Trek Verve 2 vs Verve 3 – Which One is Better?

The Trek Verve series are among the most comfortable hybrid bikes on the market. They are also known for their durability, lightness, and rider-friendly features.

Many consider them the ultimate hybrid bikes, almost perfect, one that any lovers of hybrid bikes would genuinely want.

But which is better? Verve 3 is the latest installment in the Verve series, but is it better than its predecessor, Verve 2? Or does Verve 2 still have advantages over Verve 3?

So let’s do Verve 2 vs Verve 3 review and comparison-

Verve 2 vs. Verve 3: Standard Features

Excellent specs have been the trademark of Trek bikes, and the Verve series is no exception. Verve 2 and 3 are both of gold aluminum alloy frame, with a drivetrain provided by Shimano and wheels, rims, and tires made by Bontrager.

If you have these specs on your bike, you can say you have one built to last and endure. It can also give you speed, at the same time, give you that comfort while remaining stable and firmly in control.

Verve 2 Vs Verve 3
Many prefer hybrid bikes due to their versatility and comfort.

So, where does the difference between Verve 2 and 3 lie? Is the difference significant and fundamental enough to make you choose one over the other?

Verve 2 Vs. Verve 3: Looking at the Specs


Verve 2 and Verve 3 disc has alpha, gold aluminum alloy frame; thus, both are lighter than other hybrid bikes on the market. Verve 3, however, has added feature: it is DuoTrap S compatible.

You can listen to music or track your progress while biking.

Wheels and Tires

The rims of Verve 2 consist of Bontrager connection alloy, whereas that of Verve 3 consists of Bontrager tubeless-ready alloy.

The Verve 2 has Bontrager H5, 700×45 cc, 30 TPI, wire bead tires, whereas that of Verve 3 is Bontrager H5 Hard-case ultimate 700×45 cc, 60 TPI.


The shifters of both Verve 2 and Verve consist mainly of Shimano, with Verve 2 having Shimano 3×8, while the latest model of Verve only has 2×9.

Other Components

Verve 2 and Verve 3 sport the Bontrager handlebar, but the Verve 2 has the standard alloy, whereas the Verve 3 has one made out of Isozone technology.

Handlebars made from this technology are vibration-reducing handlebars. It allows for better shock absorption because it displaces vibrations. Verve 3 handlebar also has ergonomic grips.

Both Verve 2 and Verve 3 have hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes are efficient in whatever weather and road conditions.

But the Verve 2 has Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, while Verve 3 employs Shimano MT 200. Both versions of Verve also retain the excellent suspension on the saddle and seat post and the nice cushion.

The superb suspension and cushion are characteristic traits of most Trek bikes. But those in Verve 2 and Verve are superb.

The stem specifications of Verve 2 and Verve 3 also remain unchanged: Bontrager alloy with 31.8 mm rise, both Blendr compatible. The stem and fork allow for adjustable suspension.

Verve 2 Vs. Verve 3: Comparing the Specs, What do They Tell us?

Verve 2 Vs Verve 3
Shown here are the drivetrain, wheel, and frame. All are important in determining speed.

A cursory look seems to indicate that there is not much of a change from Verve 2 to Verve 3. Both have the same gold aluminum frame, which is light and strong, and loved by most riders.

They both sport hydraulic brakes, though different brands. They offer the same suspension in the saddle and stem. The stem remains adjustable and is still that same Bontrager alloy with the same rise.

So, where does the difference lie?

The Weight

Despite sporting the same alpha, gold aluminum alloy frame, the Verve 2 is lighter by almost two pounds than the Verve 3 disc. That is significant: the weight of the alloy frame may impact the bike’s overall speed.

Connection Alloy vs. Tubeless

The Verve 2 features rims of Bontrager H5 connection alloy, whereas Verve 3 has Bontrager H5, tubeless ready.

Tubeless tires are puncture-resistant, and those riding the Verve 3 need not worry much about flat tires. Verve 3 rims are also lighter than Verve 2. 

Tires with higher TPI are generally lighter and less durable but offer lower resistance due to vibration damping, allowing for better speed. 

Verve 2’s tires, therefore, are heavier and more durable compared to that of Verve 3. However, the 60 TPI of Verve3 provides a good balance between strength, durability, and lightness.

You may sacrifice some durability with Verve 3’s 60 TPI, which is probably prone to damage compared to Verve 3, but Verve 3 uses tubeless, puncture-resistant tires. Those have liquid sealants that seal the hole if the tire is punctured.

Verve 2 Vs Verve 3
Wheels and tire specs are as important, especially when we talk of speed, comfort, and maneuvering.

The Crisper Brake

Verve 2 and Verve 3 have hydraulic disc brakes, but they are different brands. The one on Verve 2, Tektro, could be as efficient as high-end brands of brake sets.

They can approximate the performance of other famous, high-end brands of hydraulic disc brakes. Shimano brake set types, of course, belong to such kind, which is what is there in Verve 3.

Comparing the hydraulic disc brakes of Verve 2 to that of Verve 3 is like comparing the closest thing to that of the real thing.

The Need for Speed

The earlier edition of the Verve 3 disc had a 3×9-speed shift; the 2022 model has a 2×9 speed shift instead. Verve 2 disc, meanwhile, maintain its 3×8-speed.

More gears mean a wide range, faster ride, and a smoother one. Verve 3 shifters probably have better quality, but better quality does not translate to speed on the road.

More than any other, the gear determines the bike’s performance on the street, talking about speed.

Verve 2 vs. Verve 3: Why Choose Verve 2

Verve 2 has many positives compared to Verve 3, which no rider could ever ignore. Those positives can convince riders to choose it instead of Verve 3. Why would a rider prefer Verve 2 over Verve 3?

Verve 2 is Faster

The aluminum alloy frame of Verve 2 is lighter than Verve 3 by almost a kilo. That is a significant difference that could impact speed. Adding to that, it has more gears than the Verve.

Verve 2 Vs Verve 3
A lighter frame could generate more speed.

A bike with a lighter frame is generally faster, but one with a wide range and more gears options, even more. Add the two, and you have a hybrid bike that is significantly faster than its other version.

Verve 2 Offers The Same Comfort.

When we talk about riding in comfort, there is not much difference between Verve 2 and Verve: they are almost the same.

It is because Verve 2 and Verve 3 have identical specs regarding suspension in the saddle and seat post. The isozone handlebar may spell the difference, but some riders may deem it insignificant.

The Price

The price of verve 2 is around $700, while that of Verve 3 is about 900 dollars. That is a significant price difference, almost 20-30 percent difference. Verve 2 is the less expensive hybrid bike.

The difference may be significant, especially if we consider that on balance, Verve 2 is the faster bike on the road. One may also wonder if the changes in specs in Verve 3 warrant such a significant difference in pricing.

Verve 2 vs. Verve 3: Why Choose Verve 3

There seems to be no significant difference in performance between Verve 2 and Verve 3, and if we consider that Verve 3 is more costly, this might preclude riders from choosing Verve 3.

However, Verve 3 has some pros, which may appeal to a rider. These advantages over Verve 2 are enticing, enough for many to choose Verve 3.

Better Specs

Verve 2 Vs Verve 3
Parts of a wheel

Most people and riders will choose a bike that is of superior quality. Though the Verve 2 is superb, the Verve 3 is still outstanding, talking about specs.

Though tires and rims may be of lesser durability, they might be more suited and adept at handling the stress of city roads.

Some prefer connection alloy to tubeless ready rims, but there is no doubt that Verve 3’s puncture-resistant, tubeless tires and wheels are an improvement over the Verve 2.

Shimano produces one of the best brakes in the bicycle world. Verve 3 made a significant upgrade when it used Shimano, making the Shimano component of the Verve 3 nearly complete.

Better Quality

The alpha gold aluminum frame may be heavier, and the gear may be lesser, sacrificing speed. But it does not compromise comfort and quality.

The Bontrager isozone handlebar in Verve 3 can disperse vibrations from the road. It can provide better shock absorption than the Verve 2, giving riders much comfort.

That the latest model has fewer gears may turn off some, but speed is not the end-all of bikes. No one is always in a hurry to reach their destination. Some riders want to enjoy strolling and touring at a leisurely pace.

Outstanding quality appeals to many. Riders who prefer superb quality to speed, or recreational riders who like to ride leisurely, will enjoy what Verve 3 offers to the table.

Verve 2 vs Verve 3: Which should you choose?

The word “better” is a relative term. But as riders, we can assess the Verve 2 and Verve 3 based on their specs and what they offer when you ride them and strike a balance between them.

Verve 3 has better specs, which translates to better quality. Most people and many riders would prefer superb quality anytime, and a bike with specifications of Verve 3 is undoubtedly preferable to other bikes.

But Verve 2 is not lacking in quality either. The quality and specs are also superb, maybe not as better as that of Verve 3, but only slightly.

If it has almost the same quality and can give so much more, there is no reason not to choose Verve 2. Verve 3 may have a slight advantage in specs and quality.

But better specs or bike quality does not necessarily translate into better, more quality riding, at least in this case.

Here, better is still relative, but considering it has so much speed without surrendering quality and comfort, Verve 2 does not lose much ground against Verve 3.

Verve 2 has the edge over Verve 3 because most think the improvements are insignificant and do not impact the rider’s needs.

Even small details matter when you are a biking athlete, for they may spell the difference between winning and losing.

Verve 2 Vs Verve 3
Recreational riders do not worry much about speed, but they worry about the price.

Verve 3 might be the more formidable hybrid bike. But for recreational riders, biking leisurely, or just having a friendly competition with your friends, it may not amount to that much.

And here, the pricing greatly favors the Verve 2. The difference may not be significant for all the better specs and quality, but Verve 3 is more expensive by a hundred dollars or more than the Verve 2. 

Verve 2 and 3 are superb hybrid bikes, better than most easy-riding bikes. The whole issue of which is better depends on how each rider assesses the differences between two hybrid bikes in speed, performance, comfort, and quality. And whether the differences warrant such a disparity in prices.

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