navigator 300 also has models catering to women. Also, it comes in different sizes, which makes it appealing for people of all ages.

That increases the bike’s appeal, making it one of the more popular bike models in the market.

There is still a lively discussion among the riders about this model, especially among people who want a hybrid bike whose specifications and model fit what they need.

The Specs of Trek Navigator 300

Let us dig deeper and see the specifications of the Trek Navigator 300.


The frame is probably its best feature. Many hybrid bikes have aluminum frames too. The one in Trek Navigator 300 boasts of being so strong and yet so light as that of carbon.

This combination of strength and lightness comparable with the best and specialty bikes makes the Trek Navigator 300 one of a kind.

Wheels and Tires

Trek Navigator 300 has wheels similar to those of standard mountain bikes. But the rims, made of aluminum, matched with stainless steel spokes, make the wheel at par with the best.

The tires are below two inches wide, making for a faster road ride and more suitable for city riding and commuting.


Trek Navigator 300 features SRAM 8-speed drivetrain, and Shimano C203, with 28/38/48 w/ chainguard. The front derailleur is also of Shimano C102.

Other Components

Trek Navigator 300 has a Bontrager handlebar with a 50 mm rise. It has an adjustable stem too, which allows the rider to adjust his posture depending on comfort.

The saddle is broad, more comfortable than others, and has spring suspension. The seat post, too, has a spring suspension.

Spring suspension on both helps to soften the impact and stress on the rider, especially when going for a bumpy ride on roads, uneven terrain, or challenging trails.

Trek Navigator 300 does not have disc brakes. Instead, it has linear-pull brakes, cheaper than disc brakes.

What do The Specs Tell us About The Trek Navigator 300?

Trek Navigator 300
The frame determines the weight of a bike and can impact its speed.

The light aluminum frame and the drivetrain makes for a faster ride. Aluminum frames are not as heavy as steel, but this one by Trek Navigator is almost as light as carbon.

It makes the Trek Navigator 300 lighter than most hybrid bikes. And probably faster than hybrid bikes, whose specs are more favorable for off-road, mountain climbing, or rugged trails.

The SRAM 8-speed allows for a shift in changing road conditions and gives riders a lot of leeway regarding pace and mobility.

The handlebar and stem, plus the overall design of the Trek Navigator 300, make the rider take a more upright position than other hybrid and most specialty bikes.

That will put less strain and stress on the back of the rider. This position and the suspension on the saddle and seat post make for a more comfortable ride overall.

But considering the drivetrain and the Trek Navigator 300’s lightness, you do not sacrifice speed.

As a hybrid bike, the specs, design, and geometry of the Trek Navigator make it truly on the side of city riding and commuting more than for climbing or challenging terrain.

For instance, the suspension on the seat post and saddle are better suited for city riding than conquering terrains.

The wheels themselves indicate that it is meant truly for the road rather than trails. It is thick enough for navigating urban roads and neighborhood paths.

Not as effective, though, in rugged trails and other challenging terrains.

The Pros and Cons of Trek Navigator 300

Trek Navigator 300
Parts of the drivetrain like the crankset are among the specs any biker must look into.

Trek Navigator 300 has many positives and distinct advantages over the others. Among these are:

Outstanding Specs Overall

The light aluminum frame is durable, strong, and sturdy, enough to withstand city rides’ daily grind and pressure. The drivetrain and other components give you speed and are known to be durable.

The weakest link may be the linear-pull brakes. They are cheaper compared to disc brakes and not as durable.

Excellent Speed and Maneuver

The aluminum frame and drivetrain makes it faster than other hybrid bikes. Its SRAM 8-speed allows the rider to adjust to changing road conditions.

The rider need not sacrifice speed. The thickness of the tires makes them ideal for maneuvering, especially on paths and roads in the city or the neighborhood.

Very Comfortable Bike

The term “comfort bike” would suit Trek Navigator 300 well. The spring suspension on the saddle and seat post, the stem, and the handlebar put the rider in a more relaxed position even as he traverses the city roads.

Different Models for All People

Trek Navigator 300 has eight versions, meaning that people have many options when choosing a particular design to their liking.

The beauty of Trek Navigator 300 is that no matter your height, you can have one that suits you. It has bike sizes from anyone who stands just below five feet to people who stands more than six feet.

Best of all, Trek Navigator has specifically tailor-made models for women. Again, this, without sacrificing all those specs, makes the Trek Navigator 300 one of a kind.

Trek Navigator 300
It is now common for bike companies to design bikes for women.

The Price

Trek Navigator 300 is not a high-end bike, but it can provide you or any rider with the same comfort and speed. Plus, it is durable, with parts manufactured by reliable and reputable companies.

Priced between $400-$500, one can say it is reasonably fair, if not a total bargain. There has been a lot of wheeling and dealing on the web about trading and selling Trek Navigator 300.

But that is expected, for there is still a growing demand for this bike.

There are some drawbacks, though, to Trek Navigator 300. Among these are:

Brakes and Pedals

We mentioned the brakes being subpar. It is the same thing with pedals. It means you need to upgrade those parts now and then.

Not Suitable For the Extremely Bumpy Ride

Being a “comfort bike,” you do not expect the Trek Navigator 300 to take on challenging terrains and rugged trails, or at least not as often. But still, it is not suitable for extreme bumpy rides in the city.

Trek Navigator 300 may be the ideal comfort bike in perfect road conditions. But the saddle and seat post suspension, plus the 50 mm rise, are not suited for those big bumps along city roads.

You better avoid those difficult roads and big bumps to prevent a rocky ride.

The Ideal Rider For Trek Navigator 300

So who are the people and riders who may enjoy and have fun riding the Trek Navigator 300?

Those Who Commute On Bikes 

The specs of Trek navigator 300 and its overall design are well suited for city riding. Those who commute daily using bikes, going through the city roads to run errands, or enjoy the neighborhood sights may as well have Trek Navigator 300.

Teenagers and Young Adults

Those who want to stroll around the neighborhood on bikes or want to bike along with friends will have fun in Trek navigator 300.

They can engage in a friendly competition of who rides best in the safe confines of their neighborhood.

The bike can also serve as a gateway to a passion for biking. It could give young adults “education.” They can know what a comfort bike is and what they need if they want to move to specialty bikes and be professional or expert riders.

Older Adults

Older adults can enjoy Trek Navigator 300 too. The speed and comfort the Trek Navigator affords are ideal for older adults.

It does not stress the back too much, and the drivetrain allows for different shifts and speeds.

Older adults can enjoy the view of the neighborhood, visit friends or relatives nearby or even at a distance, do some errands and shop on this bike.


The specs and relative ease with which you can bike on city roads make it an ideal bike for women. But best of all, they have unique bikes and sizes for women.

Women professional riders, of course, have different needs and requirements for their bikes and may need other specs. But for the rest of the women populace, this can serve as an ideal bike.

Conclusion: Is The Trek Navigator 300 worth it?

The great thing going for Trek Navigator 300 is that it matches speed with comfort. It is excellent for maneuvering on city roads and great for strolling in your neighborhood.

All this without exerting so much effort or putting strain on certain parts of your body, like the back. Professionals and expert riders who bike for competition or to enjoy specific terrain or trails may not like this bike, and understandably so.

It cannot offer them that much concerning their needs. They may want different specs, for which you can measure this bike and find wanting.

But the specs are outstanding for those who bike to commute around the city or neighborhood. More so for those biking leisurely, strolling in the community, and having fun with friends and family.

The specs are more than just ideal. And despite the Trek Navigator 300 being a hybrid bike for the road and not for the trail, you can take some challenging climbs and terrain now and then.

Though not those rugged trails and extreme ones. To summarize, everyone can genuinely enjoy this bike and what it offers. It is not a high-end bike, but you have the feel of one.

If you compare what you can get from Trek Navigator 300 relative to its price, you can say that you get your money’s worth. No wonder, then, that despite Trek discontinuing its production, demand for this bike is still soaring.

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