When Should I Replace My Bike Disc Rotors (Quick Answer!)

You’re happy you’re now using disc brake rotors because they protect the rim brake against wear and tear.

Unfortunately, you begin to wonder if you should replace the Shimano rotors soon. Nobody told you about changing them.

Many new bikers are like you. They don’t know much about the rotors; thus, they are clueless about their maintenance.

Fortunately, you come across this article. Kindly read on to learn more about disc brake rotor replacement. Don’t worry. It’s a quick and concise read.

When to Change Your Road Bike Disc Rotors

Road Bike Disc Rotors

You use disc brakes to protect your rims against wear and tear caused by too much friction. However, expect the rotors to brake down gradually due to abrasion.

Fortunately, these disc rotors are inexpensive and straightforward to install. Therefore, you can quickly replace them if necessary.

Aside from wear and tear, other reasons for replacing the disc rotors include:

  • Braking habits
  • Rotor quality
  • Riding style
  • Brake pad quality
  • Rider’s weight
  • Riding Terrain

Moreover, a bent blade requires replacement. You may wonder why a disc brake rotor may bend.

A bent disc brake rotor happens when too much pressure is on them or when you subject it to too much heat.

You change the xtr rotor when you upgrade. Generally, a cheap one offers inconsistent performance as it heats up.

On the other hand, a floating disc rotor consistently performs even when it becomes too hot.

How to Tell If You Should Replace Your Bike Disc Rotors

Unfortunately, you may forget to check the disc rotors, which may have dangerous repercussions.

Worn Out Rotors

You should check with the manufacturer for its recommended larger rotor thickness before you replace it.

Generally, the average thickness before you replace the smaller rotor is 1.5mm. To measure it, you may use a digital brake caliper, a micrometer, or a Vernier caliper.

Moreover, if you notice a gap between the rotor and the braking surface, you should change the disc rotor.

Bent Rotors

Bent Rotors

The disc rotors may bend if you crash your mountain bike or put it under pressure. In addition, they will touch the organic pads, thus, compromising braking efficiency.

Therefore, you should immediately replace a badly bent rotor.

How Long Can a Bicycle Disc Rotor Last?

Many disc rotors have an average lifespan of two years, especially if you’re an intermediate rider.

Don’t be surprised that some bikers claim that theirs lasted for at least four years. But, of course, the brake metal pad also plays a role in making the rotors last longer.

For instance, semi-metallic and metallic pads have varying abrasion effects. However, the latter is worse.

Disc rotors will also quickly wear out if you always ride on muddy water and mud. So expect to replace them more often than riders who bike on paved roads.

How Often Should You Change the Bike Disc Rotors?

Bike Disc Rotors

Your braking and riding styles are two factors that determine the frequency of a bigger rotor replacement.

It would help if you changed the rotors when necessary. Bent and worn-out blades are also telling factors if you should replace them.

Remember to check your bike disc rotors regularly to determine if you should replace them immediately.

How Much Should You Budget for Disc Rotor Replacement?

An excellent bike disc rotor may cost from $10 to $60. However, a new rotor is relatively straightforward, and you can replace it yourself.

If you prefer a professional to replace the disc rotors, prepare to pay around $50 for labor costs.

Of course, the price increases if you also need to change the brake pad.

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