Why You May Want To Buy A Trek 7200 Multitrack

A hybrid bike may be desirable for many who like biking for its sake and only want to enjoy and have fun.

It combines a road bike and mountain bike, giving you the benefits of both and optimizing your biking experience anywhere you go.

But of course, you still want a quality hybrid bike, no matter what. Enter Trek 7200 Multitrack, one of the better-known hybrid bikes around.

How good is it, and can it give you that pleasant biking experience you always want every time you hit the road?

Let us review Trek 7200 Multitrack and examine whether it deserves its reputation.

The Trek 7200 Multitrack

Manufactured by Trek Bikes, an American company that has provided bicycles worldwide for close to five decades, the Trek 7200 Multitrack has been around since 2000.

It has been hitting the road for the past two decades, with models released and upgraded.

But the standard appearance, model, and design remain the same and have been a constant favorite by some bikers.

It is because the Trek 7200 Multitrack offers a lot, but what exactly do many riders want in a Trek 7200 Multitrack?

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Trek 7200 Multitrack
A hybrid bike allows you to be in tiptop shape and enjoy recreational biking at the same time.  

Specifications of Trek 7200 Multitrack


The frame used by Trek 7200 is an aluminum one.

Aluminum frames are known for being light without sacrificing strength, durability, and stiffness.

It can give the biker the needed stability without sacrificing speed. It is because aluminum frames are lighter than steel ones, though heavier than carbon ones.

Wheels and Tires

The wheels are of alloy, and the rear hub is of Shimano RM30. The rims are of Bontrager 750. The tires are of Bontrager H2 plus with a puncture-resistant belt, 700×35 cc.


The drivetrain primarily consists of Shimano, with the Front derailleur being Shimano M191, the rear being Shimano Alivio, and the crank is of Shimano M191 48/38/28 with chainguard.

Shifters have SRAM MRX Comp twist, 8-speed, while the cassette has SRAM PG830, 11-32, 8-speed. The pedal, meanwhile, is a dual-density platform.

Other Components

Both saddle and handlebar boast of Bontrager, with the saddle being Bontrager Boulevard while the handlebar is Bontrager approved, steel, 50mm rise.

The stem and seat post are of alloy, both adjustable, while the brake set is of Tektro V with Tektro alloy levers and Kraton inserts.

What do the Specs Tell us?

At first glance, we can anticipate what the Trek 7200 Multitrack brings to a rider.

Since the frame and other components are primarily of aluminum alloy, we can expect a lighter bike compared to those made of steel.

The Trek 7200 multitrack has that versatility expected of any hybrid bike, but much more. They are sturdier compared to others.

It may not be as smooth as other bikes, like the ones used for commuting. But this one makes for a smoother ride compared to a mountain bike.

And unlike a road bike, the Trek 7200 Multitrack can hit the trails and do some climbing, maybe not as efficient as a mountain bike, but one can do it as smoothly and leisurely.

Looking at the parts, we can expect an excellent suspension and a stable drive. It makes Trek 7200 Multitrack a very comfortable ride.

It is not surprising because the Trek 7200 Multitrack optimizes smooth riding on as many types of terrain as possible.

An aluminum frame coupled with parts from Shimano and Bontrager and some alloy parts makes for a durable bike.

Barring any circumstances, you can expect this bike to be genuinely serviceable for many years.

Ironically, the best feature of the Trek 7200 is the aluminum frame, which may be its weakest link. Aluminum frames wear over time and might be challenging to repair.

Trek 7200 Multitrack
The specs tell us a lot about the bike’s efficiency.  

The upside, however, is that they are more durable than their carbon counterparts. They do not easily break or get damaged.

For this reason, aluminum frames are popular among mountain bikers, though not for some, like road racers.

Pros and Cons of Trek 7200 Multitrack

Riding the Trek 7200 Multitrack entails some advantages and disadvantages. Among the pros of Trek 7200 Multitrack over other bikes are:

It is Better Than Most Hybrid Bikes.

We know from the specs that it is light but durable and very comfortable.

Trek 7200 Multitrack is a bike in good condition all year long and does not need that much of a visit to a repair shop.

But other things make the Trek7200 Multitrack stand out over other hybrid bikes.

Its 50 mm fork is excellent for the average rider.

A hybrid bike cannot give the biking experience a road bike or a mountain bike can provide. However, it can give you a pleasurable, leisurely ride on both sides.

In particular, the 8-speed rear cassette makes for a more manageable uphill or downhill run.

Though not as fast and smooth as other bikes, it can give any bike a run for its money concerning speed in city riding.

Trek 7200 Multitrack
Even pedals may determine the efficiency of a particular bike.

Very Versatile

It can handle city roads and trails quite well, even better than other bikes specifically for those terrains.

The excellent suspension minimizes bumpy ride anywhere; what it sacrifices because it is a hybrid bike, it makes up for versatility.

Riders need minimal adjustment when there is a change in terrain or roads.

Great Components

Aside from being top quality, the seat and handlebar are designed and made specifically to provide great comfort for the rider.

The wheels and tires can handle stress and pressure from any terrain. They also reduce bumpiness, allowing for more excellent stability and control for the rider.

Other parts, like brakes, stem, and fork, are durable and long-lasting. You need not spend much time and money on repair if you have a Trek 7200 Multitrack.

The Price

The price of a Trek 7200 Multitrack ranges from $300 to $400, and rarely will you see one above $400 and none above $500.

For a durable and top-quality hybrid bike, this is reasonable, if not inexpensive, especially if you consider that a visit to a repair shop may come once in a blue moon.

Despite the advantages, Trek 7200 Multitrack has some drawbacks. Among these are:

Prone to Aluminum Fatigue

One may say, though, that this problem is the concern not only of Trek 7200 Multitrack but of many bikes having aluminum frames.

Still, this may cause some worry among bikers who hoped for a lighter but far more durable bike.

Trek 7200 Multitrack
The possibility of wear and tear in the frame is greater the more one uses the bike.

Advancement in technology makes possible a more durable aluminum that is not susceptible to fatigue.

Having this type of aluminum frame will indeed reduce that concern among bikers.

Stiffer and Heavier Compared To Others

As a hybrid bike, Trek 7200 Multitrack must be the complete package and be of great utility for those biking in the city or the mountains.

You have to give some to take some. It must be sturdy to be almost as good as a mountain bike. Some complain that it is just too stiff.

There are many complaints about Trek 7200 Multitrack being heavy. It has something to do with the frame and the Trek 7200 Multitrack not being as smooth as others compared to other hybrid bikes.

The reason is that it is far sturdier than others due to the need to be serviceable in the trails and the mountains.

Compared to other hybrid bikes, Trek 7200 Multitrack tried to balance durability, strength, and serviceability to all possible terrains.

The Trek 2700 Multitrack may be far heavier than other hybrid bikes, especially those made of carbon fiber. But they are on the less expensive side of the market.

Carbon fiber frames are among the most costly in the market.

The Ideal Riders For Trek 7200 Multitrack

As a hybrid bike, Trek 7200 Multitrack may not be ideal for athletes such as cyclists and those participating in biking competitions.

They may also not be suitable for those who prefer specialty bikes such as road or mountain bikes.

The reason is that the specifications of Trek 7200 Multitrack will not match what those bikers need.

Trek 7200 Multitrack
Older adults may benefit from using Trek 7200 Multitrack.

So who is the ideal rider for Trek 7200 Multitrack, and who are the people who can maximize their biking experience using this bike?

People Who Bike to Exercise and Stay Fit

Those who want to stay fit, biking for exercise, will do well riding the Trek 7200 Multitrack. It provides stability and sturdiness and can take you anywhere on city roads or rugged trails.

Riders Who Bike for Leisure

Those who want to bike around the city and neighborhood will also enjoy riding this bike.

With no time to beat, there is no need to hurry to ride anytime, anywhere. Though critical for some, speed may not factor much to those who want to ride leisurely.

Trek 7200 Multitrack suits well those engaged in recreational biking because it is very comfortable. You can bike for hours in the neighborhood or the city.

And with this bike being sturdy and durable, you can have that same feeling of conquering challenging terrain and trails.

Older Adults

A cursory look at customer reviews about Trek 7200 Multitrack will show that many older adults, those who want to engage in recreational biking, prefer this bike.

The same with others; retirees, for instance, want to stay fit and healthy.

Older adults have different needs than others, and this bike is more comfortable than others.

The easy shift, maneuverability, smooth pedaling, low maintenance, easy upgrade, and less time and money they spend on repair make it an ideal bike for many.

Trek 7200 Multitrack
Many older adults prefer Trek 7200 Multitrack over other bikes.

The best thing is you sacrifice none of the great experiences, whether biking in the neighborhood or along the challenging trails.

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Conclusion: Is it Worth it to Have the Trek 7200 Multitrack?

The Trek 7200 Multitrack has a lot of positives going for it. It is durable, comfortable, top-quality, and serviceable for city roads, rugged trails, and other types of terrain.

 It is also inexpensive, at least in comparison to high-end bikes.

The specs relative to the price make it attractive. You cannot go wrong with Bontrager and Shimano. But the comfort it gives the rider, in all terrains, makes it a favorite by some people.

It has some issues, but those problems are built-in into the specifications of Trek 7200 Multitrack.

You have to take the good with the bad; it may not be an ideal bike, but it delivers on what it promises.

Professional bikers and riders who prefer a particular bike may not be fans of this bike, but that is understandable.

They have different needs than others and different standards for their bikes’ specifications.

But those engaged in recreation and who want to stay fit by biking will enjoy riding Trek 7200 Multitrack.

Same with people who want an all-purpose bike for city riding, commuting, and enjoying nature in the hills and mountains.

Trek 7200 Multitrack

Hybrid bikes are for that purpose. And with all the top-quality components, excellent specifications, and durable parts matched with great comfortability, Trek 7200 Multitrack might be a perfect choice.

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